Limited edition Beautifully Different by Pandora will be released exclusively for the UK!


Unique limited edition, released exclusively for two Pandora stores in the UK!

The Pandora Beautifully Different collection is an intriguing range of recycled Murano glass jewelry.

This exclusive collection will be available for two weeks from 8 to 28 August 2019 at London Oxford Street and Leeds White Rose.


At a time when each of us personally must be aware of and mitigate the damage we are doing to the environment, it is encouraging that large companies are doing the same. Pandora has recently changed their packaging to reduce their environmental impact and we are thrilled that they have now created this range of jewelry to further reduce waste.

The remaining Murano glass is collected and melted down into new glass rods, which can then be cut into the desired sizes and shapes. The process creates unique patterns on the glass, which are then carefully added to the jewelry by hand. After — Murano glass is polished to perfection.



An emerald green Murano glass disc creates an elegant look against the backdrop of a radiant Pandora Shine ring base. The name of the collection «Beautifully Different» is discreetly engraved on the inside of the jewel.



The red glass version of the Beautifully Different Ring is presented in a Pandora Rose base. Ruby tones create an autumnal look paired with Pandora Rose blush.



The “Beautifully Different Stud” earrings, in the same style as the ring, are adorned with gorgeous green Murano glass in a round shape. The unique and inimitable line pattern going through the glass looks amazing!



Also in the earrings from the Beautifully Different collection they used red glass in the shape of small hearts.



The green Murano glass pendant is our favorite piece from the exclusive Beautifully Different collection. It has a reversible design so it can be worn in two ways: the first shows off a chic yet understated side, or the incredibly filigree carved hearts on the back. The small medallion on top comes engraved with the «Beautifully Different» collection logo and a tiny heart.



The red Murano glass pendant is slightly smaller than the green version, so there is a slight difference in the carving on the back.


The only emerald glass charm in the Beautifully Different range is shaped like a puck. Round Murano glass is found on both sides, and the edge is adorned with an intricate pattern of hearts.


The red version of the Beautifully Different charm is shaped like a heart and is similar to the previous earrings. The side faces of the charm are also decorated with a pattern of hearts.


We love the fact that Pandora has created beautiful jewelry with Murano glass consumables. While the collection is limited to the UK and only available for two weeks, it’s interesting to see what other innovative ways Pandora does to reduce their environmental impact. Our favorite piece of jewelry from the collection is the green Murano glass pendant. What did you like?