The sea is a place where each of us aspires to go. There is entertainment, clean beaches, a light breeze, blue water and an endless horizon that you can look at forever. Already want to be closer to such places? What to do if you can’t go to the sea? How to force yourself to plunge into the mood without going to the coast, throw away the routine and achieve sea harmony right now? There is an exit! Pandora can create a mood of carelessness and lightness with marine notes! Here they tried to realize the desires of many, as well as bring the opportunity to plunge into the sea mood at any time of the year!

What does Pandora offer on the theme of the sea?

The Pandora brand is a huge selection of jewelry with different themes. Many of them are divided into collections. Some are sold as individual pieces. Such a variety makes it possible to choose something for yourself or loved ones according to your mood. Pandora has taken care of those who have the theme of the sea and holidays. If you still couldn’t escape to the coast, jewelry from the brand will help create a bracelet to plunge into the sea, at least in mood.

You can create your marine masterpiece from a variety of Pandora jewelry! You can find marine notes in the following areas:

Despite a small list of jewelry representing a marine theme, you can also create your own bracelet or even a whole image. Use different designs and combine colors. Feel free to add dividers and security chains that don’t have a nautical theme. Pick everything in color and jewelry in a solid image will look harmonious.

«Marine» charms

It’s easy to assemble a jewelry bracelet that you really like. It is also easy to pick up charms on the theme of the sea. What dominates here the most? Of course shells, fish, palm trees and colors. When choosing jewelry, we are guided by appearance, and we also buy something that reminds us of our favorite motifs:

«Marine» pendants

The Pandora jewelry house has also made several bright sea-themed pendants with the theme of the sea:

  • “Shining Starfish”
    The decoration is made in the form of a gold-plated starfish and is decorated with bright blue and white cubic zirconia stones. A catchy pendant from the Pandora Rose collection is fully consistent with the theme.
  • «Glimmering Dolphin»
    What is the sea without dolphins? A modest decoration for a bracelet in the form of a small silver dolphin. The blue-blue color of the decoration is given by the enamel of the corresponding tones.
  • «Sea turtle»
    This is the animal that not everyone had to see. Thematic and bright pendant in the form of a small turtle. The carapace of the animal is decorated with bright blue cubic zirconia stones.
  • “Beach parrot”
    This is an ornament that dilutes a number of primordially marine animals. The pendant is made in the form of a picture. There is a beach, a palm tree and a parrot. All elements are made of enamel. “Beach parrot” is something more exotic and inaccessible, but very beautiful.

“Marine” earrings

After a full-fledged bracelet, which will become a bright spot in the image, you should finish the picture with earrings. Pandora has a model on the theme of the sea — these are “Heart and Shell” earrings. You can use other models in combination with the color scheme — “Eternal Elegance”, “Shimmering Drops”, “Blue Round”, “Princess’s Desire”.

Earrings «Heart and shell» — a highlight of the marine theme from Pandora. The original model in the form of a shell made of silver. It is decorated with a small modest golden heart. These earrings go well with a «marine» bracelet.

Other models focus on color. Earrings “Eternal Elegance”, “Shimmering Drops” and “Blue Round” are ideally combined with bracelets of blue and blue tones, which will be relevant in the case of a marine theme. The “Princess Wish” model is very similar to two small anchors, which also fits in nicely with the theme.

Summing up

Collect the sea mood on your wrist! Pandora is a brand that makes it possible to realize any thoughts and ideas, thanks to a huge number of charms and colors. The theme of the sea is no exception. The brand has released charms, pendants, dividers that allow you to assemble a themed bracelet. You can dilute the image with matching earrings. Your imagination is limitless here! Experiment with colors, choose decorations and create a nautical mood for yourself!

⛱What does Pandora suggest about the sea?

Pandora has tried to fulfill the desires of many and bring the opportunity to plunge into the sea mood at any time of the year! You can purchase new charms, pendants, separating pins and earrings with holiday and sea themes.

?How to assemble a bracelet with shells?

For those who associate holidays only with the sea, and the sea is always with shells, Pandora has such jewelry — the Big Shell Dreamcatcher charm and the Heart and Shell earrings. These decorations match perfectly and perfectly display the nautical theme.

?How to combine ordinary charms with marine ones?

In a huge number of charms, pendants, dividers, the Pandora brand has completely different colors and themes that go well with the sea. You can use characteristic colors and motifs, then your decoration will turn out to be harmonious.

?How much does a bracelet with marine motifs cost?

The cost of a bracelet on the theme of the sea can be different. It all depends on the amount of jewelry on it, their cost and type.