2022 is a time of big plans and expectations! We sat at home for too long, rested too much, but managed to understand how important it is for us to be close to the dearest and closest. Valentine’s Day is coming soon. This is a special holiday that makes us remember romantic feelings, make rash acts and, of course, give gifts! Pandora has already made sure that the choice of a gift does not become an unbearable burden, but a pleasant process!

Jewelry brand Pandora has released a new collection for Valentine’s Day! Among the novelties we are waiting for charms, bracelets, rings, pendants, clips and necklaces, which we have not seen yet! And all this to express your love! Characteristic features of the novelties are feathers, bright colors and roses. Take a comfortable position and enjoy the view.


The main decoration in pandora is a bracelet. It is the basis, which gradually becomes a unique decoration for your wrist. Releasing a collection for Valentine’s Day, jewelers could not ignore this niche and pamper brand lovers with novelties among bracelets!

Bracelet with toggle clasp

A stylish and delicate bracelet from the Pandora Moments series with a heart-shaped toggle clasp. This is what you need on Valentine’s Day! The decoration is made in the form of a chain and the clasp can be called the main feature here. It is made in the form of a heart with a hole on one side and a small peg on the other. You can fasten the clasp with the help of a hole in the heart, forming a single whole. This type of clasp is called togl. This design allows you to use the bracelet with charms and pendants, and stylish design as an independent decoration.

Bracelet “Family tree”

Original bracelet from the Pandora People series “Family Tree”. This is a chain bracelet that is the basis for a new collection for Valentine’s Day. The product is decorated with a charm in the form of a heart with a tree and another delicate detail that cannot be missed — a twig with leaves to adjust the size.

Chain bracelet “Blue crystal”

Another new addition to the Pandora Moments series is the Blue Crystal chain bracelet. Looks perfect and is made according to the Pandora classics. The clasp is round, decorated with blue cubic zirconia stones and the brand’s logo. There are 2 standalone charm dividers.

Bracelet “Brilliant dream”

A story for lovers – the “Brilliant Dream” bracelet from the Pandora Wish series. The bracelet is cast and adorned with a small heart studded with transparent cubic zirconia stones. The perfect rendition of the theme of love.

Bracelet “Pink curl”

Novelties have not bypassed the Pandora Rose collection. The Pink Curl bangle bracelet is the brainchild of the Pandora Colors series. The pink curl bracelet is a stylish clasp design and an original look. the fastener is made in the form of a button and an eyelet. One part is painted with pink enamel, and the other part plays the role of an eyelet or a frame, which is decorated with stones. “Pink Curl” is a rose gold bracelet in cast form.


After you have bought a bracelet for yourself, you can fill it with original and stylish charms. This niche has received the most update within the new collection.

Charm “Heart and roses” from the Pandora People series

This is a symbol of love relationships, and its attributes once again emphasize this. By the way, the new collection is full of such motives. in charm Heart and roses everything that can tell about feelings is presented. The product is made in the shape of a heart, which is wrapped around roses and leaves. Along the perimeter, the edges of the heart are decorated with transparent cubic zirconia stones. Roses and leaves are arranged on both sides of the charm and create a 3D effect.

Charm “Shining heart plexus”

Decoration from the same series as the previous one. Charm Glowing heart plexusmade in the maximum number of hearts. The charm is studded with transparent cubic zirconia stones around the perimeter. The history of this jewelry says that there are never many hearts. Charm is a voluminous heart, into which several more small ones are woven. The concept boils down to the fact that many hearts form one loop, as a symbol of unity. The same-looking charm, only in rose gold, was released in the Pandora Rose collection, called “Sparkling Plexus of Hearts”.

Cabochon charms

Pandora has played with bright colors in the new collection for Valentine’s Day, thanks to a series of cabochon charms. “Ruby oval cabochon” is a silver base with a brand logo and a ruby-colored stone itself. The double-sided arrangement of the cabochon gives saturation to the product. In the same style, you can purchase the “Green Oval Cabochon” and “Azure Oval Cabochon” from the Pandora Rose collection. Charms with blue and pink stones are available in the same collection. With these paints, you can create a bright spot for your image!

Charm “Pink curl” from the Pandora Rose collection

Here you will find a classic combination of gold and enamel. Charm pink curldone in a classic way. The highlight of the product is the inlay with small pink cubic zirconia stones. Slightly arched, the charm resembles the shape of a button. Looks great on a rose gold bracelet.

