Express your love with the PANDORA Mother’s Day 2019 Collection! Since Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates in many countries, the Pandora March 8 collection will be available in some regions now.

The 3D heart of PANDORA Shine rotates inside this creative pendant. The engraved message «Dear Mum, You have a heart of gold» is the perfect way to express how important she is to you. This pendant will look cute on both a bracelet and a necklace.


Even though it’s part of the Mother’s Day Collection, this charm is for those you think are truly unique! The luminous PANDORA Shine sphere is adorned with a black enamel heart and «One in a million» lettering.


This adorable two tone Pandora Charm is made up of two hearts engraved with «Like mother» and «Like daughter». and daughters.


Like the new mother and daughter pendant, the mother and son silver pendant splits into two pieces and can be worn together or alone.


The following gorgeous two-tone PANDORA Rose pendant is a cute way to express your love for your family. Six letters are made in the form of small pendants denoting the word «Family» (Family). The letter «M» is made in the form of a heart with Pandora Rose decoration, symbolizing that love holds the family together.


This fun charm will definitely make a real wow effect. Depending on how you put it on the bracelet, it will mean the word either «MUM» or «WOW».


Show your mom that she’s one in a million with this delicate sterling silver charm. On one side of the charm, voluminous hearts surround the message «Mum in a million» (Mom in a million), and on the other, a red stone in the shape of a heart sparkles.


A rotating pendant with a beautiful beaded ornament, illustrates the idea «Family is a circle of love». White enamel details accentuate the filigree design of the wood. This pendant is perfect to pair with the new pendant Pandora has released for International Women’s Day.


The limited edition PANDORA Sterling Silver Rigid Bracelet is created as a tribute to the one of a kind woman in your life. A smooth sphere-shaped clasp adorned with cubic stones connects to a security chain. The True Uniqueness Clasp bracelet is engraved with the message «One in a million».


The family tree is now available as a Pandora necklace with an adjustable clasp.


This stunning sterling silver chain bracelet features a round tree of life centerpiece. Set in white enamel and adorned with exquisite beads, the branches of the tree bloom with sparkling stones, symbolizing your family ties.


The symbolic family tree is made in the form of a small sparkling medallion hanging from the base of the ring.