Every collection of jewelry from the Pandora brand is awaited with bated breath by fashionistas all over the world. In October 2018, without prior announcement, the company introduced the collection Pandora Reflection. The brand decided to loudly announce its new product to the whole world — bright presentations were held in Nice and Sao Paulo. The name of the amazing Reflexions collection means “reflections” in translation, which can be understood even without words, looking at the presentation shots. Jewelry immediately attracted the attention it deserved, and you can already order them in official stores around the world. What interesting things did the Pandora brand offer this time?

Features of the new Pandora Reflexions collection

Reflection Pandora is an opportunity for self-expression in stylish jewelry with a modern design, which the brand gives to every girl. The collection was created by designers Filippo Ficarelli and Francesco Terzo, who were inspired by works of art from the Renaissance period to create jewelry. It was this time that was marked by the strong influence of female figures on all spheres of life, as it is now. The collection was specially designed for strong and confident women who want to take the best of life with elegant Pandora jewelry.

A bold bet on contrasts is made in the new line of jewelry. For original bracelets with neat mesh weave, you can choose strict and concise charms made in different symmetry options.

Bracelets Pandora Reflexions

Pandora Reflections

Pandora bracelets from the Reflection collection, these are thin structured products with branded locks, reminiscent of elegant watch straps. The length of the products is in the range of 16-21 cm. Precious metals were used for the manufacture:

  • 925 sterling silver.
  • Patented Pandora Rose alloy.
  • Pandora Shine sterling silver plated with 18k gold.

Pandora Reflections

Each bracelet can be customized шармы Pandora Reflexions, which are only for this collection. Designers recommend wearing 5-7 charms at the same time, but if you wish, you can do more, because the main thing is to be guided by personal preferences and feel irresistible, adhering to your own style.

Charms Pandora Reflexions

Charms Pandora Reflection different from the charms presented in other collections. These are unique clip-on designs that only fit Reflexions bracelets. Designers have worked especially hard to make the Reflection jewelry line recognizable, and they certainly succeeded.

Pandora Reflections

The charms are made in a laconic style, made of the same precious metals as the bracelets. The collection features models with an abstract design, complemented by the signature Pandora logo and sparkling crystals.

Not without branded crowns that look good against the background of shiny metal. Romantic natures will pay attention to graceful hearts, made in the form of small neat pendants.

Some charms are only available in one finish. For example, only Pandora Rose alloy is used for bows. Charms, symbolizing love, shining infinity, heart, are available only in silver. This feature must be taken into account when choosing the finish of the bracelet, if you want to add a certain charm to it.

The new collection includes the long-awaited floating chains, which especially attracted attention after the release of the Pandora Essence jewelry line. Here, the designers tried to bring all the elegance of a double chain to the fore.

Bracelet Pandora Reflexions It has such a thoughtful and concise design that it will be appropriate with any image. Just choose the right color and some original charms to complement your style with Pandora jewelry.