A stylish addition to almost any look — a decoration for the female neck and décolleté. It adds charm and elegance to any look. This item is a great gift for any occasion. But in order to choose it correctly, you need to know how this or that decoration on the neck is correctly called.

Why, when choosing, it is necessary to take into account not only the names of jewelry on the neck, but also their purpose?

Manufacturers distinguish between types of neck jewelry according to different criteria. Most often they are divided by length, technique of execution or raw materials from which they are made. Depending on the length, these accessories have their own name. This helps them to choose according to the occasion of their wearing and style of clothing. We will describe in more detail about each type of women’s neck jewelry below. After all, properly selected accessories can expressively emphasize not only the beauty of its owner, but also her outfit. However, it is not enough to know the name of a specific model of neck jewelry; you need to take into account its purpose and reason for wearing it.

1. Necklace

Silver necklace with star stones 000.696 |  Silver style U.A.

This category up to 30 cm long includes such types of women’s and men’s neck jewelry as:

  • gold and silver chain with a pendant;
  • braided necklace adorned with precious stones or cubic zirconia. It forms a single whole with other accessories;
  • pearl thread.

2. Necklace

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Despite the short length — up to 35 cm, this is a proven classic, ideal for large events and parties. Designed for slender people with a long neck, it emphasizes the slender oval of the face and goes well with a wide neckline and a dress that opens the shoulders. Not suitable for women with a short and wide neck, because it visually shortens it.

In most cases, the necklace is complemented with pearls or precious stones. It can be worn on its own, worn strictly without accessories or in a jewelry set consisting of a ring, earrings and bracelets with the same elements.

3. Choker

100 fashion ideas: How to wear a choker around your neck photo

This is a fashion trend of the 90s, which has recently returned to world trends. The length of the choker is from 36 to 41 cm. It should fit freely around the neck.

Such accessories are for women with a thin neck and sharp features. They are suitable for any occasion and go well with any outfit, with the exception of the turtleneck, which completely covers the neck and décolleté. Best of all, a choker, decorated with a solid stone, pendant or medallion, looks with a delicate semicircular neckline.

4. Princess

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This is the most popular type of necklace and the most famous name for women’s neck jewelry. Since its length is 43–55 cm, it suits every woman, regardless of her age, body shape, posture and neck size. Princess necklaces use different types of pendants around the neck, which perfectly accentuate any neckline. This elegant and classic length is perfect for any occasion. It does not draw too much attention to the décolleté or the neck, but decorates the image.

The princess looks beautiful with a V-neck sweater or an unbuttoned shirt blouse. If there are precious stones in the decoration of this product, it will become a bright addition to any evening or formal attire.

5. Matinee

Types of necklaces and necklaces |  Journal of the Fair of Masters

This is a necklace designed specifically to draw attention to the female bust. Translated from French, the name of this decoration on the neck means «matinee». Its length ranges from 50 to 60 cm. Thanks to this, it gracefully falls on the neckline and ends at the level of the upper bust line. It looks best when this neckline is very deep. Against this background, it is impossible not to notice the matiné, but together with the pattern and lace, it merges.

6. Opera

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This is the name of a chic long necklace (75-90 cm), falling below the bust. Its name suggests that the length is elegant and perfect for appropriate occasions. Traditionally, it is worn with a long evening dress with a deep neckline. Especially it goes to women with large breasts and a round face. Despite the fact that it falls below the lower line of the bust, it perfectly emphasizes it.

7. Lauriat

Types of jewelry on the neck.  What do modern girls wear?

The longest of all options is over 120 cm. Coco Chanel’s favorite type of jewelry. She wore it in different ways — wrapped around her neck three times or tied in knots or braids. Depending on the execution, it corresponds to the style of glamour, boho or casual.

The main advantage of lavriat is that it is ideal for any figure and age. Shorter cords are brought to the navel line, the longest ones can be braided several times around the neck. This necklace should be in every woman’s jewelry box. It makes it possible to emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide the flaws.

8. Pendant

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This is the name of not only pendants with a stone in the frame, but also chains around the neck. They are available in any length and design. They can be single or multi-row.

Fastened with a loop or tie. One of the popular types of pendants is the medallion. You can put a photo of your loved one in it. In the same category, designers include a set of two necklaces with double heart-shaped pendants, which can be worn by two loved ones to emphasize their feelings and affection for each other.

