The ancient sages claimed that the effectiveness of a ring made of any metal, regardless of whether it is with a stone or not, is found in three areas of the biofield:

  • protects its owner from dangers and makes him resistant to all kinds of negative influences;

  • heals, i.e. restores certain functions of the body that have been disturbed, eliminating physical pain and providing strength;

  • the person at his disposal becomes sensitive to certain messages that he would never have experienced without this decoration.

But that’s all: to attract luck, love and well-being, you need to know which fingers you can wear rings on. After all, each of them has its own meaning among different peoples of the world.

On which finger should Jews wear a ring?

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In ancient Egypt, there was a custom to wear a ring on the left hand on the ring finger. It was believed that the «nerve of love» goes to him. A similar practice was common among the ancient Jews.

During the marriage ceremony, the groom removed the ring from the index finger of his left hand and put it on the bride to sanctify the girl, and she never forgot that we could.

On which finger is it better for Muslims to wear a ring?

The Koran says that Muslims are forbidden to wear gold jewelry. It is believed that the energy of this precious metal cuts the body. The exception is a thin silver ring weighing up to 4.375 grams. Men are prohibited from wearing rings on the middle and index fingers.

In Islam, there is no tradition of exchanging rings, but it is allowed to present them at a wedding. It is believed that such a ring, worn on the index or ring finger of a woman, attracts prosperity to the family.

On which fingers are Buddhists allowed to wear a ring?

There is also no place for rings in the Buddhist ceremony. But according to Buddhist beliefs about the flow of life, the ring finger is responsible for family well-being. This means that a married man can wear a ring with ritual inscriptions. Spouses exchange commemorative rings and wear them on the ring finger to harmonize the relationship.

In India, any finger, even the little finger, can be decorated with a ring. Traditions include a ceremony in which the groom crowns the index finger of the bride’s right hand, which is occupied with gold jewelry. Only after the wedding, the wife can wear a ring with symbols on the phalanx of the middle finger.

On which finger can Orthodox Christians and Catholics wear a silver ring?

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In Orthodoxy in Ukraine, Hungary, Belarus, Germany, Russia, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, the ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand. According to Christian teaching, the right hand is connected with a guardian angel, which is given to a person at baptism and brings him luck and helps him achieve his goals.

There is a belief that the left side is impure and sinful, and the right side is faithful and just. Related to this is the tradition of signing all types of documents with the right hand.

In Germany, newlyweds wear rings before the wedding on the left ring finger, and after — on the right.

In Catholicism, the wedding ring is worn on the left, and in widowhood — on the right. This is explained with the belief that the right hand is located closer to the heart. In the Middle Ages, a number of decrees were issued in different countries about which finger to put on the ring — both on the right and left hand. Catholics sincerely believe in the protective properties of the ring as a family amulet and pass it down from generation to generation.

It does not matter which finger to wear the engagement ring or wedding ring. According to tradition, as a symbol of loyalty, it should be without embossed inserts, inscriptions and precious stones.

There has been a proverb for a long time: «As smooth as the ring is, the life of the young will be just as smooth.» Today, this proverb is no longer so important, and many consider it a superstition. Newlyweds engrave rings, use different metals, even steel.

The most important thing is that the ring should be liked, it would be pleasant to wear it. Such silver products are presented in the assortment of the catalog of the Silvers online store. Buy and wear with pleasure.