“Mom” is the first word in the life of each of us. We rejoice and sad, cry or fly away in the euphoria of happiness, we want to tell everything to mom! This person occupies a special place in our heart all his life, therefore, gifts for her should be special.

When we become adults, caring for our mother takes on a special meaning. She wants to please and indulge, as once in childhood they spoiled us. For the dearest person, you want to get a “star from the sky” and you have the opportunity to do this with jewelry from the world brand Pandora!

What does Pandora offer for moms?

Jewelry from Pandora is a huge selection of products of completely different shapes and configurations. Many of them are devoted to individual topics and are divided into entire collections. This makes it possible to choose a decoration for a particular holiday or for a particular person. The brand has a lot of jewelry for moms, including:

  • bracelets
  • charms;
  • clips
  • pendants.

You can give mom any of the Pandora jewelry, but it’s much more pleasant to buy an individual one that doesn’t look like anything else. Such a gift will remind you of warmth and love from every look.

Bracelets for moms

When choosing a Pandora bracelet for mom, you should remember that it should be concise and versatile. Most moms don’t use a huge amount of charms, so you can play with his uniform, which will already be a highlight. What do we pay attention to when choosing a bracelet for mom?

  1. Manufacturing material.
    Pandora offers bracelets in silver, gold and leather, as well as a combination of both. The best option for mom would be Pandora Essence silver or Pandora Shine gold bracelet. They will look organic and appropriate as an everyday decoration, as well as to complement the look for a special occasion.
    Leather bracelets according to the “Leather Slider” models in brown or black leather. Such a product is appropriate for mom, provided that she dresses and loves this style.
  2. Form.
    A molded or soft bracelet is ideal for buying charms, clips and other accessories for it. The soft ones include the “Pandora Essence” bracelet, and the “Pandora Rose “Bangle” bracelet is cast. Both types involve models that are worn on their own. Cast bracelets — “Sparkling bow”, “Intertwined bracelet”. Soft products — “Bee and Honeycomb”, “Cubic Zirconia Bracelet”, “Pandora Bracelet with Pink Zirconia”.
    A separate type of jewelry can be a cast Pandora bracelet with a gap. These include models — Autograph «PANDORA» and Pandora «Bangle».
  3. Castle.
    There are different types of Pandora locks. For mom as a gift, it is better to choose neutral branded P-Lock lock beads. It will be reliable to use for a casual look and won’t burden your wrist with jewelry. A great option would be the Pandora Rose P-Lock Bracelet.

Scars for moms

A huge number of jewelry from charms are suitable for a gift to mom. Conventionally, they can be divided into several types:

  • Charms with engraving about mom
    The most relevant jewelry for moms is those that have engravings with words of gratitude, love, or simply the inscription “mom”. These are the charms “MOM WOW”, “The Best Mom”, “Mother’s Heart”, “Mom of the Year”, “Mom”, “Mother’s Heart”, “I Love You Mom” and others. These charms can be made from any material and any shape, often combined and binding.
  • hearts
    Jewelry in the form of hearts is always relevant. Especially when you want to talk about love for your mother. Pandora has already made many heart-shaped charms, including for moms. For your beloved mom, you can buy charms: “Mom of the Year”, “Mommy”, “I Love You Mom”.
    Such products vividly express your love, affection and how much you value this person. In addition, you can use an ordinary heart decorated with stones for a gift. A striking example is the “Openwork Romantic Heart” charm.
  • Flowers
    Charms with flowers of different shapes and configurations are a win-win theme for a gift for any occasion. This is one of the first charms that appeared at all with the brand. Their feature is that they are available in different colors. Charms use cubic zirconia stones of white, pink, blue, pink and other colors. Vivid examples of such charms are the products “Turquoise Daisy” or “Openwork Pink Daisy” from the Pandora Rose collection. Enamel is used in the last decoration. Charm «Blue Chamomile» fully embodies the flower. Such charms will always be relevant for a Pandora bracelet as a gift for mom.
  • Other
    Here we include themed charms for mom from Pandora. You can give the Wise Owl charm as a sign of wisdom. The Frozen Hokk charm from the Pandora Disney collection in the form of a horse for those who love these animals.
    Murano glass charms look bright. They can be completely different colors, but only round in shape.


To dilute the charms on your mother’s bracelet, be sure to buy clip-on earrings. This will help to separate certain groups of charms, as the clip is fixed in the right place on the bracelet and is a fixed element. For beloved mothers, branded clips are most relevant.

For example, the “Pandora Heart” charm clip is round in shape, made of silver and decorated with the inscription “PANDORA” with small cubic zirconia stones. Clip «Logomania» is made in a similar style, but cylindrical. The clip “Flowers” ​​looks very bright. The round product is completely studded with small cubic zirconia stones and decorated with three daisies filled with enamel. These clips will perfectly dilute your mom’s bracelet, and will also be able to perform their main function — separation.


A pendant is a versatile piece of jewelry that can be used on a chain and bracelet. Pendant «Mom» — just such an option. A small heart with the inscription of the same name, covered with pink enamel and decorated with cubic zirconia can be a universal gift that the recipient can use as a pendant or another charm for his bracelet.

Summing up

What to give mom from Pandora jewelry? Yes, anything! The brand has taken care of you and your mom and created a lot of themed charms, pendants, clips. Each of them can tell how strong love, affection and reverence are. You can pamper the dearest person with jewelry on this topic and not only. Pandora creates masterpieces that anyone who has ever worn them will love!

❓ What to buy from Pandora for mom?

A huge number of charms, clips, pendants, rings and other jewelry from Pandora for mom. Here you can choose a decoration that will tell about feelings!

? How to choose a gift for mom from Pandora?

Charms, clips, pendants from Pandora will be happy to tell you how dear and loved your mother is to you. You can buy charms with hobbies, favorite things or just colorful muranos.

❓ Where to buy Pandora charms for mom?

Fresh new items, a variety of jewelry from PANDORA for any occasion for mom can be bought in the online store. Delivery operates throughout the country.

? How much is Pandora for Mom?

The price may vary depending on the material and type. You can find out the price of any jewelry on its page.