Bracelet Pandora Purely Pearl & Polished Beads (599111C01)

Pandora Purely is an elegant collection with polished silver beads and lustrous pearls. The new bracelet is made in a modern style with a luminous white pearl in the center of small and large beads. A barrel-shaped clasp engraved with the Pandora logo completes the chic look.


Pandora Moments Snake Extendable Magnetic Clasp Chain Bracelet (599103C00)

It’s always nice to see new Pandora bracelet designs and I’m especially intrigued by the sliding magnetic clasp bracelet. A bracelet from the Pandora Moments range can be adorned with Pandora charms. However, instead of the traditional clasp, the bracelet has a sliding magnetic clasp that is adorned with a snake chain pattern.


Pandora Moments Chain Bracelet with Snake T Bar (599082C00)

Another new bracelet from the Pandora Moments line is the T-Bar Snake chain bracelet. The silver chain is equipped with two clips and a beautiful T-bar attachment system. At first glance, I was worried that the bracelet would not close securely. However, the close-up image above shows how the T-bar actually pulls on the smaller ring in the silver ring.


Pandora Rose Moments Chain Bracelet with Snake T Bar (589087C00)

The Moments T-Bar Snake chain bracelet is also available in a beautiful Pandora Rose finish.



Charm boxing glove Pandora (799027C00)

Strike with the new Pandora Boxing Gloves charm! An embossed Pandora Crown monogram covers the top of the glove, while the Pandora logo is printed on the thumb. The lace is tied into a pretty bow. Symbolizing strength, the top of the glove features the word «Str ♡ ng», while the silver base of the pendant is engraved with «PANDORA ♥ ︎ BOXING».


Pandora Wavy Blue Murano Glass Charm (799063C00)

Similar to the color of the autumn sky, the wavy blue glass charm is another beautiful Murano piece from Pandora this year. Iridescent highlights shimmer within the charm, while rippled glass creates an intriguing texture.


Charm Pandora fluffy llama (799069C00)

Pandora will continue the craze with the new Fluffy Llama charm! The blackening emphasizes the llama’s airy coat and the inside of its alert ears. Our favorite details are her tiny heart shaped nose and little bell around her neck.


Pandora Skeleton Girl Charm (799070C00)

Similar to the Bella Bot charm, the Pandora Skeleton Girl pendant has a large head and dangling body. A small bow sits on her bright polished silver skull, and hidden Pandora hearts are scattered throughout the charm. Two large hearts cover the eye sockets of the skull, and an inverted heart forms the nose. Two more hearts act as the pelvic bone in front and behind the skeleton.


Pendant Theatrical masks Pandora Dangle Charm (792018_E022)

Get dramatic with The Theater Masks Dangle Charm. Featuring two theatrical masks, hand-applied in black enamel on the front and engraved with «The World is Your Stage» on the back, this charm is a true tribute to the theatre. Inspired by the masks of comedy and tragedy worn in the ancient Greek theatre, they have become a universal symbol of theatrical performances.


Stethoscope Pendant Pandora Heart Dangle Charm (799072C01)

Those who work in the healthcare sector should be appreciated for their caring and important work. The new Pandora Heart Dangle stethoscope makes a great gift for a nurse or doctor. A silver stethoscope hanging from the base of the pendant forms the shape of a heart with a sparkling stone in the center.


Charm Horse Pandora (799074C01)

Over the years, Pandora has produced a variety of horse spells. Like the recent Lucky Horse pendant (791744), the new version is a portrait amulet with a flowing mane. The updated design, which symbolizes freedom, is missing the bridle, and its curls flutter in the wind.


Pendant children’s shoe Pandora (799075C00)

Raise your hand if you love Pandora’s two tone charms!
I’m thrilled that Pandora is making more two tone charms and the new Baby Shoe Dangle is a great example of that. The slipper weighs at an angle on the silver base of the pendant. On one side, a heart-shaped decoration engraved with the Pandora logo. Blackening emphasizes the edge of the sole and beautiful stitching. Shiny gold laces are tied into a cute bow to complete the eye-catching design. In the picture above, you can see the G585 engraved on the top of the laces.

Although this pendant is called «Baby Shoe Dangle», it’s not exactly childish. Inspired by the iconic Converse Chuck Taylor sneaker, it can also be used as a suspension for adult trainers.


Pandora Bear, Fox and Squirrel Pendant (799078C00)

A trio of forest friends huddle together on this two-piece Pandora charm. A friendly bear, a smart fox and a cute squirrel decorate the beaded front element. The back element has the words «Life is better with friends» and a tiny cut-out heart at the bottom.


Charm Elephant Ellie Pandora (799088C00)

Pandora has released many different elephant charms over the years. Their newest version, Ellie the Elephant, is most similar to the recent Lucky Elephant (791902) charm. Both sit in the same position and hold their torso high. However, Ellie the Elephant has a small tail on the back and sits with her front two feet touching the ground. Blackening emphasizes her bright eyes, folds and wrinkles.


