We are very pleased to present you today with a review of the new amazing Pandora Fall 2018 collection.

According to preliminary estimates, we should expect a new collection at the end of August/beginning of September (most likely August 30th)!

In today’s post, we’re going to take a look at jewelry for the Moments line. Jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, earrings, will be discussed a little later in a separate post. Also expected to replenish the collections of Rose, Shine and Essence. We will also consider them another time. As we know, in October we should expect a new bracelet concept, but we can’t talk about it yet. =)


In general, the Pandora Autumn 2018 collection has a fairly modern direction.

It is aimed at the younger generation of Pandora lovers, with a fairly large and equally interesting selection of key-shaped pendants and symbolic charms, which makes it more conscious and not so frivolous.


By tradition, let’s start our review with bracelets. Pandora decided to continue producing bracelets with new interchangeable clasps. Two new clasps replace the traditional cassettes on the classic string and on the rigid bangle.


The first charms we were shown use an unusual spikelet theme. Quite an interesting idea — it’s seasonal, but a little different from Pandora’s usual approach to fall. The safety chain is just amazing, it has silicone fixing rings. We would love to see a small collection of forest animals accompanying this autumn collection — a fox, an owl, a badger, a cute dormice among the ears and grains! Similar motifs are present in the pendant Always by Your Sidebut I would like to see something similar on bracelets.


Pandora did not deprive us of her standard charms, in which the key motives are hearts and openwork weaving. We are also expecting new medallions for interchangeable elements, and one of them, with colored cut glass, will be a limited edition. Unusual Murano will be released this season. This may be the first time that Pandora has made an openwork cut for Murano glass. I wonder what size the bead will be, since murano is not particularly preferred in purchases due to the fact that their size is significantly different from other beads.



So far, we have managed to find only one gold bead presented for the Pandora Autumn 2018 collection.



This is perhaps our favorite selection of jewelry, which is filled with fairy tales and magic. The Love Potion pendant is made as if from a “pink mist”. The unicorn is made in a rather unusual style and does not really fit into this line precisely in terms of execution, but it is so charming that it will certainly take its place of honor on the bracelet of a fabulous person.


Finally, we have a selection that seems completely disconnected between glitch, but which has a very personal and narrow focus. However, the most exciting charm here (for us, at least!) is Pumpkin! We’ve all been waiting so long and looking forward to the day Pandora releases something new for Halloween! Finally, this day has come. ^^


In the new Fall 2018 collection, Pandora was inspired by the Renaissance, harvest time and fairy tales. It is simply amazing how skillfully Pandora has played with her new collection, which, with its motives and mood, takes us back to the beautiful spring extravaganza of 2013. We have a new songbird, a castle and a book of fairy tales. For longtime Pandora lovers, this provides a new way to style old favorites, and for new collectors, the opportunity to get their hands on classic pieces in a new, reimagined style.

What do you think of this collection? Is something on your wish list?