Today, let’s talk not about the PANDORA brand, but about the very phenomenon of typesetting jewelry, which are similar to designers. First, you take the base — a bracelet, and then fill it with a variety of charms to your liking. Such jewelry is called typesetting or modular. This idea was born in ancient times in the countries of Scandinavia, but it acquired a modern look in the last 45 years and continues to develop and be in demand today. Therefore, today I suggest that you look at an overview of typesetting jewelry and analyze the main competitors of Pandora.

Overview of typesetting jewelry brands - PANDORA's main competitors

Today’s largest companies that occupy a large share of the modular typesetting market come from Denmark. And since many people are interested in this topic, I decided to review Pandora-like brands of modular products that are its competitors. Some brands you know well, but some you will hear about for the first time today.

Some companies, including Pandora, initially began their journey as a brand of typesetting jewelry, and they are the basis of their collections. And many companies — giants of the jewelry business, which have been successfully operating for more than a decade (or even a century), at one time also felt the demand for a niche with inlaid jewelry and expanded their assortment at this expense.

That is, globally, those about whom I will write today can be divided into two groups. Those that produce predominantly inlaid jewelry and they are the basis of their permanent collections, and those who have long been known on the market and use them among their entire assortment.

The first ones I consider are the following brands: Trollbeads, Chamilia, Redbalifrog, Ohm, Soufeel.

And the second ones are: Tiffany, Swarovski, Thomas Sabo and many others.

You can read about the history of Pandora here.

Let’s take a closer look at each jewelry company and see what all these brands have in common. We will identify the features that make these brands stand out to buyers. We will also compare prices and find out how these brands are represented in the world and where you can buy these jewelry in Ukraine. And most importantly: are the beads of different manufacturers suitable for each other and what markings do manufacturers use to protect themselves from fakes.


The Danish brand Trollbeads can be safely called the ancestor of all modern brands of stacked bracelets and charms. The history of this brand begins in 1976. The first charm in the form of a troll gave the name to the brand (the brand combines the words troll and beads — troll beads, literally). Currently, brand stores are open in more than 40 cities around the world and on all continents. The collection contains over 600 beads. In my opinion, it is Trollbeeds that is the main competitor of Pandora today.

trollbeads Ukraine trollbeads

There are many similarities in these brands, but if you look closely, there is still a difference. One of the main differences in the concept of Pandora’s Trollbeads bracelets is that you must purchase the bracelet’s chain and lock separately. There are a lot of options for locks and bracelets, the choice is very large. The design of charms is very interesting and unusual.

Another important difference I would call rhodium. Trollbeads jewelry is not rhodium plated, unlike Pandora, where all products go through this procedure. Rhodiuming gives more shine and radiance. At Trollbeeds, silver jewelry looks natural, like the silver we are used to.

trollbeads trollbeads jewelry brand review

For many years, the Trollbeads collection consisted exclusively of bracelets and charms, but then the range was expanded to include rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants. Today, in addition to all of the above, the collection was supplemented by: a men’s jewelry line, hair ornaments, tiaras. Trollbeeds jewelry is made from silver, gold, precious stones, among which there is also amber. The range of the two companies is approximately the same.

Another important difference I will mention is the carving that is found on most Pandora bracelets and charms, but Trollbeads jewelry does not have it. That’s why Trollbeads charms and beads don’t fit Pandora bracelets — they just won’t fit through the threads on the bracelet! The exception is the so-called universal charms Trollbeads. Their opening is slightly wider, so they can be worn on a Pandora bracelet. But anyway, if you decide to buy a Trollbids charm for a Pandora bracelet, it’s better to do it in an official store so that you can measure it. Well, Pandora beads fit on the Trollbeads bracelet without any problems.

You can determine the original or fake by the branding that the manufacturer puts. These are the letters LAA 925 s — for silver items. For gold, LAA 750 g is placed.

If you compare prices, Trollbeads products will be slightly higher in price than Pandora.

Trollbeads is officially represented in Ukraine and opened its first store. You can get to know the brand better and see the entire range on the website: trollbeads.com


The brand was founded in the USA in 2002, and since 2013 belongs to the global brand Swarovski. The name translates as Chameleon — an animal that can adapt to the world around it. The principle of making jewelry is the same as in Pandora — there are many models of bracelets and charms for them. The company today is one of the largest companies in America and in their market is practically not inferior to Pandora.

chamilia jewelry brand comparison pandora

By comparison, Chamilia charms and pendants are smaller and lighter in weight than Pandora. Most charms and bracelets are mutually compatible, but there are models that are not compatible (about 5%).

