A movie becomes of high quality when every, even the smallest, detail is thought through during its creation. Their absence can deprive the film of colors. One of these items is jewelry. We will tell you about accessories in the world of cinema that win the hearts of girls with just one glance.

Tiara from the movie «The Great Gatsby»

For the movie heroines of this masterpiece of world cinema, a huge collection of accessories was created, the style of which was popular in the 20s of the last century. Each decoration that was worn in the picture is made of gold or platinum, pearls and precious stones were used to decorate them. The most famous and expensive accessory was the tiara of the main character, which was decorated with white and yellow diamonds. Experts estimate its cost at about 300 thousand US dollars.

Necklace from the film musical «Moulin Rouge»

For the cinema, a necklace was produced that sparkled with stones SWAROVSKI. The performer of the role, Nicole Kidman, turned out to be very fastidious and even threatened to refuse the role, having learned that the jewelry «spoils glass stones that no one needs.» The producers of the film had to turn to the head of the company «Stefano EDGES«, so that he would replace the stones in the necklace. The wish of the actress was fulfilled — just imagine a necklace with diamonds, which consisted of more than 1000 stones and weighed about 3 kg! He was brought under the strictest security for filming, and the cost of this dream of all the girls is about ten thousand million US dollars.

Choker from the movie «Tourist»

Angelina Jolie, the leading lady of the film, was lucky enough to show off in a genuine antique piece that the famous designer R. Prokop remade from an ancient tiara. The choker necklace has become one of the jewelry collections of the actress. The cost is approximately $1 million.

Stakes from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Jewelry in the film appeared in almost every scene, each of which was distinguished by luxury and unprecedented beauty. The necklace with the name «Rhapsody» worn by the heroine of actress Audrey Hepburn has probably become one of the most recognizable decorations in the history of cinema. This necklace is a binding of a large number of beautiful pearls, and in the center is a chic diamond rose. The decoration became the talisman of the company that created this masterpiece of jewelry. The cost of this famous accessory is 3 and a half million US dollars.

Necklace from the film «Gentlemen Prefer Blondes»

This jewel is probably the most famous in the world. Monroe, who starred in the film, was as charming as ever. The main stone that adorned the necklace is a diamond from India, which previously flaunted on a completely different piece of jewelry, which, by the way, belonged to the royal. The further fate of this necklace was not very successful. After some time, the main diamond was put up for sale at an auction, where it was bought for a million dollars, and the rest was lost.

«Heart of the Ocean» from the movie «Titanic»

It is impossible not to recall the necklace that was presented to the heroine Kate Winslet. The film says that the jewel (an impossibly beautiful blue sapphire) used to be one of the components of the crown of Louis XIV. True, the reality is completely different and completely unromantic: a piece of jewelry specially for the film was presented by one of the jewelry houses. For its manufacture, white gold and cubic zirkonia were used. The price of the necklace turned out to be quite modest compared to those mentioned above — only 10 thousand dollars.

After the release of the film, the brand ASPREY&GARRAD created an analogue of the necklace, however, much more expensive — experts estimated it at more than $ 2 million. The double was made from a 170-carat sapphire and 65 diamonds, each weighing 30 carats.