Silver jewelry always attracts the attention of modern people, but not everyone knows on which finger to wear a ring with or without an emerald. In this article, we will try to understand in detail how jewelry should be worn correctly. This information will help you gain wider knowledge in this area, as not everyone understands the correctness of sock jewelry. After all, the point is that on each of the fingers of a person there are certain points that are highly active. This fact is very important and affects the general condition of a person.

Answering the question where it is better to wear a silver ring, it is necessary to first determine the hand. If the jewelry is on one of the fingers of the right hand, it clearly reflects the inner state of the owner. Those who do it on the left hand — strive for the fulfillment of a certain desire or events. What does this mean? Before learning the secret, it should be noted that this rule applies only to right-handed people. For those who are used to doing everything with their left hand — everything happens exactly the opposite.

We have already considered the issue of hands, and now you will be able to determine for yourself on which hand it is better to wear a silver ring. The most important thing is to understand which finger performs this or that function, so we will talk about it later. Choosing a ring for a sock on the big toe, you should be very careful, because it works under the influence of the planet Mars. This means that wearing rings on this finger is necessary for people who want to improve their mental abilities, logic and intelligence. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the form of jewelry and its type. The future fate of the owner also depends on this factor.

Before understanding on which fingers you can wear rings, it is important to determine those on which you can. For this, everyone makes their own decisions, but in most cases, jewelry owners listen to recommendations. People who are too emotional should not wear a ring on their thumb, as it can lead to higher energy surges, which is undesirable. Also, if a person wears the product on this finger, you can safely judge his talkativeness. Therefore, we advise you to think carefully before buying a ring for this finger.

Why is it important to wear silver rings correctly?

In order to get a clear answer to this question, we offer to analyze in more detail each finger and what the toe of the ring means for a man or a woman. Let’s start with the nameless.


This finger is clearly under the influence of the sun. Wearing gold or silver on it means the need to attract wealth, success, love and purposefulness. For people who want to get more advantages over their colleagues — on an intuitive level, it is necessary to wear jewelry. In this case, we are talking about the left hand, since on the right, as you know, only those products are worn that tell about the marital status.


With a regular sock of a ring or several pieces of jewelry on this finger, the full creative potential of the owner is revealed. It’s all about the absolute influence of Jupiter. The decoration will bring maximum benefit to those who wish to have a great will, to suppress selfishness and inattention. There are people who crave fame, so they try to use this finger to emphasize their own status. Best to find something plain without a stone if you want to do this.

Middle finger

Many people often ask whether silver rings can be worn on this finger, and we want to answer that there is no clear answer. The fact is that it is neutral and does little to help the owner. You can only show others that you are inclined to new heights, want to conquer them, or want to find a profession in the field of creativity. Some sources indicate that wearing a ring on the middle finger may indicate a desire for success and well-being, but this fact has not yet been proven.

little finger

It is traditionally believed that the planet Mercury is responsible for this finger. Many experts in this field believe that rings are worn by those who are prone to betrayal and constant lies. You need to be very careful with such people, because they are too cunning, and honesty is alien to them. On the other hand, it is worth noting that such people have very good creative abilities. If you do not pay attention to negative factors, you can note that the owners of the ring on the little finger have good taste and a worthy fate, because this jewel significantly improves their quality of life.

How to wear an emerald ring?

It is not enough just to buy a precious product and wear it on any finger. We have prepared some useful recommendations that will help you emphasize your character and show others what kind of person you really are. However, the tips for men and women are different, so we will separate them in this article.

For men:

  • It is necessary to wear a ring on any finger, except for the little finger, for those representatives of the stronger sex who want to emphasize their status. If you want to show yourself from the strong side, wear a ring on your index finger.
  • In the event that the ring becomes your inheritance, it is very important to remember on which fingers the previous owner wore it. If you agree to change it in the future, it may lead to unpleasant consequences. For example, it will stop bringing good luck.
  • In order to attract money, fame, and become a winner in all areas of life, we strongly recommend wearing emerald rings not only on certain days. They should be with you all the time, because that is the only way they will act as efficiently as possible.

For women:

  • To emphasize femininity, or if you want to please another man, attract his attention — use a beautiful, thin ring on the thumb of your right hand. Not all girls do this, because they do not understand the real result. Try it and you will be satisfied.
  • A ring with a real stone is a real benefit for women who wear it on the index finger. This also applies to products that are made of amber, with the addition of pearls and others. They have a positive effect on the body, give health, so the young lady will always look chic.
  • It is categorically not recommended to use jewelry for those representatives of the fair sex who like to wear on the little finger. This fact is extremely unattractive for a modern man. According to statistics, more than 75% of men do not recognize anything on this finger. Don’t want to risk it? Then listen to simple recommendations.

An equally rare question is whether it is possible to wear silver rings if there is enough gold jewelry on the same hand?

According to experts, the answer is positive. Of course, you can combine both types of precious metals, but you must remember the following. It is very important that your body accepts silver and gold at the same time, as there are hidden cases of allergic reactions. A person very often does not pay attention to this fact.

Answering the main question, where is it better to wear a silver ring, let’s say that you can do it on any finger except the little finger. On the other hand, this is not categorical advice, as some women and men have their own principles and believe in something else. You have the right to solve this issue yourself, but you should remember that the influence of foreign planets on the body is real. Choose the ideal option for yourself, and you will be able to note how much life has changed for the better.