Today, designers tend to prioritize jewelry for women, and men’s jewelry gets very little attention. Most often, a man who is married to a woman wears only a wedding ring.

To date, a men’s engagement ring can be chosen from an incredibly large variety in style and shape. Usually it is more modest than women’s, but it happens that the wedding rings of a married couple are made in the same style. The main difference between a male ring and a female ring is that the former is wider and thicker than the former.

Men’s wedding rings: what types are there

When choosing a wedding ring, special attention is paid to the metal from which it was made. There are couples who rely only on what their budget allows. But in almost all cases, the newlyweds decide to buy wedding rings that are made from white or yellow gold. You need to know that the cost of white gold is slightly higher than yellow. Such rings are executed as fourteen carat and eighteen carat. Heavy will be determined? Then we recommend purchasing fourteen carat gold (it contains 59% of the purest white gold) — it is strong and hard. But the eighteen-carat ring is more attractive, because its bright colors seem to demand attention.

Quite often, a men’s jewelry ring is made in platinum. Although its cost is much more than white gold, but in our time it is becoming more and more popular. The degree of its fortress is much higher than that of gold rings. A platinum men’s wedding ring is perfect for allergy sufferers, because they are considered hypoallergenic. If your budget does not allow you to purchase the above options, then you can consider titanium or tungsten — their cost is relatively low. If such models are not suitable, then you can consider the option of silver. This metal is very prone to scratches, but looks nice enough. Today, jewelry is becoming popular, which is made from two metals at once.

The next step is design. Most often, men’s rings are quite similar in appearance — the principle works here: «The simpler the better.» But remember that everything is individual: each man has unique taste preferences, so you always need to rely on his opinion, perhaps he needs an original design.

original models

  • The model is executed in the style of a simple design, but complex texture. Everything is simple — restrained forms and unusual surfaces.
  • eclectic patterns. This is a combination of materials and various textures of the ring.
  • Brutal style. Such options stand out among others with matte shades, black, various unique patterns.
  • Drawing on the ring. Very trendy and stylish option for every day. Looks great on men’s fingers thanks to the exclusive drafting effect.

The man does not wear a ring? Stop thinking bad immediately. The result of a man not wearing a ring can be:

  • Interferes with work.
  • Decoration brings discomfort.
  • Your chosen one rejects any accessories and jewelry.
  • The chosen model has lost its relevance and the man no longer likes it.

How to choose and what to look for?

Are you looking for and going to buy a men’s engagement ring? Pay attention to how the future owner feels when he wears it. It is very important that he does not feel any discomfort. This is the main factor, whether the ring will decorate the hand of your man with everyday wear. Be sure to carefully consider the choice of size.

Got the right size? Great, let’s move on to point number two — choosing the width of the ring. In most cases, a too narrow wedding ring will look ridiculous on a large man’s hand. But not everyone prefers wide rings. Each individual case is absolutely special — a men’s wedding ring should be selected individually, the way it should be is influenced solely by the man’s taste preferences.