Mother’s Day is a special holiday. Its uniqueness is in the dearest person of our life. On this day, I really want to please my beloved mothers and give something that will forever remain in their memory or will often remind them of endless love and care. Pandora gave a unique opportunity to assemble jewelry into a bracelet, necklace or give it a piece of charm, pendants. We’ve put together an overview of the most appropriate Pandora jewelry for Mother’s Day.


Pandora bracelets are a classic. There are many suitable options, both independent decorations and basics. Knowing mom’s preferences, you can always choose exactly what she likes or choose a themed decoration.

Bracelet with P-Lock

A classic P-Lock Pandora bracelet. Nothing extra. Secure clasp with original P-Lock charm technology and “PANDORA” engraving. The option that we offer is divided into 3 sections for the section of charms and pendants on topics, colors, shapes. This makes it possible not to think about the transitional divide and its style. The design of the P-Lock bracelet allows the use of all charms and pendants from the brand, except for jewelry from the Reflexions collection.

For moms who love gold jewelry, there is a variation of this bracelet in the Pandora Rose collection. The P-Lock Rose bracelet is crafted in sterling silver but has a rose gold-plated clasp.

Bracelet “Family tree”

Bracelet «Family tree» — this jewelry is saturated with symbolism. It acts as a separate decoration, additional pendants and charms are not needed here. The product is made in anchor weaving, and its decoration is a heart, inside of which a tree is engraved. Such a symbolic decoration will remind your mother of how valuable family ties are to you and once again emphasize their reliability.

Bracelet with adjustable clasp “Spheres”

Bracelet with adjustable clasp “Spheres” is a stylish and concise piece of jewelry. Everything is in the style of moms. The product is made of 925 sterling silver, and the main decoration on it are spheres in the center of the bracelet of different sizes. The original clasp is made in the form of a sphere with an engraving of the Pandora brand. The bracelet looks very restrained and stylish on the hand, and most importantly, it does not require additional jewelry.

Bracelet with Pave clasp

A bracelet with a Pave clasp is another way to please your mommy with a stylish base. In the decoration, the clasp is made in the shape of a barrel, which is studded with cubic zirconia stones. The bracelet has 3 sections, in which we define charms and pendants on different topics, colors. The carved base of the bracelet allows you to use screw-in charms or additional dividers on it.

Bracelet “One in a million”

Bracelet “One in a Million” is a product from the section of cast bracelets. Its design does not flow around the hand, as in soft jewelry. The cast bracelet always keeps its shape and does not have a clasp. He is dressed through a brush. Such jewelry must be properly sized. The correct size will allow you to easily put on and take off the jewelry, but at the same time not to lose it while wearing it. But here you don’t have to worry. The One in a Million bracelet is equipped with a sphere clasp, which is decorated with cubic zirconia stones. There is a chain from the sphere, which is fixed on the movable part of the bracelet, which performs a protective function.


If your mother is already a Pandora bracelet owner, then there is a chance to replenish her bracelet with new jewelry. Among the charms for moms, there are many options. Here and with engraving, and with stones, and with unusual shapes, and in the form of a heart. The choice is very large.

Charm “Mommy”

Charm «Mommy» is a sweet and tender voluminous heart, which consists of flowers. This bouquet features a cast heart in the middle engraved with the words «Mammy». The sides of the heart are studded with pavé beads. A great opportunity to tell your mom how much you love her!

Charm “I love you mom”

Charm “I love you mom” is another declaration of love and words of gratitude for the dearest person. The charm is made in the form of a cast polished heart, on which the inscription “Thanks for being my Mom” is engraved, which means “Thank you for being my mom”. A nice addition to the charm is a small heart coated with 18 carat gold, which seems to be suspended on the edge. It has «Love» engraved on it.

Charm “Heart of infinity”

Charm “Heart of Infinity” is one of the options, not like the previous two. Charm-heart with emptiness in the middle. The originality of this jewelry is that it is decorated with highlighted hearts and an infinity sign on one side of the heart. A symbol of endless love for mom. On the other side of the charm there is an engraving “I love you Mom”. The charm looks very stylish and themed.

Charm “Sparkling Daisy”

Charm «Sparkling Daisy» — jewelry for owners of a bracelet from the collection «Pandora Reflexions» and those who just want to bring something new to their mother’s jewelry, without loud words and confessions. The product is made in the form of a large daisy flower. Each petal is decorated with transparent cubic zirconia stones, and the middle is yellow pebbles. Stylish and original charm clip, can also be fixed in a convenient place on the bracelet and divide it into zones.

Charm “Pink Chamomile”

Charm «Pink Daisy» is an option for those who already have a bracelet and charms from the «Pandora Rose» collection in their arsenal. This pavé bead charm is set with daisies and pink cubic zirconia stones in two shades. The product is made of 925 sterling silver with 18 carat rose gold plating. This jewelry is ideal for a combination bracelet or an item from the same collection.


