Express your love to the person closest to you with the new PANDORA Mother’s Day 2019 collection! Some of the charms we reviewed earlier in the previous Mother’s Day article, today we’ll be looking at the new jewelry for this collection.


The jewelry brand recently stopped producing charms with miniatures of a boy and a girl, instead we were presented with the design of an entire family. The new Grandma charm features a cute hairstyle, pearl necklace and handbag. Pale pink enamel adorns her coat, while the PANDORA logo provides interesting details on the bag.


The new Grandpa charm looks like a true fashionista with its crescent moon glasses and blue enamel bow tie.



The new little girl charm is insanely cute, especially the two ponytails that can move up and down. She smiles sweetly, holding Theodore’s teddy bear, which has a pink enamel heart in its paws.


New boy charm dressed in PANDORA shorts and T-shirt. Our favorite detail is his cute cap in pink, white and mint enamel, complete with a spinning propeller!


Fans of the brand have been asking for new animal charms and PANDORA has released a new set of dog and cat charms. The line opens with a small bull terrier with black enamel eyes and nose. He is very cute, with a hanging star on his collar and alert ears.


Did you say «yummy»? That’s what’s on the mind of a tiny Labrador puppy Wearing a collar with a tag in the shape of a bone, this little one is a good boy and a loving member of the family. His large eyes and wet nose are finished in glossy black enamel by hand.


The little French Bulldog puppy is made with a simply delightful expression, thin blackened lines emphasize its folds, black enameled eyes and nose. With a tiny heart imprinted on his collar, the puppy is ready to be your friend for life. Like the other new pet pendants, it has super cute paws.


The new Cat pendant is also very cute with her little fish hanging from her collar. Black enamel details accentuate her eyes and nose. We are a bit disappointed that Pandora has only released one new cat pendant and three different dog pendants.


This is possibly one of the most interesting PANDORA charms released this year. It is completely different from the previous heart shaped beads and features a window that displays a sparkling blue enamel sky with a silver moon and stars. The back is engraved with «Thanks for looking out for me». This charm is a cute concept illustrating how our parents are always watching over us and most spend sleepless nights looking out the window waiting for our return.


Why have one charm when you can have two! New In My Heart pendant in 18k gold plated that can be paired with a sparkling silver setting. It is engraved with a cute symbolic message «In my heart'» (In my heart).


The PANDORA Shine Theodore Bear charm has a new girlfriend. Dora stuns with her beauty in a beautiful PANDORA Rose finish. Dora, wearing a cute little dress and a beautiful bow on her head, is holding a tiny bear cub!


A heart-shaped crystal shines at the center of a bright white enamel border. Orchid-colored pink stones sparkle and shimmer to highlight the PANDORA Rose finish, while tiny carved hearts adorn the edges of the charm.


Pink zirconia stars adorn both the base and the pendant itself, but our favorite part is the engraving. Comparing sisters to stars engraved with: «Sisters» (Sisters), «You don’t always see them» (You don’t always see them) and «they’re always there» (They are always there).


The new You’re My Rock pendant will make a charming gift for anyone who has proven themselves in providing support. The pendant consists of a smooth silver disc engraved with «You’re my Rock» (You are my rock) and a sparkling diamond.


This pendant is full of newborn treasures and the perfect gift for a new mom. A tiny pair of shoes, a small bottle, and a heart hang from a silver base. Many parents mark the birth of their child with a footprint or a handprint, and this is illustrated by miniature footprints adorning the heart. Notice the hidden white enamel heart between the feet and the two hearts on the soles of the shoes.


Three heart-shaped balloons in white, pink and cherry red enamel make up the brand’s new pendant. A small message «Happy Bday» (Happy birthday) is engraved below.


Next, we were presented with a new interpretation of the design with the motifs of the love knot. On the front side of the first pendant, a knot forms a love heart, and behind it is a pendant studded with zirconium stones.


Three strands are joined together to form a beautiful knotted heart. This charm is elegant in its simplicity and would look stunning with a bracelet peeking out from an open heart.


A Knotted Hearts motif forms a chain around this pretty silver clip.


This delightful album is decorated with small hearts and «Our Family» engraved in vintage type. Open the album to find the hidden message «To my Mother for yesterday» and two handprints. A small heart on the palm and a line of hearts at the base of the pendant provide the finishing touch!


A graduation cap and a scroll are on top of a stack of books illustrating the hard work that goes into completing a degree.




PANDORA has released quite a few new concept bracelets this season and now we have another one! We are very excited about the T-Bar Knotted Hearts bracelet with its chunky silver design. It reminds us a little of Tiffany’s T-Bar bracelets, but the PANDORA version with an oversized chain is more like the X Jewelery brand. The small flat disc that sits on one side of the bracelet is designed to engrave a personal message.




The Knotted Hearts necklace features a smooth silver band that forms a heart and is paired with an oval ring adorned with clear zirconia stones.


The new T-Bar Knotted Hearts necklace combines massive rings with a delicate silver chain.



The love knot theme continues with the design of the next ring, which ties sleek silver with a lustrous pavé finish to form a heart.


We imagine that the charming Knotted Hearts ring will be very popular. Tiny intertwined hearts form a dainty band that will look quite pretty on its own or paired with other rings.



The upper part of the earrings is tied in a love knot and connected to a sparkling silver ring at the bottom.


These cute sparkling stud earrings form tiny heart-shaped knots.



Embark on a magical journey with the new Disney Jasmine & Aladdin bracelet. One side of the clasp is adorned with ornaments and a sparkling stone, while the PANDORA logos and Disney wording are engraved on the other side, featuring a tiny sparkling star. The message «Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder» is engraved in the center of the bracelet. The bracelet will be available in 17, 19 and 21 cm sizes.


The magical flight of Aladdin and Jasmine on the carpet is illustrated in brilliant blue enamel. The back of the charm is engraved with the love message «You Fill My World With Wonder» and an oriental carving surrounds the edge of the bead.


With large vaults, the charming castle of Agrabah resembles the Indian Taj Mahal. The Sultan’s Palace looks majestic in 18k gold plated PANDORA Shine with a single sparkling stone.


The new Disney Magic Lamp charm is the perfect complement to Agrabah’s golden castle. The lamp is decorated with a decorative pattern that glows with 18 carat gold. Open the Magic Lamp, inside you will find a shiny green enamel and make your three wishes to the genie.