Of course, if you look at the bracelets, then there are analogies with Pandora and other brands. For many years, Chamilia’s hallmark has been an exclusive Disney-themed jewelry deal, but for several years now, Pandora has also been releasing these themed collections.

chamilia chamilia ukraine to buy charm bracelet

The brand’s products are made of silver, gold, rose gold, silver plated. Also, as you already understood, you will not find Swarovski crystals in Pandora’s Products. All products of this brand are marked with the Chamilia, Cham logo or the letter C. Silver is marked with a 925 mark.

If you compare the prices of Chamilia and Pandora, then the first one will be a little cheaper.

There is no representative office of Chamilia in Ukraine. Website: https://chamilia.com/


Redbalifrog is a relatively young brand. It is difficult to geographically attribute it to any country. Judge for yourself: the inspirer and owner of the brand lives in Australia, the craftsmen who make the jewelry by hand are based in Bali/Indonesia, and most of the stores that sell are located in the US and Europe. Confusing, right?

redbalifrog ukraine buy

The history of the company began in 2007 and continues to this day. In my opinion, this brand of inlaid jewelry is more similar to Trollbeads: both in the external design and the construction of the bracelet. The lock and the base of the bracelet must be purchased separately.

redbalifrog redbalifrog ukraine buy bracelet charms

All jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver. They do not use gold or other metals. Here are the markings on the products.

redbalifrog marking originality

Pricing is slightly higher than Pandora’s.

There is no representative office in Ukraine, but there is only 1 store that sells products of this brand among its assortment.

Website: http://www.redbalifrog.com/


The history of OHM jewelry began in 2008 in the USA. Now the brand is popular not only there, but also in European countries. Stores are opened in Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and in many other countries and continents. The company specializes in the manufacture of jewelry: bracelets, charms: clip-on earrings, earrings, rings, locks for bracelets. There are also accessories (mainly a variety of boxes and storage systems for charms and bracelets).

ohm jewelry

In Ukraine, these decorations are practically unknown, but in other countries they are a significant competitor to Pandora.

bracelets charms OHM Ukraine Overview of typesetting jewelry

Charms, pendants and other OHM beads are fully compatible with PANDORA and TROLLBEADS bracelets. Therefore, fans of stacked bracelets can combine these decorations on their bracelets.

In the manufacture of OHM jewelry, 925 sterling silver, gold, and 14 carat gold plating are used. To determine the originality, OHM puts a 925 silver mark and the brand logo on each piece. The bracelets and murano are still marked with the name of the OHM trademark. New collections are released once a month.

OHM marking 925 silver overview of typesetting jewelry competitors

Pricing is about the same as Pandora’s. There is no official representation in Ukraine, as well as shops.

Website https://ohmbeads.com/


Soufeel jewelry comes from the most dynamic city in the USA — New York. The brand has existed since 2009 and offers a wide range of bracelets, charms, rings, earrings, watches and other related products. The imagination of customers can create limitless combinations of jewelry.

soufeel difference from pandora comparison Overview of typesetting jewelry

The very concept of compiling is very similar to Pandora, especially for bracelets. And it is difficult for us to figure out who was the first in new ideas. Here, look at the bracelets below, what do they remind you of?

soufeel Ukraine buy original review of typesetting jewelry competitors pandora

But it is worth paying tribute to this brand and has its own characteristics that make it unique and in demand among buyers. The main thing is the personalization of jewelry. They have a large selection of products that you can put your photo on or engrave. Many models of ready-made bracelets, with places for a photo or an inscription. Many options for necklaces with names. To order, you just need to upload the desired photo to the site and wait for your order. Everything is simple.

soufeel soufeel engraving charms

The company’s products are made of 925 sterling silver, gold, rose gold and gilding. Swarovski crystals are also involved in the production. Charms come without internal threads, but most products are interchangeable with other brands. Jewelry is very similar to pandora beads. All jewelry is stamped with soufeel logo and 925 proof. Pricing is cheaper than Pandora.

soufeel soufil bracelet charms overview of typesetting jewelry competitors pandora

The brand is not officially represented in Ukraine, there are no stores.

