Many women choose neck jewelry at random, not realizing that their type depends on the type of neckline. However, intuition does not always work in matters related to fashion. Earrings and rings do not affect the neckline as much as all kinds of chains and pendants.

If you want to look fashionable, check out a few simple rules and tips on how to match your neckline jewelry to help you improve your style. In this article, we will list the main principles for choosing jewelry and costume jewelry for different types of clothing cutouts. Let’s focus on accessories that will decorate the outfit and emphasize the femininity and sexuality of every girl and woman.

How to choose an ornament for a neckline |  Magazine

V-neck embellishment

The biggest problem with matching the V-neck of any dress is that it shouldn’t be too short or too long. Then it will look too provocative, especially for women with large breasts.

If you have a V-neck, you should wear something asymmetrical. This type of neckline is horizontal, so you should choose a long openwork pendant. or choose a necklace with a similar line, where you can adjust the length of the chain on which the pendant is located, according to the depth of the cut.

Ladies with large breasts should opt for short necklaces with a pendant. The ideal jewelry for a V-neck is a chain that resembles the letter V or tapers down. Geometric pendants on a long chain are in fashion.

Ladies with very large breasts should opt for a shortened version of such jewelry so that the necklace does not “fall through” between the breasts.

Delicate necklace with pendants is perfect for a deep and small V-neckline. It attracts attention, adds subtle charm to the image and unobtrusively complements the style.

How to choose the right embellishment for a boat neckline

Boat-shaped neckline is an ornament in itself. In this case, the necklace can break the whole stylization and make the image too bulky. Then you should abandon the pendant, even a delicate one, and choose decorative gold earrings that will perfectly complement the outfit.

For blouses with an oval boat neckline, stylists recommend several types of jewelry:

  • one-piece chain with a fashionable pendant;

  • beads of medium length, consisting of several threads. They look good with cut-out T-shirts or embroidered blouses;

  • short necklaces close to the neck.

The same principle applies to any asymmetrical cutout shapes, which are also very decorative in their own right.

A long soutache necklace, a long chain with a richly decorated pendant, and large round necklaces will suit a blouse or dress with a boat neckline. This will draw attention to the face and décolleté and hide full hips.

One of the hottest trends of recent seasons is necklaces made up of multiple chains or multiple identical necklaces worn at the same time.

How to choose jewelry for a straight neckline of a dress

In the case of sleeveless dresses with a straight neckline, almost any jewelry will look beautiful — both a long expressive necklace that is worn over clothes, and a delicate one worn close to the neck. This is also a great opportunity to start wearing stylish chokers that are back in style right now.

An absolute fashion hit, which is combined with a straight neckline, is a à la rosary necklace. It visually lengthens the neck and optically narrows the shoulders.

A long slanted pendant paired with a plunging neckline accentuates feminine curves.

  • For those with large breasts, choose medium-sized long necklaces and pendants. Round shapes should be avoided.

  • With a small chest, round necklaces made of small elements look good. Avoid long necklaces with huge pendants.

  • Women of short stature should pay attention to long necklaces with large pendants. They optically lengthen the figure.

Jewelry on the neck under the round neckline of the dress

The answer to the question “what jewelry to choose for a dress with a round neckline” is an elegant pearl thread or chain with many geometric pendants.

With a round neckline, short necklaces look best. You just need to make sure that the decoration does not overlap the clothes — it will look much more beautiful near the neck, emphasizing the collarbones.

A round neckline near the neck is a great opportunity to opt for large decorative round necklaces. Especially on smooth blouses and dresses, they will look harmonious and draw attention to the face.

The Spanish heart-shaped cutout calls for a choker or necklace around the neck. It will look good with more massive beads that will decorate it like a collar.

A blouse with a wavy neckline looks great paired with a very short transparent necklace or a longer one ending below the bust line. This visually increases the size of the breast, and properly selected jewelry attracts the attention of others.

Golf jewelry, sweaters, turtlenecks or blouses with a closed neck

Most women, putting on turtlenecks, completely refuse jewelry, believing that they do not fit this type of neckline at all. This is mistake.

A T-shirt, sweater or turtleneck dress is a great backdrop for a necklace. In this case, you should choose expressive, preferably long models that will not merge with the material. It is important that the jewelry has a different shade — contrast with the clothes or be several shades lighter / darker than it is.

If you have chosen a turtleneck, you need to wear long jewelry with it — a necklace with a single pendant or beads with a knot at the end.

Embellishments for a square t-shirt neckline

With blouses with straps or with T-shirts, you can afford any necklace and chains, because they will all look very good.

If you’re into shopping, buying into ads, and buying jewelry that doesn’t suit you, wear it with a plain t-shirt — you’re sure to find it looks good with a bright necklace.

How to choose jewelry for the neckline of a dress with a collar, blouses and shirts

As in the case of a turtleneck, women are afraid to choose decorations for clothes with a collar, thereby refusing them. And the rules in this case are really simple.

If you are wearing an open collar, v-neck dress accessories will work. But when fastening buttons to the neck, you need to put on a necklace under the collar, just like men put on ties. Avoid V-shaped chains that will blend into such an outfit.

Opt for round necklaces that end in a longer dangling chain that goes into the neckline.

Two or three chains can be worn with plain dress shirts — a short necklace around the neck, a medium-length chain with a small element, or the longest chain with a pendant element that can pass under the blouse.

Wearing a blouse with an asymmetrical neckline, ditch the necklace, replacing it with long dangling earrings that optically lengthen the neck.

If our outfit ends right at the neck or it’s a shirt with tightly buttoned buttons, choose eye-catching earrings or a bracelet. If the shirt is plain, to add a little jewelry accent, choose beads at the neck or several chains of different lengths.

It is not so much the length of the necklace that is important, but its appearance. It can be silver or gold with precious stones. You will look elegant and very sexy at the same time.

How to choose the right jewelry for the shape of the neckline of a T-shirt or dress with straps

Incorrect selection of jewelry under the neckline of the dress visually shortens the neck.

Short necklaces with a small pendant are suitable for T-shirts or dresses with an oval neckline. A strapless dress or top, unless sequined, calls for a rich, eye-catching, and chunky necklace.

The choker will look great with strapless blouses and corsets. It will accentuate the neckline and draw attention to the face. You can add small earrings to it, and the image will be perfectly balanced. A chain with one pendant or a large necklace will also suit this type of outfit.

Sleeveless dresses and blouses give you a lot of freedom when choosing accessories, because most models look very good on them, especially those that are worn around the neck. They optically slim the figure. Corals, necklaces and chains wrapped around the neck several times will be an excellent choice. A black pendant necklace adds seriousness. It will look chic in the evening style.

Now that you know what jewelry and costume jewelry goes with different necklines, take a look at your wardrobe and jewelry box. You will definitely find that you can create completely new kits from what you already have. The basic principle that should always be followed: the decoration should reflect the shape of the neckline. Although sometimes it can be broken. If you want to diversify your accessory wardrobe, you will find many interesting options in the Silvers online store. Delivery of goods is carried out throughout Ukraine.