The article is dedicated to the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2017 collection (Pandora 2017 Pre-Autumn Collection).

The Pandora Pre-Autumn 2017 collection features both new bracelets and new charms. We will talk about the latter in the next article on the pages of our blog, the same post is dedicated exclusively to bracelets.

These jewelry are made of polyester, with a small silver core. Compared to the fabric stranded laces that have been produced before, they look stronger, and the small silver heart-shaped clips are simply amazing!

We assume that these jewelry will look self-sufficient on its own or with a small number of pendant charms, even with one jewelry, if you use silicone stoppers on the sides, which you will receive when buying in the FRAGOLA store for free. The Pandora Friendship bracelet will be appropriate for the summer season due to its interesting design and bright colors. Note that bracelets are designed for 3-4 charms.

The design of the jewelry is amazing, the color scheme itself is avant-garde, at the same time, the heart-shaped silver clasp makes the bracelet look adult. We are sure that the bracelets will suit both lovers of bright, accented jewelry among an adult audience, and young fans of PANDORA. The new PANDORA “Friendship” bracelets are available in six colors:

  • Black
  • Dark blue,
  • Grey-green
  • Turquoise
  • Pink
  • Violet

We also remind you that PANDORA jewelry in the FRAGOLA store is sold in free PANDORA packaging. Delivery across Ukraine for our clients is free. For gold and silver bracelets, we give special polishing cloths, and for leather and textile bracelets, at the request of customers, we give silicone stoppers that fix the jewelry. After the first purchase, you will receive a personal promo code that will allow you to receive a 5% discount on each subsequent purchase. We constantly make promotional offers to our customers to make Pandora jewelry more accessible, because we, like you, love various promotions and discounts when we shop in other online stores.