Piercing in the navel area looks very sexy, so it is not surprising that many women and girls are thinking about this procedure. Owners of a slender figure, thin waist with a flat stomach and inflated abs look especially attractive with such an ornament.

Before you decide to pierce this part of the body, read all about the piercing of the navel in this article.

How long does a navel piercing heal after a piercing?  How to care during the healing process?

Are belly button piercings harmful?

Doctors insist that all types of piercings are mutilations of the body. They are associated with problems with healing, a high risk of infection and rejection by the body of a foreign body, that is, earrings. The areas around the navel are difficult to treat, and piercing them carries the risk of contamination and infection.

The main contraindications are diabetes mellitus and problems with blood clotting. Regarding whether navel piercing is dangerous in the presence of any chronic diseases, it is better to consult a doctor before the procedure.

One of the cases when it is better not to get a navel piercing is for people who have too much belly fat. In addition to the aesthetic effect, such a puncture heals much longer due to frequent rubbing and touching the wound with skin folds.

How is a navel piercing done?

The procedure is performed in a piercing studio, not at home. The client lies down on the couch. The master first treats the selected part of the body with a disinfectant solution. Then he marks the place where the navel should be pierced with a marker, and then pierces the skin with a sterile needle. In the case of the navel, the skin above is usually pierced. It is very rare to pierce the belly button itself (when it is convex rather than concave) or the skin on the sides, but it heals much more slowly and is at greater risk of infection.

After the skin is pierced, the first earring is placed in the puncture site, made of surgical steel, titanium or other materials with high biocompatibility (not rejected by the body as foreign bodies) and nickel-free (often causing allergic reactions). Jewelry made of gold or silver should not be worn until the wound is completely healed.

To reduce the pain of a belly button piercing, you need to:

  • choose an experienced master and a proven studio;

  • remain calm during the procedure;

  • listen to the instructions of a specialist;

  • focus not on the process, but on the result of the procedure;

  • ask to use painkillers;

  • try to relax before the procedure, take a few deep breaths, listen to your favorite music, calm your pulse, be distracted by a conversation.

Beware of the possible consequences of an incorrect belly button piercing!

Not only the needle must be disposable and sterile, but also the entire environment in which this procedure is carried out. That is why it is worth choosing a piercing salon with extensive experience.

What should be of concern:

  • there are no photos of the results of the procedures performed in the salon, it has no reviews;

  • how they pierce the navel — the master wants to use a gun instead of a needle, explaining that it is faster this way (categorically do not do this!);

  • the specialist does not unpack the packages of disposable needles sterilized in a dry-heat instrument cabinet in front of the client;

  • to the question «how to treat a navel wound?» recommends rinsing with alcohol or peroxide (definitely not worth it);

  • does not mark the injection site with a marker on the skin (and should).

Does a belly button piercing hurt in a salon?

The answer to this question is not easy, because each of us feels pain differently. People who are passionate about piercing and have done many such piercing procedures in different parts of the body say that a navel piercing is one of the least painful. This is due to the fact that there are few nerve endings in the navel. Many describe the procedure as «light pressure with quick pinching».

We tolerate navel piercing. How much it hurts depends on your individual pain threshold. Most people rate their pain as 4-5 out of 10. Often, people during the procedure say that they expected more pain than they actually felt during this manipulation. Everything depends on the relationship.

In the early days, the wound may hurt a little. Swelling and redness around the umbilical ring often disappear after a few weeks.

How long does a belly button piercing take to heal?

A simple piercing of the belly button is not a painful procedure, but the small amount of blood supply that makes the pain less painful also makes healing much slower in the morning than in other parts of the body.

For everyone, this process can take place in different ways — it usually lasts from 3 to 6 months. It may take up to a year for complete healing.

How long the navel heals after a puncture depends on several factors:

  • how quickly all layers of the skin will recover, and this is at least 2 months. Throughout the entire period, the skin in this place will be painful, red and swollen. Plasma may ooze from the wound;

  • proper care of the wound in the navel. Wash the punctured skin several times a day with saline or a special antiseptic spray for wounds. For this purpose, you can not use drugs based on alcohol and hydrogen peroxide — they contribute to irritation.

If, after washing the wound, the swelling does not disappear or the appearance of the navel begins to bother you, consult a doctor.

Navel piercing: care after a puncture

If sterile hygiene is not observed during the procedure and during the wound healing period, there is a risk of infection with hepatitis C and B viruses, staphylococcus aureus and even HIV.

If you want to quickly and comfortably go through the healing period of a punctured site, you should remember a few important points:

  • do not touch the punctured area with dirty hands, it is better to stock up on antibacterial soap;

  • try to clean the pierced area with suitable products, germicidal soap, but be sure to wash them well from the wound;

  • use a disposable tissue (regular cloth towels can carry bacteria);

  • do not rinse the wound with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. They dry out the skin and slow down healing;

  • for the first 2 weeks, try not to wear clothes that can irritate the pierced area or catch on the earring;

  • try to get enough sleep, do not drink alcohol and coffee;

  • take vitamin C, B, zinc and iron supplements to help with the healing process.

For the first few days (up to about 2 weeks), the piercing site may be red, swollen, and tender to the touch. Additionally, if you want to speed up the healing period of the pierced site, you can use antiseptic ointments and gels. If you suspect an infection or severe redness or swelling, you can apply an antibiotic to the pierced area. If symptoms worsen, medical intervention is needed.

Is it possible for pregnant women to pierce the navel?

Doctors recommend expectant mothers to refrain from piercing or pull out an earring when the stomach begins to grow.

An earring, especially a massive one, can damage the skin of the abdomen and make painful scratches. It must be removed before each ultrasound, as well as before a caesarean section.

The presence of jewelry in the navel area can cause the formation of stretch marks.

For photo shoots with an open belly during pregnancy, you can use a fake earring that does not require a puncture.

How to choose a piercing earring

Knowing how a navel piercing is performed, the pros and cons of the procedure, you can make a decision. If it is positive, then the next step is to select an earring for the piercing according to its appearance.

  • Bananas are the most popular type of navel jewelry. This name comes from the shape of the curved bar, similar to the shape of a banana. At the ends there are decorative elements, usually spherical. They are popular for their ease of donning, comfort to wear and simple design. Decorative elements in the form of a ball are sometimes decorated with colored rhinestones. Also very popular are long navel-shaped earrings with hanging elements of various shapes (butterfly, flower, etc.).

  • Spiral rings — spiral accessories with one decorative end with a colored stone (usually zircon) in the form of a triangle, rectangle or circle.

  • Rings for capturing the ball. Unlike the flagship curved bars, these earrings are shaped like a ring with a decorative ball in the center;

  • Top rings with shaped pendants attached to the top of a curved bar.

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