This Murano model came in three colors: purple, blue and pink. Pandora Spring 2017.

Today we’re reviewing the blue field of flowers charm from the Pandora Spring 2017 collection.

This beautiful Muranka was not available in all regions, so it was in high demand with its beautiful blue hue and delicate 3D floral detailing.

The color is quite subtle, more light blue than blue. The shade changes depending on the lighting and the angle of the charm. Although in the original stores the sellers themselves showed this model with different shades from cornflower blue to light blue. The same models in pink and purple have a more subtle, calmer shade.

This Murano model has a reduced silver core. This is done to give you the opportunity to see all the details of the charm from the inside. You can look into it for a long time, the depth of color is amazing, three-dimensional flowers seem to be hanging in the air.

Also, the original store showed us the difference in the size of the Muranka in width. In one of the photos you can see that the charm on the right is narrower than the charm on the left :). This only proves that each charm is made by hand and completely depends on the mood of the master :).

The cost of such a charm in the UK is 40 local money. Unfortunately they are not available in the USA and Australia.