Special attention can be paid to pendants. Here you can find anything. Each collection has a series with hearts, engravings, flowers and neutrals. Movable, cast and colored. There is definitely one for your mom!

Pendant «Together we are a family»

Pendant “Together we are a family” is a stylish and original pendant for the collection on a bracelet. The product consists of two parts in the shape of a heart and a tree. The cast silver heart is adorned with the engraving “Together is my favorite place to be”. Another part is superimposed on it — a tree with leaves, some of them are covered with gold. A family tree as a symbol of strong family ties will remind your mother of the main thing in your heart.

Pendant “Mom”

Pendant “Mom” is a themed decoration exactly designed for mommy. The decoration is made in the form of a heart, the middle of which is filled with pink enamel. Enamel engraved with capital letters “MOM”. In this word, the letter “O” is replaced by a heart. The mounting part of the pendant is adorned with embossed hearts and an engraving of the Pandora brand, in which cubic zirconia stones are pink.

Pendant “Mom’s Golden Heart”

Mom’s Golden Heart pendant is original and stylish for any Pandora bracelet. The Mother’s Golden Heart pendant is made in an unusual combination of silver and gold, as well as in lines that are not typical for Pandora herself. The fastening part is made in the form of a drop, and the pendant itself is in the form of a circle made of silver, inside of which there is a golden heart with 4 facets. The last part is movable and made with 18 carat gold sputtering. The golden heart is decorated with the engraving “Dear Mom”. The perfect combination of theme and execution.

Pendant “Dear Mom”

The “Dear Mom” pendant is another opportunity to wrap your mother with care, warm words and flowers. The ornament is made of two parts in the form of circles. the lower circle is made of silver and completely filled with pink enamel. It is decorated with the inscription «Sweet mother». The upper part of the decoration consists of a circle of flowers that are closely intertwined with each other. They have cubic zirconia stones. The pendant is very bright and will say a lot to your mom.


Necklace “Family tree”

Necklace «Family tree» can be an original addition to the bracelet and charm. If you want to slay mom on the spot, give the kit right away! Separately, this decoration also looks very stylish. The pendant on the necklace is made in the form of a heart, on which a tree has sprouted, representing family ties. Part of the pendant is adorned with cubic zirconia stones.

Necklace “Shining Heart Sketch”

The “Shining Heart Sketch” necklace is a stylish and bright themed pendant that will help you once again say about love. The chain of the necklace is made of classic anchor weaving, and the pendant is in the shape of a drawn heart. It’s not perfect, but it shines with clear-colored cubic zirconia stones. The heart is very similar to a sketch of a drawing or a child’s creation.

Necklace “Pearl”

Necklace “Pearl” is a classic for mothers. There is everything that is suitable for a mature woman. An elegant semi-circle of silver, on which a pearl flaunts. The chain seems to support a semicircle. It is made with fine style anchor weave. If your mom loves pearls, this is a great option.

Necklace “Revolving hearts”

The “Revolving Hearts” necklace is a Pandora classic, which is loved by all admirers of the brand. The product is made in the form of a necklace-pendant. The chain is made by anchor weaving, and the pendant itself consists of two circles. They represent the brand and its symbol, the letter “O”. The top circle is the base, which is studded with cubic zirconia stones, and in the middle of it is a rotating element, adorned with an engraving of “PANDORA”. The reverse side of the pendant is decorated with miniature hearts. This version of the necklace is universal and will fit any clothes and merge.

Summing up

An ideal holiday is one that is remembered for a long time or leaves something valuable behind. Mother’s Day is a special day of the year. On this day, you can once again tell your dear person how much you love and appreciate him.

The best gift, of course, is love. Express it even more with Pandora jewelry! Give your mom a bracelet or necklace. If she is not yet familiar with the products of this brand, then she will definitely like it. Does your mom already wear a bracelet? Then a great solution would be to replenish her collection with a charm or pendant. Anything that reminds you of your love and care will do. And remember, no matter what expensive gift you give, your attention is priceless!

What to give mom for Mother’s Day?

The best gift for mom would be attention backed up by Pandora jewelry. If your mother already wears a bracelet, then you have the opportunity to purchase charms, pendants, clip-on earrings, dividing chains on the theme of family and love for mother. Here you can buy bright necklaces or bracelets for those who do not yet know how stylish Pandora can be.

How to choose jewelry for Mother’s Day?

When choosing jewelry for mom, rely on her preferences, hobbies, as well as what you want to convey with jewelry and a gift is already in the basket! On our site you will find a huge amount of jewelry for mom.

How much is pandora for Mother’s Day?

The cost of Pandora jewelry depends on the collection, inlay and look, but definitely not on the holiday. On our site you can find jewelry for your pocket!

How to order a charm for Mother’s Day?

To order jewelry from Pandora on our website, just add the product to the cart, fill out the form, pay for the product and wait for delivery. Delivery to any point of the country is carried out by the carrier «Nova Poshta» at tariffs.