Men wear less jewelry on their arms than women. But in business life, they still cannot do without stylish jewelry. In addition to watches, bracelets and cufflinks, up to three rings, including a wedding ring, are acceptable for both hands. After all, a man’s ring is not only an accessory. Depending on where men wear rings and what models, one can determine their character, obligations, status, achievements and life values.

On which finger do men wear a signet and how to wear rings for women

What ring to choose for a man’s hand?

When choosing this accessory, you should follow a few basic rules:

  • color/metal. No matter how much and how much a man will wear rings, he should give preference to uniform jewelry made of one shimmering metal or one color. It is desirable that their shade is in harmony with the watch or bracelet. This means that if a man wears a silver or stainless steel watch, the rest of the jewelry should be silver. You can not mix products from different metals. The only exception is an engagement ring made of white gold or platinum. The representatives of the stronger sex, who consider jewelry made of precious metals too feminine, should pay attention to black steel products;

  • balance. Wearing all the accessories on one hand is an optical imbalance! Several rings should be evenly distributed between both hands. Make sure that the items you choose are in harmony with the watch or bracelets and there are not too many of them. Wear a ring on one hand and a bracelet or watch on the other. If there are several rings, then on one hand there is a watch or a bracelet and one ring, and two on the other.

On which hand do men wear rings?

The Romans insisted that the wedding ring should be worn on the left, since this hand and the amoris vein are closest to the heart.

In China, hands are given special importance: the right hand is for giving, and the left hand is for taking. When a Chinese man wears a wedding ring on the left, it means that he expects to receive more than he gives in a family union.

On which fingers do men wear rings?

In no country in the world there is a single and official rule for wearing men’s rings — on the left or on the right hand. But in Europe there are 3 things to consider:

  1. engagement and wedding rings are usually worn on the left hand to be closer to the heart;
  2. it is necessary to balance all the accessories: if a man wears a watch on his left hand, then you need to put the ring on his right;
  3. a lot depends on whether he is left-handed or right-handed, and on his daily activities.

How to wear rings for men

Usually signet rings are characterized by a pronounced surface structure — engraving, initials or family coat of arms, only on one side.

According to the rules of etiquette, the signet ring is put on the finger in such a way that it can be read by the person opposite, and not by the owner himself. This piece of jewelry demonstrates how its owner identifies himself to the outside world.

Initially, these jewelry items were intended for the nobility and wealthy merchants. Today, however, some try to impress them. This may be inconvenient. Since most modern men have their ring finger occupied, they often wear a signet on the index finger, and occasionally on the little finger.

How to wear rings for men on the ring finger

In Europe, until the twentieth century, only a woman wore a wedding ring. It wasn’t until World War I that married male soldiers began wearing wedding rings on their ring fingers to remember their wives. Previously, workers and soldiers did not wear jewelry.

The custom of wearing a betrothal on the left hand is valid in most of Europe (France, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania and the Spanish Autonomous Communities of Catalonia and Valencia), as well as in non-European countries such as Ireland, USA, Australia, Botswana, Canada, Egypt, New Zealand, South Africa.

It is customary to wear the symbol of marriage on the right hand in Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, the Russian Federation, Serbia, Ukraine, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Poland, the Netherlands, Norway, in most of Spain, Colombia, Peru, Cuba and Venezuela.

In Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Romania and Brazil, some men buy both engagement and wedding rings at the same time. They wear their engagement rings on the ring finger of their right hand until the wedding day. After the marriage, the decoration is moved to the left.

During a Jewish wedding, a woman receives a ring on the index finger of her right hand, but then moves it to the ring finger of her left hand. Men either leave the accessory on the index, or even take it off.

In most Muslim countries, with the exception of Iran or Jordan, the exchange of wedding rings is not part of the wedding ceremony. They get a tattoo on a joint. It’s romantic, but not practical in a divorce. The situation is similar in Goa and India.

The classic choice of jewelry for men, which can be worn both every day and on special occasions, is a simple ring made of yellow or white metal, medical steel or palladium.

What men’s ring to wear on the middle, index, thumb and little finger?

On the middle finger, men rarely wear jewelry. This is due to the fact that it is located next to the ring finger. Two rings next to each other can interfere and create discomfort. On the middle finger, the ring is in the middle of the hand, which is associated with justice, orderliness and structure.

Psychologists note that rings worn on the middle finger of the right hand are most often bought for themselves, and not for a gift. Wide designs, bright and massive accessories are chosen that draw close attention to the hands.

The index finger of men has been occupied for many centuries by a signet with a family coat of arms. It was made with a miniature container for poison or snuff. Later, this decoration began to be worn on the little finger. The index finger is the most commonly used these days, so it stays blank. Since it symbolizes self-confidence, ambition and leadership, the decoration on it testifies to the desire for power, the desire not to be who the person is in reality.

An unusual phenomenon for European cultures is wearing a ring on the thumb. In ancient Greece and ancient Rome, he associated him with masculinity and power. With a thumb gesture with a jewel, the Roman emperor decided between the life and death of his subordinates. Regardless of whether it is a left or right hand, such an ornament gives a man confidence in his strength and the correctness of his actions.

The presence of jewelry on the little finger indicates that its owner is eloquent and able to convince. The little finger was named after Mercury, the god of communication and perseverance. The ring on it is worn by people with extraordinary talents, smart and inventive.

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