Say that Pandora bracelet – unique, previously unknown creation, is impossible. Bracelets have been popular since ancient times, and then they were credited with a more practical, magical meaning, like talismans.

The first “charms” belong to the fantasy of Queen Victoria, who was very fond of charm bracelets, and she gave figurines of birds and animals to her friends as amulets.

The second wave of popularity of charms «covered» the United States in the 30s. That’s probably why Pandora bracelets, official website which is the most in demand in the United States, so loved by the Americans. Today, Pandora is the 3rd largest jewelry brand in the States.

As for Europe and Ukraine itself, a product offered “at the right time” (as some experts said) could not go unnoticed. Moreover, the silver Pandora bracelet (as well as gilding) is not a completely finished piece of jewelry, but only its beginning. And of course, one cannot discard the special symbolism of products and their individual elements.