Pandora People Purple Heart Charm

This charm could become a classic for Valentine’s Day. Simple, but stylish and bright, it is designed in the shape of a cast heart. A few years ago, Pandora already produced similar products, but now, shapes and style are clearly taking over. The same decoration can be purchased in red.


No less diverse, stylish and bright are the clip-on charms from the new collection for Valentine’s Day 2022.

Clip “Purple Round Solitaire”

Very stylish and original clip, unlike other Pandora jewelry. The product is made in cast style. Completely smooth, round shaped clip The “Purple Round Solitaire” is adorned only with a bright purple cubic zirconia stone. You have probably noticed that the name of the charm clip contains the word “tapeworm”, which is not familiar to everyone. It is most often applied to rings, but in this case, it is perfect for this charm. Solitaire, translated from the Latin «solitarius», means lonely. The only clip that adorns the stone is the tapeworm. That’s where the name comes from. This jewelry is also available in green and in the Pandora Rose collection in blue and pink.

Clip “Blue Light”

Stylish and concise Blue Glow clip is another opportunity to make the bracelet even brighter. The product is made in straight lines and decorated with only one stripe of blue cubic zirconia stones.

Clip “With pavé ornament”

The original clip, made in the classic Pandora. The product has rounded shapes and generously decorated with transparent cubic zirconia stones. The other side of the clip is decorated with a pavé ornament. There is no color in the clip, which means it can be used for any kind of bracelet.

Clip “Bright string Pandora”

Clip “Bright line Pandora” is another stylish reminder of the brand about itself. The product is made in straight lines. In the middle it is decorated with a line engraved with the brand along the entire length of the clip, and on the sides it is surrounded by strings of transparent cubic zirconia stones. If you look at the clip from the side, you can see small hearts with stones. The perfect combination of brightness and style.


They can be considered truly universal jewelry from Pandora. Charms can be used both for a bracelet and for creating a ring using a chain. The new Pandora collection has plenty to choose from!

Pendant “Native heart is near”

Pendant «Native heart is near» — this is what you need for Valentine’s Day. Movable model, made of a base and a rotating part. The original highlight here is a revolving heart, on which there is an inscription “Forever & Always”. A small clear cubic zirconia stone completes the message. An ideal opportunity to express the seriousness and strength of your feelings!

Pendant “Bright Red Disc”

The Pandora Colors Brilliant Red Disc Pendant is a splash of color on your jewelry. The product consists of a base and two moving parts. One of them is a one-piece disc, which is decorated with red cubic zirconia stones, and the other is the famous pandora circle, along the perimeter of which there are also transparent stones. Pandora has already produced similar pendants, but with its own logo, and now the creators of the brand decided to please us with the same, but bright jewelry. In the same series, Pandora released an identical piece with bright green stones, as well as in the Pandora Rose collection in blue.

Pendant “Song of our love”

Have you been giving your beloved a song or a symbol of your melody for two for a long time? On this Valentine’s Day, there is an opportunity to improve and please her with the Song of Our Love pendant. An original, bright and stylish pendant from the Pandora Passions series is made in the form of a vintage cassette. Of course, it has all the attributes of romance — a red enamel heart and more, as well as an engraving of the brand.

Pendant «You are my world»

A symbolic decoration or a very successful gift! Pendant «You are my world» is made in the best traditions of Pandora. The highlight of the decoration is a movable globe in a circle and a golden map, and below the inscription “You mean the world to me”. There’s not even anything to add here.

Summing up

We looked at the main jewelry that the Pandora brand released in the Valentine’s Day collection. All of them relate to jewelry on the wrist, but that’s not all. Pandora made sure that you can completely update your jewelry wardrobe, so stay tuned for the second part of the review! There we will talk about new necklaces, rings, pendants and earrings. Very soon!

What to give for Valentine’s Day?

The new Pandora collection “Valentine’s Day 2022” is a storehouse of new jewelry, not only as a gift, but also for yourself! There is plenty to choose from here!

What’s new from Pandora in 2022?

In 2022, Pandora released the Valentine’s Day 2022 collection. There is a huge selection of bracelets, charms, clip-on earrings, pendants, necklaces, earrings and pendants, which you can purchase on our website.

What to order new items from Pandora?

You can choose and place an order on our website for both new items and jewelry from old collections by simply filling out the form and paying for the purchase.

How much is the new collection?

The cost of jewelry from the new collection is not too different from its predecessors. The price of each product depends on the material, inlay and type of decoration.