Today I want to dedicate my review to the Flowering Garden Murano Charm from the Pandora Spring 2018 collection. This product is one of the most popular Murano Glass Pandora Charms from the Spring 2018 collection. The Murano Flower Garden charm was love at first sight, thanks to its combination with bees and my favorite pastel pinks and purples. So as this collection was launched, I quickly ran straight to my local original Pandora store to buy it. Read on to find out how and with what I wear my Murano Enchanted Garden Glass charm.

Overview of Murano Charm Blooming Garden

The idea of ​​this Murano glass charm is to reflect a small garden scene, with bright weaves among pink flowers and pastel green leaves, and swirling vines that are interlocked throughout the structure. It’s a much more ambitious design than Pandora has tried before, with just as many different elements within a single charm. I heard from the official Pandora store that the bee parts are made separately by an American glass manufacturer and then placed inside the Murano glass by Pandora artisans. Personally, I would like to see the “manufacturing” with my own eyes! I consider it a work of art. In fact, the details in Murano glass do not “trample” each other, do not interfere with perception, and the colors are more pastel live than in many photos on the Internet. This is not a bad phenomenon, but rather more modern. The closest in reality, there is this photo of a Pandora bracelet:

However, the effect is quite cute. I love the green crispness of the leaves, and the rather pink flowers remind me of my favorite Cherry Blossom murano. This is just a wonderful collection of spring motifs that combine one design. In appearance, Murano is a classic charm — the Murano you are already familiar with. However, Murano has a core with the Pandora branding cut out on one side, which allows you to see more of the Pandora charm design on the side. In low light, the main lilac color can be dimmer, and the details of the border become more muted.

However, bright, natural light is another matter entirely. The whole design looks like life! The rays of the sun pass through the Murano, illuminating all the details and colors under the glass, combining all the details so that the charm transforms from an ordinary glass shell to something more special. If you want to buy a charm — Murano from the Spring Collection, of course, you have to choose it personally. Most of the Muranos I saw were great, but there were a couple that had very small bees, and the design of some of the vine and leaf details changed.

Choosing a Pandora Jewelry Style

I like blue and purple Murano, which is my favorite composition. Murano’s blue color looks very bright in the drawings, perhaps under direct light there, but usually its effect is more subtle and less saturated. It is advisable to complement Murano data with Butterfly, snail, flowers and bumblebee charms from this collection. I will pair Murano with Lavender Radiant Droplets. The purple drops are the perfect color for the Charma Murano Blooming Garden.

The design of your bracelet in this form will be quite pastel, elegant and spring. My Pandora bracelet is far from complete with a spring theme, however, I am sharing with you my new Pandora charms right away.

I also decided to add a little more color to the purple charms, namely brighter purple, soft pink, white or pastel green enamel, so for now, I will complement it with a cute little Mouse, as well as a Teacup charm that will add a little more pink. You can also use the Wildflower Meadow chain clip, it doesn’t add too much color. Therefore, if you want a solid pastel, this solution will be great.

Overview Conclusion

I know that there are other brands that have a better reputation for glass, however, I am quite happy with Pandora in this direction. She always listens to human desires and implements them on her products. I think that small bees are a good start for the development of Pandora Shine. This particular Enchanted Garden Glass Murano charm contains all my favorite spring motifs: pastels, bees, greenery and the glass itself, which gives lightness to the bead. I think that this is a wonderful charm that will emphasize your style and will be a wonderful decoration for your usual and festive look.