Stephen Fairchild, Pandora Brand Manager:

Pandora Me is designed to inspire and engage a new generation of consumers. Express what they love most in a playful and confident manner. We want to spark their curiosity, engage with what they love and give them a voice.”

Francesco Terso and Alessandro Filippo Ficarelli, creative directors of the company:

“The beauty of Pandora Me is that each person has their own symbols and associations for the same event. It’s a fun way to express yourself and your story – jewelry doesn’t have to be serious.”

Redefining the idea of ​​self-expression through jewelry, looking at how we use symbols and messages to express ourselves as individuals, small hand-finished silver charms are powerful markers of personality and are open to interpretation. From blue moons to bumblebees, musical notes to magical unicorns, every piece has a meaning. Which one depends solely on the owner.

The collection inspires creativity and invites a new generation to discover jewelry from a world-famous brand. Whether it’s a charm suggestive of someone you love, something you enjoy doing, or memorable places and events. Each item has the potential to tell the owner’s story in countless ways.

Pandora Me is available online and in stores starting October 3rd.