And again, Pandora manages to conquer the brand’s fans with a new collection of jewelry. Unlike the previous ones, original and charming. The series has become the most symbolic of the previous ones, because it is dedicated to the signs of the Zodiac. The pre-fall collection of Pandora 2016 aroused genuine interest among all fans of the brand. After all, jewelry with the signs of the Zodiac is an unsurpassed gift for name days and birthdays. Such precious products will appeal to everyone who receives jewelry with their Zodiac sign as a present.

New Pre-Autumn Collection Pandora 2016

In the assortment of the off-season collection Pandora 2016, you can choose any sign of the Zodiac from the 12 presented. Also, one part of the collection is devoted to the theme of friendship. These charms are the perfect gift for a close friend. Because the pendant consists of two parts, you keep one for yourself, and give the second to a loved one. An excellent representative of the jewelry from the collection is the Pandora “Love and Friendship” charm. The charm is crafted from classic 925 sterling silver and features an engraving on one side that reads: «Friendship begins with loving hearts.» In total, the theme of friendship is personified by three charms and one clip.

The second part of the off-season collection is given to the zodiac symbols. 12 astrological symbols are made in the form of branded charms:

The Pandora brand has previously released a series with a similar theme, only the products were in a more restrained classic design. Only a smooth base of a silver charm, on which the craftsmen applied the symbols of the signs of the Zodiac. The current charms have been improved by designers, so the appearance has become more interesting. All jewelry models are three-sided. On one side of each copy there is a symbolic sign of the Zodiac, on the other — a graphic image of the sign and on the third — the traditional name. The very base of the charm is adorned with small constellations, which adds to the cosmic dimension. It is impossible not to note the fabulous charm of the Koala in the collection. It is so cute that it will be a great addition to any jewelry collection. Charms with astrological symbols of the model with bright cubic zirconia stones are successfully emphasized. Stones add sparkle to a Pandora bracelet. Also perfectly complement the charms from the Pandora Pre-Fall collection with jewelry with star motifs in design. For the bracelet, you can use one charm with the sign of the Zodiac, or assemble an astrological bracelet. Having strung 12 charms on the base, we get a wonderful zodiac accessory.

Pandora bracelet from the Pre-Fall 2017 collection

To make the mid-season collection harmonious and complete, Pandora added a silver bracelet to it. The clasp on the silver bracelet also has an astrological theme, because one side is decorated with the image of a star, and the opposite side is decorated with the image of the sun.

This bracelet harmonizes well with the charms of the zodiac signs. And also an excellent basis for any models of jewelry. In fact, the bracelet is universal, it does not have a clear style and can well become part of a set with another bracelet as an addition.

Collection Pandora Charm Koala

Buying a birthday present in Fragola’s store

Of course, Pandora jewelry is a wonderful gift for any holiday, event or just like that, for no reason. And accessories with the image of the Zodiac sign will be not only a nice gift, but also a talisman or talisman. If you can not decide on the desired model of Pandora products — seek advice from experienced specialists of the Fragola store. They are always ready to help every customer.