Today’s post is dedicated to the review of the Pandora Winter 2018 collection! This collection is somewhat traditional for Pandora, with icy and celestial charms, contrasted with fun holiday charms. At the same time, there are some new fancy beads to add to your collection.

Pandora did not give permission to view the entire collection, so we will present only available charms — this is mainly the Pandora Rose or Shine collection, or decorative beads, so the review presents almost all new products. And, in any case, if you pop into your local store and look through the catalog, you can see the whole range of new products there.

The release of the new collection will take place on November 1. As always, we look at charms and bracelets in our review — other jewelry will be in the description later. Read us for a full review of the collection!

Pandora Winter 2018 collection preview

Let’s start our review with traditional frost beads — and less traditional — Melter of Hearts— a fun little charm from Pandora’s new products this year. It’s made of Murano glass, although we can’t figure out what material the eyes in this charm were made of! The rest of the beads are more suitable for frosty themes — they are assigned seasonal «frosty» names, most of them are quite abstract in design and multifunctional. Our favorite charm is the red version dazzling Snowflake.

Another of our leaders is presented in the next collage. Charm A mug of hot chocolate— an excellent choice for lovers of hot drinks who want to add Christmas spirit. Another great bead — Christmas train with gifts.

We’re not sure why the charm cross appeared in this collage, and not in the part of the collection with «frosty accessories».

Cosmic charm — Protective chain is also presented beautiful and would look good on both a Christmas and space themed bracelet. And, if you want to combine these two themes on your bracelet, there is always a charm Santa in space!

We rushed to him for this year’s festive limited edition collection of bracelets. Charm»Christmas ornament» is a pearlescent version of the Rockettes charm from last year’s collection with a cute raised crescent moon. Oddly, Pandora provided this photo from the fall collection, but we believe that was not the case. However, this charm was released as part of the fall collection in some countries and is available for purchase there now — for example in France.The reason for this sale is unknown to us.

A limited edition bracelet would look very good with these beads Firework. Again, Pandora provided us with a photo of this charm in the fall collection, and probably put it up for sale earlier as well.

This bracelet would look good with any themed charm, but a charm blinding desires looks particularly impressive. If you look closely, the enamel plate on the back of the bead shines brightly, and we are sure that it looks even more spectacular in person.

dazzling fireworks looks a lot like snowflakes.

The following two charms are regional releases — they are not included in the normal UK catalogue. this charm Our Lady of Aparecidaquite beautifully detailed in enamel and silver.

Charm Radio City similar to the Rockettes charm that appeared last year.

And finally, here’s this beautiful blue star clasp bracelet!