Now no one will argue with the relevance of Pandora brand jewelry — the products of this company have firmly taken the position of a fashion trend. The popularity rating of Pandora jewelry is held by branded bracelets. Matching accessories characterize a wide range of designs and use different basis for pandora.

Pandora bracelet base: types and features

The basis for the Pandora bracelet can be made of various materials, namely:

  • from noble, precious metals (platinum, gold, silver);
  • from natural or synthetic high-grade leather;
  • from quality textiles.

Jewelry equipped with a gold, silver or platinum base is the most expensive, while leather and fabric counterparts can be purchased at a more affordable price.

Pandora foundation It has the form of an open, most often metal ring with a spherical-shaped carabiner clasp. Most often, it is a continuous or woven chain divided into several zones.

If the product is made of leather or leatherette, it can be dyed in any color. The Pandora product range includes bracelet jewelry in both soothing colors (brown, white, black) and in bright, colorful designs (red, blue, green, yellow and other shades).

Traditional for the Pandora brand are jewelry made of silver or silver-plated precious metals.

The basis of the Pandora bracelet in Ukraine and other countries it is usually sold with accessories attached to it. It can be tips, locks and other elements.

How to choose a Pandora bracelet?

The basis of the Pandora braceletwhich the store of the same name offers you to buy, largely determines its choice.

When buying this jewelry, there are a number of important points to consider.

  1. Its length and material — its optimal indicator should exceed the volume of the wrist by 2-4 cm. The length of metal models does not change over time, but fabric and leather samples tend to stretch. If you plan to complement the bracelet with charms, as is often the case with modern fashionistas, you should choose a longer base.
  2. The degree of rigidity of the product — jewelry with a metal rigid and flexible base is on sale, leather items are softer, and modifications of their fabric in the form of a textile cord are the most delicate and tactilely pleasant.
  3. The age and build of the owner of the accessory. Fabric and leather products are ideal for young and fragile girls — thin and elegant jewelry will look perfect on a thin hand. For respectable ladies of mature and older age of dense build, massive analogs from precious metals are preferable.
  4. The clothes with which you plan to wear the accessory. These frilly designs are the perfect complement to evening gowns, feminine blouses, romantic suits and dresses. It is reasonable to wear modest, discreet pieces for the fair sex, who prefer a discreet, for example, business or sports style of clothing (jeans, plain sweaters, a formal suit).

Which base for PANDORA bracelet is more practical: tips for use and care

Pandora bracelet basewhich you can buy and pick up for absolutely every girl and woman who needs a proper caring attitude.

It is better for housewives of textile and leather products to avoid contact of jewelry with water (more on how to care for jewelry), as they can stretch from moisture or, conversely, shrink and coarsen. Water can also darken metal, in particular, silver and cupronickel models, and painted bracelets can lose their brightness from moisture.

In case of tarnishing of jewelry with a metal base, a short soak in soda solution will help restore its original shine, and then polish it with a hard cloth.

For everyday wear, you should choose bracelet accessories with the most durable base in the form of a metal ring or chain, resistant to moisture, oxidation and deformation, with reliable fasteners.


❤️ What elements complement Pandora bracelets ❓

Among the decorating components are various beads, pendants, charms, stoppers, clips and other products.

⏩ With what tools you can assemble such a bracelet❓

To assemble this exclusive jewelry, you can use a crimper or miniature pliers.

⏩ Is it possible to increase the length of the base if it is too short ❓

It is possible to extend the accessory. To do this, simply remove one of its tips and attach a chain with a carabiner in its place — this will make the bracelet 2-3 cm longer.

⏩ Is it true that hard models are less comfortable than soft ones ❓

The comfort of a bracelet jewelry depends in a decisive way on its conformity to the size of the wrist. However, if you are not going to remove the jewelry for sleep, it is better to choose soft samples — even when pressed against the body, they will not affect the blood circulation process and will not cause discomfort.