Some men categorically do not recognize jewelry, considering them only for women.

Others — those who want to look stylish, elegant and self-sufficient, with pleasure wear such accessories like mens bracelets.

Over the years, these products have taken many forms. They were decorated with various pendants — from shells found on the beach to forbidden ribbons worn by all informals in the 90s. In 2004, a neon plastic bracelet entered men’s fashion, and since 2011, men’s charms have again become a trend.

Then leather and wood products returned to fashion.

The only thing that has remained unchanged is the simplicity and freedom of wearing them, as well as the traditions associated with them.

Why and how to wear bracelets for men?

Like a ring, chain or earrings, the bracelet should not be the centerpiece of the outfit, but the final accent of a stylish look.

To get this effect, be sure to consider the following parameters:

  • proportions and fit on the hand — large jewelry is suitable for thick wrists, smaller ones — for thin ones. It is important that the bracelet is tight enough to be comfortable to wear. A well-fitting piece of jewelry always has a little extra space between it and the wrist. If it slides freely back and forth on the hand, it wears out quickly and loses its visual appeal. At any inopportune moment, it can slip. Ideally, 1-2 fingers can be inserted between the wrist and the bracelet;
  • general style of dress — try to look natural. Products made from natural materials only get better and more stylish over time. They take on an original vintage look.

The color of these materials is combined with almost any clothing. Wearing a lot of shiny metal jewelry is good for hip-hop style, but not for casual and smart business.
Either way, accessories should convey the same style message. They can be matched to the color of the main clothes, shirts or buttons. Wood, transparent string or leather go with everything;

  • purpose Not every bracelet is suitable for every occasion. For many formal situations, stylists recommend picking a thin model in a neutral color or a metal chain to match the color of the cufflinks.

On which hand do men wear a bracelet?

Most men wear jewelry on their dominant hand, which is always visible and performs more of the action.

As to whether on which hand of the man— left-handed wear a braceletin most cases it is the right wrist.

On which hand does a man usually wear a watch and a bracelet?

If a person does not have a watch, he should wear a bracelet on his left hand, under his sleeve, except for massive models. When he wears a watch, it will be complemented by a single bracelet on his right hand.

For those who are used to wearing several accessories, stylists recommend separating them: on the right — bracelets, on the left — a watch, or to connect 1-2 thin bracelets with a watch.

On which hand is it customary to wear a bracelet for a man?

In most cases and countries there is no single symbolic meaning, Which hand do men wear bracelets on?. The personal choice of each person who wears jewelry depends on his beliefs, the mentality of the country and religion. A special meaning is attached to a thin red thread, which indicates belonging to the Kabbalah religion and symbolizes happiness. It is believed that the left hand is directly connected to the heart and soul.

On which hand do men wear a gold, leather and silver bracelet?

  • Silver bracelet Suitable for both casual wear and a formal suit. Mature men prefer massive classic models. Young — fine decorations with an unusual weave.
    The popularity of silver is also associated with the ability to positively affect the human body, protect it from dark forces and failures.
  • Gold bracelet white or yellow hue (men rarely wear rose gold) emphasizes the high status of the owner. He is chosen by respectable representatives of the stronger sex, who devote a lot of time to public, political activities or running their own business. Such accessories are not appropriate to wear in the office, as well as with sportswear. They are more suitable for ceremonial receptions, trips to the theater and business negotiations in an informal setting. Businessmen wear a gold bracelet on their right hand and a watch on their left.
  • Steel bracelets emphasize the strong-willed and decisive character of the owner, give him self-confidence. They are usually worn on the more active hand.
  • Medical magnetic bracelets made of hematite, titanium and copper help a person significantly improve health, normalize metabolism and blood pressure, increase mental activity. Depending on which side the “sore spots” are located on, which these products should act on, they are worn on the right or on the left wrist.
  • Leather bracelet — neutral decor that can be worn in any setting, including business. Such jewelry is usually worn on one hand with a watch.
  • Bracelet with pendants (shambhala) first was a male amulet with a magical meaning. The purpose of wearing it is to bring harmony into the inner world of a person by adding pendants of certain shapes.
  • ethnic bracelet made of wood and stones complements the image of bold men who prefer casual and boho style. Which hand do guys wear bracelets on? this type depends on convenience and personal preference.
  • Friendship and love bracelets from threads or nylon laces are given as a talisman-protector from misfortunes. It is usually worn on the left hand.

On which hand should men wear several bracelets?

To determine this, imagine that your wrists are two sides of a classic scale. For balance, one should be slightly heavier than the other. This concept is called visual weight. You can not wear several products on one wrist and wear nothing on the other.

If you are wearing a watch, the bracelet should be worn on the opposite hand. Make sure both pieces are not too wide: a heavier watch requires a thinner bracelet.

It is important that the watch, belt, tie clip, cufflinks and bracelet are combined with each other in terms of metals and their shades.

Expressive watches are suitable for large bracelets, while more sophisticated ones are suitable for thin ones.

There is a fashion trend for simultaneous wearing casual, informal and sophisticated men’s bracelets on one wrist which-that armsusually on the left. These are 3-4 decorations that have a common theme, but not necessarily perfectly combined with each other. They should not be of the same color and of the same metal.

The best set is one that is made from a combination of colors and materials. The winning option is 2 beaded bracelets with 1 leather strap in natural color. If it looks good, you can add another leather bracelet in a different width to the set. The watch should be considered part of this set, so no more than two bracelets are needed for a complete set.

Too many colors should be avoided, wearing one neutral bracelet for every 2 colors, and a combination of several massive metal models.

With knowledge of how to wear a men’s bracelet, You definitely won’t go wrong when choosing the right gift for a man. Check out our catalog and place an order with delivery in Ukraine. You can rest assured that the choice was right and that a man will be happy to wear your gift.