Today will be one of our last reviews of the Pandora Autumn 2018 collection with a detailed look at all the rings, necklaces and earrings coming out at the end of this month — August 30th!

The new season presents jewelry in a minimal color palette, Pandora focuses more on detailing and bright accents in the form of zirconia stones. Interesting compositions and original solutions will help you create additional editions of the Rose and Shine lines.


In this article, we will consider jewelry only for the Moments collection. Read on to see all the products!

Bracelets Pandora Autumn 2018 / Pandora Autumn 2018

The only Lace of Love bracelet that is not intended for charms is a rather voluminous design and slightly reminiscent of the first Pandora Shine collection, which was dedicated to honey and bees, in terms of design concept.

The Pandora Shine collection can be viewed on our website at the link here.


Pandora Autumn 2018 rings

The Lace of Love ring continues the lace motifs featured in the bracelet above.


The Lively Wish ring is one of our favorites. Two delicate twigs gracefully decorate the handle and add sophistication to the image.


An interesting solution would be to combine the Open Grains ring with the previous one.


From the photo it is difficult to understand whether the Regal Beauty ring will come with blackened elements or it will be made of smooth shiny silver.


We recently reviewed the Timeless Zigzag ring in a review of the Pandora Rose Fall 2018 collection. For those who love more silver, this version will also be presented, both smooth and with cubic zirconia stones.


The Princess Wish ring comes in a rather nice design, offering a more elegant version of some of Pandora’s previous tiara rings.



The Enchanted Crown ring has already been presented before, but this Fall 2018 season there are small innovations in the design — black zirconium stones are inserted between the crystal-clear stones, which will bring rigor and restraint to the product.


This Logomania style ring is not available in the North American catalog, so we can’t say right now whether it will appear on store shelves with the Pandora Fall 2018 collection or not.


There will also be a silver version of the Alluring Hearts ring.


The Regal Dazzling Beauty ring does not appear in all catalogs, so it is not known whether it will go on sale in all stores or will be released in a limited edition for certain countries.


Pandora Autumn 2018 necklace Pandora Autumn 2018 necklace

We were the first to get a new version of the medallion with interchangeable elements Floating Locket. It will be available for a limited time. Instead of mineral glass, this time there is artificial amethyst.


Another necklace-medallion was presented, but without the possibility of placing interchangeable elements in it. Inside, you can see a scattering of soft pink and purple cubic zirconia, which freely move around the medallion and linger on the carved silver branches inside.


A chain with a new weave and a length of 70 cm has appeared. The length itself can be adjusted thanks to a ball with silicone inserts inside.


The design of the Regal Key pendant got the most attention in the Rose finish, but it’s just as good in silver.


The United Regal Hearts necklace continues the theme of royal hearts, but in this interpretation it looks more modern.



Returning to the theme of the harvest, which is the key to the Pandora Autumn 2018 collection, the Floating Grain pendant is a spike of wheat adorned with miniature cubic zirconia stones.


The next two necklaces were again not featured in the North American catalog so we don’t have more information on them.

Earrings Pandora Autumn 2018 / Pandora Autumn 2018 earrings

The Curved Grains earrings are beautiful in their simplicity.




In addition to the ring, there are also Princess Wish earrings.


We also have no information about these earrings, but they were presented in other catalogs, so we will follow their appearance.


Then we have two pairs of earrings from the «regal» line. For a more dramatic effect, Regal Droplets earrings feature beautiful filigree details. «Drops» are made not of glass, but of zirconium stones.

Regal Hearts offer a «stud» version of the same design.


Oval Sparkle earrings are oval half-rings decorated with zirconia along the entire length.


Hoops of Versatility Hoop Earrings are available in 2 different sizes.

The little balls at the end of the earrings are there to keep the charms you place on the ring itself from falling off. The new concept is suitable for charms from the Essence collection.


A little about Essence. We were going to do a separate review of the Essence line, but according to preliminary data, Pandora will release only 2 pendants.


However, there will be more charms for the Pandora Disney Essence collection, so we have a lot of interesting things ahead of us.

For us, the necklaces are definitely the stars of this collection. The Regal Key necklace is simply mind-blowing with its precise and fine detailing! The beautiful pastel zirconia stones in the Locket necklace also look pretty good and deserve your attention!