Express yourself with the new Pandora Reflexion Letter Clips and friendship charms.


In the past few years, Pandora has released a plethora of letter charms and pendants. The recent Pandora Moment Letter (797455) charms are quite concise and voluminous with laconic shapes and designs. The pattern of hearts and embossed dots adds playfulness and a certain charm to the beads. In a similar contemporary style, the new letter-style Reflexions bracelet clips feature subtle contouring with a slight blackening. The sides of the sleek silver clip are engraved with the Pandora logo.


In addition to the new Reflexions Letter Clips, this unique Hashtag in matching design will be released. What is your favorite hashtag?


The Hashtag Symbol will also be released as a 3D bead for the Pandora Moments range in the same design as previous Pandora Moment Letter charms.


Pandora’s pre-fall collection includes a new friend — a little dinosaur that isn’t as scary as it looks. Like other Pandora Friend charms, Dino the Dinosaur is full of love, he even has heart-shaped legs!


The new Heart & Key pendant, consisting of two separate pendants that can be worn together or given one half to your best friend/girlfriend. The word «BEST» is engraved on the heart-shaped pendant. While the word «FRIENDS» is engraved on the tiny key.


The new Best Friends Forever pendant is similar to earlier collections such as I Love You Letters (786596CZR) and Happy (787017NPO). However, this charm is mostly made of 925 sterling silver, with a heart pendant in Pandora Rose finish.


The new Friends of Family charm is engraved with the warm words «Friends are the family you choose». For a special accent, the word «Family» is made in black glossy enamel. The thin base is adorned with a cute line of hearts on a blackened background.


Continuing the theme of friendship, the new Dinosaur & Butterfly charm from the Pandora Rose line. The smooth medallion depicts a silhouette of a dinosaur with a tiny orange enamel butterfly. The message «Our friendship will never go extinct» is engraved along the contour of the pendant. The thin base with clear zirconia stones adds a special charm. We love the concept of this pendant as it emphasizes that friendship can exist in the most unexpected places. Plus, sometimes differences make a friendship special.


The third dinosaur-themed charm is a pendant made up of two separate pieces. One of them is a cute little dinosaur embellished with clear zirconia. The second is a round disc with a pink enamel butterfly engraved with the message «You are my ext ROAR dinar friend»!


The Pandora 2019 Pre-Autumn Collection includes an intriguing new bracelet design! The Pandora Moments Three Link Bangle is a mix of a Moments bracelet with a Smooth Moments bracelet. A smooth snake chain in Pandora Shine finish forms the middle of the bracelet and is connected by two stiff silver sections. An additional detail are two tiny embossed hearts on the chain element. The spherical clasp is also finished in 18k Pandora Shine gold.


The Pandora Moments Three Link Bracelet is also available in Silver and Pandora Rose finishes. As you can see in the image below, the Pandora Moment charms simply slide on the bracelet without any threads. This bracelet is perfect for a two tone design.



The beautiful Dreamcatcher from the Pandora Summer 2018 collection will now be available in the Pandora Rose line. Like the silver version, the charm is engraved with the words «Follow your dreams».

As of now, as we know, the Pandora Rose Dream Catcher Charm will be available in Canada and hopefully other countries around the world.


Pandora has released an adorable Sentimental Snapshot Charm in Pandora Rose! Unlike the silver version, the Pandora Rose Sentimental Snapshot Charm comes without black enamel. However, the charm still includes a large zirconia lens and cute camera design elements.

The Sentimental Snapshot Charm will be available in China and possibly other APAC countries.


The Pandora Pre-Fall 2019 collection also includes a set of travel pendants. First up is the new Passport Dangle with opening pages and sparkling Cubic Zirconia Stones. Country of release — «Republic of Love»! This fun new charm is perfect for travel bracelets. We are extremely curious to see what is printed on the inside pages.

The Pandora Passport Dangle Dangle Charm will be available in China and possibly other Asia Pacific countries.


Released specifically for Valentine’s Day in China, the Pandora Rose Shining Crown Carriage charm is similar to Disney’s Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach Carriage charm. However, this new version perfectly incorporates the Pandora’s crown logo into its design, which is adorned with dazzling zirconia gemstones. While this Pandora Rose finish charm is exclusive to China, the silver version will be available worldwide later this year.


On the new Pandora Moments Love Compass bracelet, the clasp features a 14k gold compass symbol and a sparkling diamond at the center. The compass symbolizes the protection and direction of your love. Tiny beveled hearts surround the clasp, making this a very romantic gift for your loved one.

The bracelet will be released as an exclusive offer for China only.


The new Arc De Triomphe pendant is full of details, including hidden hearts and sparkling zirconia stones. A small blackened heart is engraved on the base of the pendant.

Currently Pandora Arc de Triomphe Dangle Charm will be available in Belgium, Finland and possibly other European countries.


The new Pandora Windmill charm is similar to the older collections, but with a lot of new details and, in our opinion, much more attractive! Beautifully textured wood slats are adorned with tiny tulips that grow on either side of the door. Miniature carved hearts adorn the blades of the mill, and in the center is a voluminous heart.

Pandora Windmill Charm will be available in Belgium, Finland and possibly other European countries.


A detailed replica of the famous French medieval cathedral hangs on a plain silver base. In the center, a sparkling cubic zirconia illustrates the characteristic round window of Notre Dame de Paris.