This post is dedicated to my review of Pandora Monthly Newsletter with all the details of what’s coming to market in March 2018! This month, the launch of the new Pandora Spring 2018 collection and its various promotions starts. This year, I also received some live shots of the new collection, which allowed me to take a closer look at the new collection.

I can’t wait to bring you all the new reviews of Pandora Spring 2018 bracelets, charms, rings, chains and earrings, however, I think it will be soon. Therefore, you can expect them later! Read on for all the news!

Pandora Spring 2018 Collection Launch

Of course, the biggest event of this Pandora spring is the launch of the Pandora Spring 2018 collection worldwide. It starts on March 15th! I have already collected several photos of Pandora, some information about the products and I am ready to tell you about it.

Many campaign images focus on the magical Bella Bot, which was an unusual offering from Pandora. They are presented in various colors, which are charms-pendants. Through the head of the robot, you can put on your Pandora bracelet, and the body of the work will hang in a chaotic manner. Can’t wait to see how people style these from Pandora charms once they’re on sale.

The following photos of the campaign show the jewelry on the models. They have a fresh, nautical feel and are a slightly different departure from the usual designs of the Pandora Spring 2018 collection. The main focus is on the aqua themed Pandora charms which are very beautiful. I have already drawn in my imagination what kind of bracelet I want to collect with this theme. I would like to have: a blue-sea bracelet.

Also, Pandora will release charms and a pendant in the form of a rainbow and in its colors. As we know, the rainbow is colored and will be very suitable for various decorations. But, nevertheless, it is difficult for me to imagine what I would wear it with.

There doesn’t seem to be too many campaign images, focusing on an overview of the new beast charms. However, as soon as they enter the market, I will definitely write to you about them. And finally, I have a small number of photos to share with you a preview of the Pandora press. In the next two, you can see the new Murano Garden Flowering and Enchanted Tassel charm as well as some of the new Pandora Rose Spring 2018 jewelry.

Pandora Shine Release

The debut of the Pandora Shine collection is scheduled for March 15, 2018. The Pandora Shine collection is a new line of jewelry with 18 carat gold plating. This week Pandora will be posting great reviews for this new line on social media and you can see many of the new jewelry released for this line and my personal look at Fragola-shop.com. The main motive for launching this collection is the beautiful honey bee. I love these motifs in jewelry — it’s interesting and unusual, as for me.

I unfortunately got an explanation from Pandora that I won’t be able to share images of Shine until after its launch on March 15th. I was informed that the collection was banned prior to its launch, so I’m not sure if I can post what has been mined already so we can discuss it here and inspect with you. For now, I’m checking it out. Pandora also announced promotions for the US and Canada to save money for customers. Promotions will be valid from 22 to 25 March. Details can be found on the official Pandora website. This offer will be valid both in store and online. There will also be a saucer-style ring stand for the launch of Pandora Shine. As I understand it, this action should coincide with the launch of Pandora Spring, which will take place on March 15th. A cute Pandora Shine package will also be added to the offer. Therefore, if you have a lot of Pandora rings in your assortment, you should purchase this stand.

This will be followed by the Mother’s Day 2018 Promotion in April. Starting today through March 11, customers with the purchase of any item in the Pandora collection in the UK can receive a free pair of Pandora earrings. Spend less to get classic elegant earrings in sterling silver or more to get them in pink from Pandora Rose.

Free Pandora Bracelet Offer for Singapore

From March 1-4, Pandora Singapore is offering a free wristband both in store and online! The free bracelet of this offer depends on how much money you spend on the purchase. Sequence: from smallest to largest costs.

Pandora notation changes

I’ve had several questions from people who were concerned that the jewelry they bought recently had unfamiliar designations, such as «P2». You don’t have to worry if you see these new signs as Pandora has indeed changed its visual brand. The full details of the new designations are as follows:

Gift bag and other packaging Pandora for Mother’s Day 2018

As usual, Pandora is releasing a limited edition gift pouch that is given away during this year’s Pandora’s Mother’s Day celebration. The 2018 pack returns to the two-color scheme we saw last year. This light pink or cream color is much prettier than the green bags they released for Christmas last year. They will be available in most countries from April 12th. For the UK, I hope they start offering them from today, along with the launch of the Mother’s Day Earrings 2018 promotion. cap. This box is also themed for the holiday. The clasp of this Bangle bracelet is very beautiful, and the inscription with the theme “family” is carved on the bracelet itself. Although, I would rather write something thematic about the mother for her day, and not about the family itself as a whole. It would be nice for every mother to read such special designations and wear such a bracelet on her arm and always remember her children.

My comment

As you probably already know, I’m in awe of the Pandora Spring 2018 collection and I’m already planning my first purchases! I think that the first thing I will buy will be a bracelet from the new collection and a charm — Murano «Flowering Garden». I also want bumblebee jewelry and the Lavender Drops charm. Therefore, my budget this month will obviously decrease.