Pandora Pavé Snake Chain Pattern Charm (799089C01)

A snake pattern decorates half of this bus-shaped charm and the other half in glittery stones.


Pandora Blue Eyed Fox Pendant (799096C01)

Often used as a symbol of intelligence, foxes are also known for their agility and playfulness. The new Pandora Fox charm is crafted from polished sterling silver. His black enamel nose is busy exploring scents while blue crystals shine from her eyes.


Pandora Sparkling Wrapped Snake Charm (799099C01)

Over the years, Pandora has produced a wide range of hanging snake jewelry. The new Sparkling Wrapped Snake charm is similar in design to the legacy Sparkling Snake charm (791539CZ). Both of them are decorated with transparent cubic zirkonia and rolled into a tight spiral. However, the new Sparkling Wrapped Snake charm has a sleeker look with an additional snake pattern and a sleek, shiny head.


Pandora Serpentine Heart Pendant (799100C01)

Similar to the recent Beaded Open Heart Pendant (797516), the New Open Heart Charm has the same shape and structure, but is embellished with a snake chain pattern. A band of sparkling clear cubic zirconia adorns the pendant on both sides.


Pandora Grand Piano Heart Dangle Charm (799101C01)

Make music with the adorable new Grand Piano Heart Dangle! Pandora previously released the Piano suspension (791503), but the new one has a lot more detail. The piano keys are hand-painted in black and white enamel, and the heart-shaped lid is raised. The treble clef adorns the silver base of the pendant, while the Pandora logo is engraved on the top of the piano. Under the piano, among the notes and hearts, the inscription «Play with your heart» is engraved.


Pandora charm with cute squirrel (799105C01)

Although a member of the rodent family, the squirrel is much more popular than its rat and mouse cousins! The new Pandora Squirrel charm is especially adorable with its large fluffy tail and beautiful black enamel eyes. The blackening accentuates the small hearts on the pads of her feet.


Pandora Charm Openwork Heart Dreamcatcher (799107C00)

The dream catcher is one of Pandora’s most popular amulets. Like the Dreamcatcher Charm (797200), the new Dreamcatcher mascot has three hanging feathers. However, the new version features a beautifully patterned heart-shaped element that curls inwards towards a tiny heart center. The upper part is engraved with the inscription «Dreams of the Heart».


Pandora Chalkboard Dangle Charm Chalkboard (799108C00)

New hanging Chalkboard is the perfect charm for teachers! Hanging from a silver base is an antique slate board with a textured wood frame. The words «Learn» and «S ♡» are written on both sides, and a heart-shaped sponge hangs on the edge.


Charm Dreamcatcher Pandora Rose Openwork heart with two feathers (789068C00)

The Pandora Rose Openwork Heart Dreamcatcher is similar to the silver version but with two feathers in silver and Rose hanging from one ring at the bottom of the pendant. The top of the pendant is engraved with the words «Follow Your Dreams».


Charm Pandora Rose Helm & Anchor Rudder and Anchor (789017C01)

Set off on a journey of great adventure with the new Pandora Rose Helm & Anchor charm! Pink cubic zirconias are inserted on both sides of the charm, and on the side there is a pattern of carved hearts. Under it swings a small anchor with a rope.


Charm Pandora Rose Sparkling Pink Anchor Clip (789019C01)

There is an anchor pattern on both sides of the charm. Pink cubic zirkonia adorn the anchor. Two upside down hearts are hidden at the bottom of the anchor icon for an extra cute detail.


Waved Purple Murano Glass Pendant (789079C00)

Create regal style by pairing a beautiful purple glass with a Pandora Rose core. Similar to the Glittering Grooves Murano (788107), this charm features a beautiful wavy textured glass with a shimmery glitter inside. However, the new charm is in a deeper shade of purple and has a serpentine chain at the center.


Pandora Rose Apple Dangle Charm (789080C01)

Tempt yourself with a piece of Pandora Rose Apple Dangle Charm! The base of the pendant is decorated with sparkling stones, and the apple has an interesting texture. Our favorite detail is the heart-shaped leaf and stem above the apple.


Pandora Rose Pendant, Snake and Heart (789086C01)

Two elements dangle from this pretty Pandora Rose pendant. At the front, a sparkling snake coils into a heart shape. The inscription «Where there is love, there is magic» is engraved on the heart of love. Transparent cubic zirkonia decorate the thin base of the pendant and part of the snake.


Charm Purple Flower Pandora Rose (789102C01)

The openwork flower pendant has a bright look. Its petals are hand-painted in glossy translucent purple enamel. A large clear cubic zirconia is set in the center on both sides, and smaller stones adorn the edges of the petals. An intricate leaf pattern adorns the side of the pendant.


Pandora Signature Shine Logo & Crown O Charm (769036C00)

The Pandora Signature logo and Crown O Charm are now available in 18K Pandora Shine gold.



Pendant Pandora Skateboard Charm Skate (399033C00)

A cute silver skateboard dangles from the base of the pendant. The tiny wheels inside are highlighted in black, while the Pandora logo and Crown O motif adorn both sides of the board.


