Today we will have a final review of the Pandora Winter 2018/2019 collection.

We have already reviewed the main products — charms and bracelets, and also examined in detail the Pandora Disney Winter 2018/2019 line. In the final review, let’s look at what Pandora has prepared for us for the lines of necklaces, rings and earrings.


The main motifs of the entire new winter collection Pandora 2018/2019 also continue in Pandora jewelry. The theme of ice fits perfectly with the Luminous Ice pendant, which is reminiscent of a glamorous rectangular ice cube. The design of the pendant is quite simple, but the overall look has its own classic charm.

This pendant will also be available in a Pandora Rose finish.


The next necklace, with its frosty design, looks like a shimmering gate to another, secret world. Delicate ice cubes create an interesting three-dimensional form of a Christmas wreath that will simply sparkle amazingly in the sunlight. The length of the chain in the necklace is 45 cm, which allows it to look favorably on your collarbones.

A sparkling night sky adorns the smooth sphere of Pandora’s new pendant, reminiscent of the magical PANDORA Disney Cinderella’s Dream charm with its tiny stars. When you open the sphere, you will find a secret beautiful message — «Love you to the moon and back.» The adjustable clasp of the necklace will allow you to choose the length that will favorably emphasize your image, the chain itself is 60 cm long.


The next necklace is truly unique — a cultured freshwater pearl that sits inside a horseshoe pendant. Adjustable closure allows you to choose the right length for your neckline.


Reminiscent of an abacus, the playful String of Beads necklace features 5 movable silver beads in its design. This necklace also has an adjustable clasp.


Freshwater cultured pearls alternate with radiant PANDORA Rose beads to create a juicy contrast on this elegant necklace. The chain can be adjusted to the desired length.


For Jared stores, in addition to the exclusive charm, limited edition necklaces and earrings were also released. Delicate knot pendant in PANDORA Rose finish. On either side of the pendant are small cubic zirconia stones that give the pendant a bit of sparkling glamour.



Inspired by soap bubbles, shiny silver beads form a ring with the largest sphere in the center.


The next ring design also uses cultured pearls to counterbalance the silver smooth bead. The open design is quite cute, though it reminds us a lot of a cuff earring.


Drops of icy sheen meet chiseled rectangular facets on this sterling silver open ring.


The rectangular facets of baguette-cut cubic zirconia create abstract, icy shapes in a classic ring look. The design itself is simply amazing, it is a pity that it does not use diamonds!

The ring will also be available in the Pandora Rose line.


Baguette-cut stones set at an unconventional angle create the effect of a beautiful stream of water frozen in time. The effect will be simply dazzling, as the light is reflected from several faces at once.


Mother-of-pearl is featured in many of the PANDORA Winter 2018/2019 collections, adding a touch of classic chic and opulence, especially in the Contemporary Pearl ring in Pandora Rose finish. The combination of rose gold and pure pearl radiance is truly mesmerizing.


This season, PANDORA updates the classic hoop earrings with an interesting texture in the form of shiny sphere-like bubbles.


The following earrings are not the usual hoop earrings we are used to. Starting with a heart shape and forming circles, these elegant earrings hold a luminous pearl. They will also be available in beautiful rose gold.



The brand’s latest trend for adjustable clasps has overtaken the String of Beads Hanging earrings. At the ends of the chain there are silver beads of different diameters, and depending on your mood, it is possible to adjust in what position you will wear them today. Gently pull the ends of the chain to style the beads asymmetrically or evenly balance.

The beading theme continues with these classic stud earrings. Their simple design is perfect for everyday wear.


The delicate crescent shape is perfect for these cute cubic zirconia stud earrings. Slim, sleek design gently contours your earlobe.


This dainty pair of studs will be perfect anytime, anywhere and in any situation. Charming baguette-cut stones create a dazzling effect! The play of stones looks especially magical in the Pandora Rose cut.


These elegant sterling silver round earrings are sure to garner compliments for their beautiful shimmering light. Glossy cubic zirconia in different sizes creates dazzling splashes.


The PANDORA Hearts line has been replenished with one more hoop earrings. This time it’s the classic design we all love, only in rose gold. Zirconia stones frame both the outer and inner rim of the jewelry.


Another Jared exclusive is these interesting PANDORA Rose Radiant Love Knots earrings, which will perfectly complement the necklace from the same line. Beautiful and elegant knot design with carved hearts symbolizes long and strong love.