The exclusive «Beautifully Different» collection by Pandora is an intriguing series of jewelry with Murano glass details.


At a time when each of us personally must be aware of and reduce the damage that we cause to the environment, it is encouraging that large companies also care about the environment and recycling. Pandora has recently changed the packaging of its jewelry to be more sustainable and is implementing a recycling policy into the jewelry making process.

Murano glass waste is collected and melted down into new glass rods, which are then cut into the desired sizes and shapes. This process allows you to create unique patterns on the glass, which is then added to jewelry. After installation in the decoration, Murano glass is polished. In the final stage, we get a beautiful and unusual decoration!

Ring «Green Shine» in Murano glass

A simple circle of emerald green glass creates an elegant look against the backdrop of a radiant ring from the Pandora Shine series. The name of the collection «Beautifully Different».

Red Murano glass ring

This piece from the Beautifully Different series uses red Murano glass and Pandora Rose details to create a ruby ​​tone for an autumn look.

Earrings «Green Shine» in Murano glass

Earrings, made in the same style as the «Green Shine» ring, are decorated with green Murano glass in a round shape. The wavy pattern coming through the glass looks amazing!

Murano glass ruby ​​heart earrings

This decoration is made in the form of small hearts, which, in our opinion, would look good in emerald color as well.

Murano glass pendant «Green radiance»

This jewelry is our favorite in the exclusive collection «Beautifully Different«. It is double-sided: on one side there is a simple design with Murano glass, on the other side there are engraved hearts with the logo «Beautifully Differentand a tiny glass heart.

Red Murano glass pendant

The red Murano glass pendant is slightly smaller than the green version and differs in the number of details.

Green Glow Murano Glass Charm

The only charms from the collection «Beautifully Different” have the shape of a button. This decoration is decorated with Murano glass on both sides, and the edges are decorated with a cute pattern of hearts.

Ruby Heart Murano Glass Charm

Red charm from the collection «Beautifully Different» in the shape of a heart is decorated with a cute pattern of hearts.

We loved the fact that Pandora created beautiful Murano glass jewelry. It will be interesting to see what other innovative ways the company uses to minimize harm to the environment. Our favorite from this collection is the Green Glow Murano glass pendant. What jewelry is on your wishlist? Share your thoughts in the comments below…