Pandora Snake Chain Pattern Open Heart Pendant (399094C00)

The snake chain pattern, often associated with the famous Pandora Moments bracelet, is featured prominently in the Pandora Autumn 2020 collection. This pretty pendant features a snake chain pattern on both the open heart and base.


Pendant Pandora Moments Pavé O (399097C01)

Last year Pandora fans fell in love with Pandora O Pendants and this year we have some great new designs. The new version of the Small Silver O Pendant is encrusted with sparkling clear cubic zirkonia. The Small Pavé O Pendant can carry up to three charms or pendants.


Beaded pendant Pandora Moments O (399077C00)

The Small Beaded O pendant is inspired by the Pandora Purely range and features a ring of polished silver beads. Up to three charms or pendants can be worn on this sparkly Pandora O pendant.


Pandora Moments Medium Beaded O Pendant (399106C00)

The Pandora Moment Beaded O pendant is also available in a medium size. Style with up to five pendants.


Pandora Pavé open heart snake chain necklace (399110C01)

An open heart pendant dangles from a dainty sterling silver chain. A snake chain pattern adorns the heart, while sparkling clear cubic zirconia stones cover the outer edge.


Pandora necklace with polished
ball chain (399104C00)

A string of beautiful silver beads form the Pandora Polished Ball Chain Necklace.


Pendant Pandora Rose Moments Pavé O (389097C01)

The new Pavé O Pendant is also available in Pandora Rose. A mixture of pink cubic zirconia and pink sapphires forms a sparkling cluster at the top of the pendant. Create your own unique style with up to three Small O Pendants.


Necklace Pandora Rose Ships Helm (389021C01)

This delightful nautical-inspired necklace features a Pandora’s Rose pendant at the helm of a ship. One side of the pendant is embellished with pink cubic zirkonia, while the other side is smooth with a hidden heart detail in the center. Note the cute detail of the small Pandora Rose anchor adorning the end of the silver chain.


Necklace Pandora Signature Rose Pavé Circle Heart (387436C01)

Sparkling circles dangle from a pretty chain in Rose Pandora. One side is adorned with clear cubic zirkonia, while the back is engraved with the Pandora logo. The edge of the pendant is decorated with a pattern of carved hearts.



Pandora Small Asymmetric Heart Hoop Earrings (298307C00)

You can wear small asymmetrical hoop earrings on their own or add dangles to create your own unique look!


Pandora Pavé snake chain hoop earrings (299091C01)

Small open hoop earrings are adorned with a serpentine chain on one side and transparent sparkling stones on the other side.


Pandora Rose Pink Sparkling Crown Stud Earrings (288311C01)

Charming Pandora Rose earrings in the center of pink crystals. Each stone is enclosed in a clasp in the form of a crown with elegant beads on the sides.


Pandora Rose Helm & Anchor Stud Earrings (289020C01)

Add some fun nautical flair to your look with these adorable Pandora Rose Stud Earrings
Helm & Anchor. Pink cubic zirconia stones adorn the wheel all around, and a single stone adorns the top of the tiny anchor.


Pandora Signature Rose Logo Crown O Stud Earrings (289034C00)

These beautiful Pandora O Crown shaped stud earrings are engraved with the Pandora logo and crafted in beautiful Pandora Rose.


Pandora Signature Rose Sparkling Heart Hoop Earrings (286317C01)

These sparkling hoop earrings feature clear cubic zirconia on the outside and inside of the ring! The edges are decorated with a pattern of small carved hearts.


Pandora Snake Chain Pattern Ring

Add texture to your stack of rings with this simple sterling silver Pandora Snake Chain Pattern ring.


Pandora Snake Chain & Pave Triple Ring

Three silver rings of different designs come together to form a spectacular ring. A serpentine chain pattern adorns the ring, while a mixture of sparkling stones and a line pattern adorns the other two.


Pandora Sparkling Pear Marquise Wishbone Ring (199109C01)

The five stones are set on a sleek, silver, wishbone band to form an elegant ring.


Pandora Rose ring with
chain snake pattern (189084C00)

Chain Pattern Pandora Snake Ring is also available in a beautiful Pandora Rose finish.


Pandora Rose Pink Sparkling Crown Solitaire Ring

A pink crystal shimmers in a beautiful crown-shaped clasp with clear cubic zirkonia set on a Pandora Rose ring.


Pandora Rose Sparkling Snake Ring

A beautiful snake, in transparent cubic zirkonia, winds around, creating a bewitching ring. The Pandora Rose finish glitters on the smooth head of the snake, while the snake chain pattern creates interesting texture on the inside of the ring.


Pandora Rose Sparkling Marquise Double Ring (189095C01)

Two bands adorned with sparkling stones merge to form a stunning Pandora Rose ring full of vintage appeal. An alternating pattern of stones is located in the middle, creating the illusion of a triple stack of rings.

What do you think of the Pandora Autumn/Pandora Fall 2020 collection? Will anything from the collection add to your wish list?


Source: theartofpandora.com