They look simple, elegant and very easy to personalize, making them a great gift.

9. Sotoire

Sotoire "Favorite dragonfly"

This is the name of a necklace around the neck in the form of a thread of stones or chains with a massive pendant, a tassel or a single detachable pendant, sautior is translated from French as a rope

This accessory looks very decorative and impressive. It can be wrapped around the neck, worn as a shorter necklace, and even as a bracelet. One of the most famous necklaces of this type is the sautoir of the French Queen Mary. The Romanian monarch wore a similar beautiful necklace topped with a deep-colored sapphire.

This type of necklace is usually the length of a lariat or opera necklace. Most often it is made from natural beads or pearls.

10. Multi-row or stranded necklace


These are garlands decorated with a cascade of chains that fall down to form an intricate pattern. Usually these short necklaces have a richly decorated center piece. They are often found in both Victorian and Art Nouveau styles. These are several strands of chains with stones or pearls connected by one clasp. Most often, it corresponds to the length of a choker or princess.

11. Graduated necklace

Popular 20 "10-20 mm graduated necklace

Graduated is a female neck decoration made of stones of both large and small sizes. The closer to the clasp, the smaller the stones. The largest ornament or pendant is in the middle of the necklace.

12. Scalloped necklace

Jewelery Encyclopedia: Lavalier, Festoon and Sclave for Neck Decoration |  News of Ukraine |  InfoResist

A scallop is a sumptuous, impressive neck pendant with a structure consisting of a choker-sized main chain with decorations and smaller chains connected to it. This accessory goes best with an off-the-shoulder evening dress.

13. Plastron

Why the plastron necklace will never go out of style

A word that has many different meanings. In the context of jewelry, this is the name of a massive bracelet around the neck, made of a large stone or metal plate. Lighter options are made from wood or acrylic.

This large element is often surrounded by smaller decorations. The most common models of plastrons are made using the soutache technique. Such a necklace is a loud accessory that looks good in any situation, but then the neck and shoulders should be open.

14. Riviere

Riviera necklace: what to wear in 2019?

Neck decoration, which consists of only one type of precious stones. Each stone is in a separate setting.

15. Negligee

Neck chain size (45 photos): how to choose a thin long chain for a woman, length size table

This is an old name for a thin chain around the neck with several asymmetrical drop or fringe pendants that look like a pendant. Initially, pendants were made of precious materials, but today they can be from thin metal elements to large wooden and plastic beads.

16. Collar

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Necklaces of this type fit snugly to the body. They are short and massive. Often the front of the structure consists of a large piece of metal tied with a chain. These accessories are perfect for dresses and shirts with a classic collar or off-the-shoulder outfits.

16. Torsade

Jewelry style: 10 kinds of neck jewelry

This is a short, massive and heavy accessory, consisting of several strands of beads, which are twisted and connected with one clasp. It looks good on ladies with large breasts. Beautifully fitting the neck, emphasizes the décolleté. Since this option is not for everyone, in Italy a more gentle version of it was invented — bayadare. It contains strings of very small beads, which, twisting together, form a more voluminous structure.

17. Slaves

Kollar - what is it?  |  Kollar is

This is a flat necklace 30–35 cm long, which fits snugly around the neck, like a collar or tight collar.

18. Zipper

Clasp |  Pearls - myths, legends, history...

Thread or chain that fastens in front. Its main element is the clasp. Most often it is made of the largest stone.

19. Squalage

Bow-clavage - a type of jewelry.  - Jewelery, belts, bags - the site of the designer Surovegina Margarita

Like a choker, this necklace hugs the neck tightly, and a band adorned with stones hangs down the center of the chest.

20. Monisto

Monisto - what is it?  |  Monisto is

Antique beads, consisting of several laces or chains, on which 2-3 corals, 6-12 coins, pearls, amber and other stones are strung in a certain order. The larger the stones and the more expensive the coins, the richer the owner was considered.

When choosing jewelry for the neck in our catalog, you should be guided by the proportions of your body. The larger the silhouette, the more expressive the accessory should be. Long necklaces make the upper body slimmer while drawing attention to the lower torso. Small ones can be lost against the background of bright clothes, and horizontal stripes visually expand the figure.

You can find data and other decorations on the neck on the pages of the store Silvers.