Today’s post is dedicated to a beautiful charm made of Murano glass called Starry Night Sky.

At the first reviews, I did not immediately understand all the cuteness of this charm. But during live viewing, I experienced feelings of charm and quite quickly, impulsively replenished my collection with this charm. I wasn’t going to buy anything at all, but the charm was so lovely, so pretty, crisp lines, wintery hues, that I immediately decided I must have it!

In different regions, this charm has different names: Starry Night Sky or just Night Sky.
At home, I immediately realized that with a large photograph, it is even more beautiful! You can enjoy high-quality photos under the article.

Each star has a zirconia stone inside. This emphasizes its stardom and gives more shine. Stars hand painted. Therefore, the stars will be different for everyone! Particularly striking is the deep bright blue color of the glass. Darker color on the inside and very bright on both sides. Muranka has a smaller silver core than usual, which makes it possible to see the full depth and variety of colors. Deeper dark blue in the center and light iridescent with a line on the edges of the glass.

One thing has been noticed by me. Pairs of stars are not evenly distributed around Murano. Three pairs close together, big gap between first pair and third. Perhaps this is another proof of manual work.

In the gallery below the article, you can see not only a photo of Starry Sky, but also my first experiments in shaping the style of a bracelet with a new charm. It goes well with Christmas charms, stars, snowflakes, Santa’s house, perhaps with a deer, it looks very cute with a Christmas tree.

PS The New Year holidays are almost here. Everyone is preoccupied with the choice of gifts. All shops are filled with New Year’s toys, decorations and Christmas trees.

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