Hooray! To the delight of all fashionistas, from children to adults, Pandora has released a new Pandora Autumn 2017 collection!


Hooray! To the delight of all fashionistas, from children to adults, Pandora has released a new Pandora Autumn 2017 collection!

The collection, which was released on August 31, is another hit of the company! Let’s dive into the world of rose gold, with lots of geometric patterns and metallic tones. Your attention is a full view, dedicated to all the latest bracelets and jewelry Pandora!

Pandora Autumn 2017 review

So, below we can see five previously unseen jewelry, each of which we consider simply beautiful. Golden charm will undoubtedly be out of competition. The chain is made in an unusual design. It’s a pretty standard silver heart design on top, however the chain has a small pin in the middle which looks very interesting.


Let’s start with the new Pandora bracelets for Fall 2017. We have one new charm bracelet, one heart clasp bracelet and one adjustable bracelet. It is also known that other variants with the Rose and Essence collections will be available.


Pandora Autumn 2017 new products

In this collection, a new design of the lock and key was introduced — a two-color version of the Lock of Love firmware from Valentine’s 2015!


The next thing I would like to emphasize is the appearance of some exclusives in North America! These include Piggy Bank, Golden Ingot, Crash Origami, Kangaroo, and Koala, none of which were previously available in the US. We don’t know exactly when they will be launched, but something tells us that it will be the fall of 2017… 🙂


From the entire collection, there are a few details that you will especially like — the new design of security locks is always welcome, and in our opinion, the design of the heart is very romantic and delicate. This collection will definitely satisfy the refined taste of every lady and will certainly not leave you indifferent to buying a new pair of three lovely pieces.

Pandora Autumn 2017 Colored beads

One of our favorite items from this collection is pictured below — Sweet Panda!

Its enamel detailing will divide people’s opinions, but we are just crazy about it!)) We think that the popularity of emerald green enamel is also quite high. Another cute piece that I really like is True Yoga, which has a very pretty combination of mother-of-pearl enamel and intricate silver detailing.

There is also another flower bead in this set, as well as Glamor Kiss, which will be relevant for young girls in the fall of 2017.


The collection also has a variety of colored beads — Rose glitter ball, Silver glitter ball, Shimmering glitter ball and Golden glitter ball. Each of them is beautiful in its own way and carries some kind of mystery …


Pandora Autumn 2017 Family love

Next, we present to our attention a lot of family and love products! We think it’s really cute that they added a few romantic touches to the Family Tribute’s lacy circle. Another pretty nice piece is Love Makes a Family Bead, which has very precise (clear) detailing, made over mother-of-pearl enamel!


Pandora Autumn 2017 Open Bracelets

The next set of products, judging by the rumors, will be replacement end caps for the new open bracelet! You can buy several existing clasp designs, as well as rings to separate charms on the bracelet itself.


There are also three new end cap designs. Our favorite ones are those with simple silver logos. We also love that each clasp has this cute little heart next to the Pandora signature.


Of course, there are additional details not only for bracelets! The new collection also features many additions to the necklaces.

It is commendable that additional charms are now sold separately, rather than in three sets. This means that you do not have to buy a set, just choose the add-ons you like and buy them separately!


The autumn collection is very unusual and cute. In fact, the entire collection looks very expensive and chic. It will definitely be a hit with buyers.

As for the family design, it also surprised me very pleasantly! We really like the cute little things that are present in the family line. Family jewelry design is universal and suitable for everyone.