Rings are the most popular group of accessories used to attract attention and stylishly complete the created image. Women and men have long decorated their fingers with thin or wide rings with ornaments, stones or engravings. But there is a type of rings that cannot be called just jewelry. Their main function is protection. We will talk about what it means, how it appeared, how it works, how to wear the «Save and Save» ring correctly in this article.

Why wear a «Save and Save» ring

The phrase «Save and Save» is not just a combination of words. This is a prayer with which believers turn to the Almighty with a request for protection from troubles and for the salvation of the soul. These words have an invisible divine power. Such an inscription is a message from the universe.

Wearing such a ring, a person finds a mentor on the path of life. Such products protect people from bad thoughts and sinful thoughts. Many clerics say that they protect from the dangers of the outside world and cleanse the mind from evil. According to their inner and spiritual power, they are identified with icons and bodily crosses.

Any believer can wear such a ring, regardless of age, nationality and skin color. The main thing is that he be Orthodox.

On which finger is it customary to wear the «Save and Preserve» ring?

This decoration has a long history. In the Byzantine era, it was popular among pilgrims and merchants. In ancient Byzantium, products with this inscription were believed to be endowed with powerful power. They are able to protect the owner from the evil eye and damage. They were made by novices and sold at a symbolic price, and all proceeds went to the development of temples.

The first mention of wearing a «Save and Preserve» ring is in Genesis chapter 41, verses 41:42. It tells of Joseph, a Jewish youth who won the favor of an Egyptian pharaoh and received a precious ring. In ancient Egypt it was a symbol of power. All orders and decisions of the rulers were additionally sealed with seals with a ring with such engraving.

Thanks to Joseph, who was sold into slavery in Egypt, the Jews adopted the tradition of wearing «Save and Preserve» rings as a sign of special status on the ring finger.

As for the symbolic meaning, in the writings of the prophet Jeremiah, verse 22:24, it is said about the king of Judah Jehuneh, who, in order to be closer to God, wore this ornament on his right hand.

During one of his earthly ministry, Jesus Christ told people a parable about a prodigal son who returned to his father from shameful wanderings. The father ordered to bring the best clothes and shoes to his son and put an expensive ring «Save and Save» on his hand (Luke 15:22). This testified to the father’s love for the prodigal son, as well as recognition of his personal dignity. Such a gesture spoke of the restoration of a young man to the status of a full member of the family.

These and other biblical examples prove the correctness of using this decoration as an Orthodox accessory.

After many years, wearing church rings with the text «Save and Save» became like engagement rings. In many countries of the world, it is considered a powerful talisman of marriage.

Where to wear the «Save and Save» ring?

As for the use of this symbol of faith, there are no strict canons. However, the clergy gives some recommendations in this regard. It does not matter on which finger the «Save and Preserve» ring should be worn.

But the first and key rule is that the owner of this device must believe in the Almighty and that there is a special power that can protect him in any situation. Only then does this ring have value, otherwise it will lose its power.

The second rule, which concerns which fingers to wear the «Save and Preserve» ring, is a difference in Catholic and Orthodox religious rituals. Orthodox Christians are baptized with the right hand. Correctly wear this ring on the middle, thumb or index finger of the right hand. This is believed to increase its effect.

On which finger do women and men wear the «Save and Save» ring?

There are both men’s and women’s models of this accessory. Which side you should wear the «Save and Preserve» ring depends on its function.

If it is a charm, then the inscription must be outside, a symbol of spiritual affiliation — the phrase must be addressed to the owner, that is, be inside.

As for whether the ring «Save and Save» can be worn by unmarried people, the clergy remind that it is a symbol of faith, so marital status is not particularly important.

If such a ring is chosen by the spouses as an engagement ring, then it should be worn on the finger on which it was worn during the wedding.

Men who are married not only according to the laws of society, but also before God, can wear such rings on one hand together with wedding rings. If a person is not married or recently divorced, he should not wear a «Save and Save» ring on the ring finger. This is considered a great sin. The same rule applies to those who are not married.

On which finger is it better to wear the «Save and Save» ring?

The answer to this question depends on the design of this jewelry and who wears it.

It can be an excellent gift for a child who is going to be baptized, and for an adult who often encounters troubles or obstacles on his way.

The material of the decoration plays a role in which finger people wear the «Save and Save» ring. The first religious articles were made from improvised means — simple wood or metal.

Recently, gold has become an increasingly popular and popular material for making jewelry. But it is recommended to use silver to make this jewelry all over the world. This metal not only attracts attention with its beauty, but also has special healing properties:

  • protects the human body from the influence of the external environment;

  • strengthens immunity;

  • has a beneficial effect on the digestive system and respiratory organs.

Is it possible to wear two «Save and Save» rings?

According to church Orthodox canons, only male clergymen are allowed to wear several such ornaments.

Since in the Orthodox religion the right side is considered to be closest to the Lord, it is with the right hand with a ring and a prayer that believers mark themselves with the sign of the cross.

Wearing it on the left hand is allowed to pray for protection from the evil one. It is also allowed to wear this attribute around the neck, but not on a chain that already has a cross or other accessories on it. It is preferable that it be a separate silver chain or a leather cord.

Now you know on which hand the «Save and Save» ring is worn, but do not forget that:

  • like any amulet or talisman, it should be exclusively individual;

  • it is not recommended to give it to other people, let alone sell it;

  • if you want to give someone such a ring as a gift, it should not be yours or someone else’s, but completely new;

  • it should not have any decorations, stones or other inscriptions;

  • before starting to wear it, it is desirable to consecrate it in the church;

  • when constantly wearing such a charm, you need to pray every day for the salvation of your soul and body;

  • try to put it on so that the inscription «Save and Save» is visible, with the exception of the internal engraving;

  • it is allowed to use these decorations as wedding decorations only if the couple decided to get married in the church;

  • if the gifted ring «Save and save» did not suit you in size, it can be enlarged or reduced by the master, but after that it must be consecrated again.

  • if suddenly the «Save and save» ring turned black, it means that it took on problems and diseases. Therefore, it must be cleansed and sanctified again in the church.

Often women wear two engraved rings on one finger. One — from the engagement, the second — wedding rings. There are 2 opposing opinions on this matter:

  1. when a man proposes to his beloved, he puts an engagement ring on her ring finger. On top of it at the wedding ceremony — wedding rings. It is believed that two ornaments will bring the newlyweds happiness and a strong union. A wife has to wear two accessories throughout her life to maintain a happy marriage;

  2. in some countries, it is believed that after the wedding, the bride must take off the jewelry she wore at the engagement and put it in a casket. If the couple has a boy, he is given an engagement ring with his girlfriend. Wearing two products is considered a bad omen, it can destroy a marriage due to male infidelity.

Which of these statements to believe is up to you. The main thing is that the owner of this ring has good thoughts that tend to materialize.

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