Limited editions have become a tradition

During the long and successful existence, the Pandora jewelry brand has managed to create incredible pieces of jewelry. Each model is a reflection of the boundless fantasies of designers, painstaking work of craftsmen and, ultimately, a piece of jewelry that wins the hearts of buyers. Pandora charms are a completely different story, because there are no analogues in the world. Among the many models of charms, there is a special decoration, which we will talk about in the article — the club charm Pandora 2016.

Pandora Ukraine club charm

What is special about club charm 2016?

The charm got into free sale in 2014 and immediately captivated lovers of stylish jewelry. As a result, the Pandora Club Charm 2016 was made in a limited edition in July of this year. With each new release, the decoration model changes somewhat. The current collection is made with hearts on the outside and the year of issue on the back. The 2016 club charm is crafted in a delicate openwork design from classic 925 sterling silver. Also on one side of the charm is a shining cubic zirconia stone. It gives the product elegance and sophistication. Despite the fact that the Pandora Club Charm 2016 has appeared recently, it already has a lot of fans.

Charm Club Pandora Ukraine

Three variations of Pandora Club Charms

In total, the brand managed to release three variants of club charms. They are perfectly combined with each other, as well as with other models of jewelry. The first Pandora club charm was a model in the form of a small chest that opened. Inside it, the craftsmen placed a small heart with an imprint of the year of issue. The second club charm was a smooth heart in royal design. A beautiful crown was placed on top of the heart, as well as a small crown in the form of an impression over the 2015 engraving. The last option is the most refined in terms of details. A beautiful combination of openwork, hearts and cubic zirconia makes it unique. All club charms are made from 925 sterling silver.

Pandora Club Charm

Fragola — Pandora jewelry store in Ukraine

Of course, Pandora plans to continue to please fans and release limited editions of club charms. Despite the fact that the number of products is limited, the Fragola store replenishes the range with products from each limited edition of Pandora jewelry. Those who wish can buy any Pandora bracelet and decorate it with club charms, which will create an incredibly stylish combination. The Fragola store presents original Pandora jewelry, which you will not remain indifferent to.

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