Website: https://www.soufeel.com/


The history of Tiffany — one of the most famous brands has almost 200 years. The first US store opened in 1837, and the company now owns over 400 stores worldwide.

tiffany ukraine tiffany jewelry review of typesetting jewelry competitors pandora

Tiffany sells not only jewelry, but also interior items made of silver, crystal, and porcelain. The range includes watches, perfumes, leather goods and stationery. The brand has long been famous for luxury items that are in the homes of the richest families in the United States and other countries.

The collection of this brand has a lot of bracelets and more than 200 pendants — charms. But, as in the case of Swarovski, I would not say that they are very similar to Pandora. Only the general concept can be called similar: a bracelet and a choice of pendants for it. I have not seen such a variety in charms. Therefore, in my opinion, these brands do not compete so much with each other.

Tiffany tiffany ukraine comparison with pandora review of typesetting jewelry

Tiffany produces jewelry in silver, gold, rose gold. Lots of gemstone jewelry.

The company is difficult to mark their products for protection against counterfeiting. Of course, a sample of this material is applied to the base metals, for silver it is 925, for gold 750 and so on. But Tiffany has some collections released by famous designers who put their signature on each product. Therefore, carefully look for information about the correct labeling if you are thinking about buying, especially if it is not in the company store.

The pricing policy is much higher than Pandora.

In Ukraine, Tiffany is represented by one boutique in Kyiv.

Website: https://www.tiffany.com/


A world-famous company for the production and sale of crystal jewelry. The history of this brand began in 1895 and continues to this day.

swarovski swarovski ukraine jewelry

The range of the company is impressive — a huge selection of bracelets, from ready-made solutions to those that can be filled to your liking. But of course, their main focus is the production of crystals, using patented technologies that go back centuries.

To compare two brands — Pandora and Swarovski, in my opinion, is not entirely correct, after all, they are different. And if you decide to collect the history of your charm bracelet, then you will most likely look at Pandora, Trollbeads, Redbalifrog or Ohm. Yes, of course, Pandora and Swarovski compete, but still they develop in different styles.

Swarovski Pandora brand comparison

There are a lot of bracelets in the Swarovski jewelry collection, but as ready-made solutions. Yes, you can hang charms on them — pendants, but their choice is now small, about 50 pieces. And as you can see, they are attached to the bracelet with a carabiner.

swarovski buy in Ukraine original review of typesetting jewelry

Bracelets, as well as pendants for a pandora bracelet, are made of rhodium-plated silver, gold, rose gold, and gilding.

Website: https://www.swarovski.com/


The German jewelry brand Thomas Sabo is today one of the leading manufacturers of premium watches and silver jewelry.

thomas sabo bracelet charms ukraine online store

Founded in 1984 and today covers 85 countries. The collection of jewelry has more than 1200 items. 925 sterling silver jewelry is precision crafted with fine stones and is renowned for its expressive design. The brand uses 925 sterling silver, 18-carat pink, yellow and white gold, diamonds and precious stones when working with stacked jewelry.

If you draw an analogy with Pandora and look at the design of bracelets, then you will be surprised how many similar models are found! This is a classic bracelet and open bangles.

thomas clogs bracelet bangle charms pendants Review of typesetting jewelry

The collection contains both charms familiar to us, and charms — pendants that have an interesting design solution — each such pendant for a pandora bracelet comes with a carabiner — that is, it can be attached to absolutely any bracelet.

thomas sabo ukraine jewelry

And the special edition Karma Beads is very similar to the Pandora Essence collection.

thomas sabo bracelet charms ukraine review of typesetting jewelry

Pricing is about the same as Pandora’s.

Thomas Sabo jewelry in Ukraine is represented by two stores located in Kyiv.

Website: www.thomassabo.com


Here’s a review I’ll get. What do you think about this or that brand, are they similar to each other? Who borrows ideas from whom?

Soon I will tell you more about the main competitor — Trollbeads jewelry. This is a rather interesting brand, and undoubtedly it deserves a separate story.

And if you still have questions or you need advice on where, how and with what maximum discount you can buy jewelry — write your questions under the post — I will answer.