I already wrote an article about what kind of bracelets there are, but since many people ask me for more detailed advice, I decided to write a slightly more detailed answer. It is useful for both beginners and those who have not quite decided which bracelet he needs. For quite a long time, Pandora had only a few bracelets, but in the last 2-3 years they began to release new variations literally in every seasonal collection. So, let’s begin.

Standard classic bracelet (base)


The bracelet has a serpentine weave, two jumpers (thread) for clips. Also, the same thread is at the beginning and at the end of the bracelet — you can attach a protective chain to them.

Dimensions: 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 cm. This model is also available with these main types of locks:


Of course, these are not all types of locks, but the main ones, since several Pandora capsule collections are released every year and almost every one has a new type of bracelet (they are on sale for a very limited time) and it is not possible to post a photo of all.

Pros and cons: the most popular and quite durable bracelet, due to its weaving, is unlikely to break even with a strong jerk. I will not describe each type of castle — for someone it is more familiar than usual, someone likes a castle in the shape of a heart. On the Internet, I meet complaints that the lock — the heart is more inconvenient to open than usual, I tried, but I didn’t notice the difference, I probably already got used to it. I also met reviews that stones sometimes fly out in bracelets with pave stones, so you need to be careful in wearing and try to avoid hitting the bracelet. If such an incident happened, you can easily put the fallen pebble in the jewelry workshop, it only takes a couple of minutes. Also pay attention to the strength of the lock — new bracelets are always difficult to open, but develop over time. Sometimes the locks loosen and the bracelet can unfasten itself. If you notice this with your bracelet, this is a reason to contact the jeweler to tighten the lock a little.

Standard bangle


Rigid bracelet that holds its shape. Hollow inside, but quite durable. There are no jumpers for clips, for this bracelet there are special stoppers — silicone nozzles for pandora clips so that they are fixed in a certain place on the bracelet.

Dimensions: 17, 19, 21 cm. This model is available with different types of locks, the main types of locks:


Pros and cons: I advise you to take this bracelet one size larger than your usual bracelet because of its shape. Many are afraid of the deformation of this bracelet — in vain. For 2 years of intensive wear, I keep it in its original shape. The only thing is that it is not very convenient to wear it on the right hand if your work is related to writing.

Leather bracelet

At the moment, leather bracelets are available in two types: smooth and woven.


Number of turns around the arm: 1,2,3


Pros and cons: Looks very nice on the hand, beautiful, deep colors. Can be combined for different looks. Remember that you can’t hang a lot of charms on leather bracelets, a maximum of 7-9 pieces. (manufacturer’s recommendations). Also, these bracelets are very sensitive to water, so when choosing this type of jewelry, be prepared to watch it. That’s all the basic Pandora bracelets. Of course, there are others too:


But they already go more as an addition than the basis on which we collect our history of charms. Since new models are constantly released, to keep abreast of all the new products available for order, look at the Pandora page. Many people ask me which Pandora bracelet is better to choose? Bangle or standard? What lock? I can’t say for sure — it all depends on your preferences, weigh, think about which bracelet you like best and buy several at once)). Yes, yes, real “pandoromanes” have more than one or two bracelets! I also recently came across information about a bracelet from the spring collection of 2016 (which is without thread).

Screenshot 2016-05-31 at 10.07.41

Part of the bracelets went on sale with a marriage — not all carved charms can be put on it. Of course, the management of Pandora immediately withdrew these bracelets from the stores and exchanged them for those who managed to buy them, but still I recommend buying this particular model in a store with trying on charms. I will also tell you a little about the very interesting and useful accessorywhich not all fans of the Pandora brand know about — Pandora bracelet key.

Copy Screenshot 2016-05-31 at 11/10/32
It is made in the form of a flower with a delicate pink stone on a leather cord. A very necessary accessory for lovers of perfect manicure — with its help you can easily open any, even the tightest lock on the bracelet without damaging your nails. Many use coins and other improvised means for these purposes, but they are not so effective and often slip off and scratch the bracelet. In this lock opener, the petals are slightly curved, which makes the opening process easy and fast. That, perhaps, is all I can say — if you have questions that I did not disclose in the article, write in the comments, I will definitely answer.