Pandora pendant «Skateboard»

«O» means «ollie» on Pandora’s new «Skateboard» pendant! A cute silver skateboard hangs from a thin ring. The tiny wheels are covered in dark oxidation, and the Pandora logo and Crown O design adorn both sides of the board.

Pandora Open Heart with Snake Pattern Charm


The snake pattern, often associated with the famous Pandora Moments bracelet, is used extensively in the Pandora Fall 2020 collection. Both the open heart and the silver ring are decorated with a snake pattern on this beautiful pendant.

Pandora Moments Small Encrusted Ring Charm

Pandora fans fell in love with ring charms last year, and this year we have some beautiful new designs. The new version of the Small Silver Ring pendant is encrusted with sparkling clear cubic zirconias. Up to three Charms or small pendants can be worn on the pendant.

Pandora Moments Small Beaded Ring Charm

The Small Beaded Ring Charm is crafted in the style of the Pandora Purely line of polished silver beads. This sparkling pendant can be worn with up to three Charms or small charms.

Pandora Moments Medium Bead Ring Charm

The Pandora Moment Beaded Ring Charm is also available in a medium size. Create your style with up to five Charms or small charms.

Pandora necklace inlaid heart with snake pattern »

An open heart pendant dangles from an elegant silver chain. A pattern in the form of a snake ornament decorates the heart, and shiny transparent cubic zirconia stones cover the outer edge.

Pandora Smooth Bead Chain Necklace

A string of beautiful silver beads make up the Pandora Smooth Bead Chain Necklace.

Pandora Moments Rose Small Encrusted Ring Charm

The new Encrusted Ring pendant is also available in a feminine pink finish. A mixture of whimsical fairy pink sapphires and synthetic pink sapphires form a sparkling cluster at the top of the pendant. Create your own unique style by attaching to three Charms or small pendants.

Pandora Ship’s Wheel Pendant Rose

This lovely necklace is made in a nautical style, decorated with a pendant in the shape of a pink helm of a ship. One side of the pendant is decorated with whimsical fairy pink cubic zirconias, while the other side is smooth, with a hidden heart detail in the center. Notice the cute little anchor that adorns the end of the silver chain.

Rose Heart Inlaid Circle Pandora Necklace

A shiny circle hangs from a beautiful chain in a beautiful pink color. One side is decorated with clear rhinestones, and the reverse side is engraved with the Pandora logo. The edge of the pendant is decorated with a pattern of cut hearts.


Pandora small asymmetric earrings-rings in the shape of a heart

Classic hoop earrings take on a playful look in a new heart shape. Wear them alone or add pendants to create your own unique look!

Pandora inlaid snake ring earrings

The small open hoop earrings are decorated with a snake chain on one side and clear sparkling stones on the other side.

Pandora sparkling stud earrings in the shape of a Rose crown

Charming pink crystals twinkle in the center of these cute earrings. Each stone is set in a crown clasp with delicate beading on the sides.

Pandora Stud Earrings «Rudder and Anchor» Rose

Add a fun nautical touch to your look with these charming Pandora Helm and Anchor Stud Earrings. Whimsical fairy pink cubic zirconia stones adorn the spires of the helm, while a single small stone adorns the top of the tiny anchor.

Pandora Rose Monogram Stud Earrings

These beautiful Pandora crown stud earrings in an elegant pink finish are engraved with the Pandora logo.

Pandora Rose Radiant Heart Earrings

These sparkling hoop earrings are decorated with clear rhinestones on the outside and inside of the ring! The edges are decorated with a pattern of small cut out hearts.


Pandora ring with a snake pattern

Add texture to your ring collection with this simple snake ring from Pandora.

Pandora triple ring with inlay and snake pattern

Three silver elements of different designs are combined into one spectacular ring. A serpentine pattern adorns one ring, while sparkling stones and a linear pattern adorn the other two.

Pandora ring with oval stones (199109C01)

Five oval-shaped stones are set on smooth silver, forming an elegant ring.

Pandora ring with snake pattern Rose

The Pandora Snake Ring also comes in a beautiful pink finish.

Pandora Rose Crown Ring

A single pink crystal shimmers in a beautiful crown-shaped setting along with clear cubic zirconias encrusted on the Pandora ring.

Pandora Rose Shining Serpent Ring

A beautiful snake, encrusted with transparent cubic zirconia, coils in a circle, creating an elegant ring. The pink finish shines on the smooth head of the snake, while the snake pattern creates an interesting texture on the inside of the ring.

Pandora double ring with oval rose stones

Two rings adorned with sparkling stones fuse together to form one stunning Pandora ring full of vintage beauty. An alternating pattern of round and oval stones is located in the middle, creating the illusion of a triple ring.