Many know about that, what engagement ring in
all times was
a symbol family status, peculiar sign success in
life, a also
and enough beautiful
decoration. Form rings in
circle symbolizes stability and strength
wedding along with.

Traditions, related with male engagement

AT ancient times
existed various customs. For example, Slavs
by traditions exchanged
wreaths in time
ceremonies marriages. woven in form
rings plants and flowers exchanged
and in ancient
Egypt. Also, in some countries,
future spouses exchanged rings, woven a lot stumps
or reeds.

Exactly from ancient
of Egypt, where later
started use golden rings, came the custom to wear a lot on third
finger. it related
with topics, what
by this finger,
according to ancient beliefs, passes vein,
leading to heart.

Tradition same exchange
rings appeared in England. There
first exchanged parts broken costly
things, a later
become exchange rings.

However ancient Jews rings not
exchanged, a the male donated his
selections coin, symbolizing his readiness
provide her in future.

A here in
ancient Rome the male
generally not wore
engagement rings. His stretcher only
woman, So how
had corresponding social status. it
was in that
time peculiar sign accessories women,
and on ring
It was written name
host women.

AT first time,
by traditions, bride
dressed on finger
groom exactly silver
ring, So how
silver counts female metal. This
woman gave groom part his
energy, warm, promising keep loyalty
only husband. Groom,
in my turn,
donated brides ring
from gold, which
was considered male metal, Giving Promise
protect my a woman, to be her
reliable support and faithful husband.

For newlyweds not recommended acquire
rings with sharp
drawings, rude notches. According to beliefs,
in this case
life young not
will be smooth and
even. Exactly that’s why majority newlyweds
stop own choice exactly on
rings with even
and smooth surface,
which by right considered classic modern wedding rings.

There is belief, what,
if in spouses
argument, that im
not recommended in this is time take off rings, So
how argument for a long time
maybe drag on.

Modern technologies production male wedding rings

Manufacturing, seemed would such uncomplicated
element how engagement
ring, given huge Attention. Latest
achievements science and technology in areas processing stones
and metals invariably
apply at a lot creation.

by the most widespread in the present time
materials, from which do wedding
rings, is gold and platinum.

Most popular among connoisseurs high
art and in
Same time most
difficult is Japanese technique Mokume
Ghana, what in
translation with Japanese
means «metallic wood pines». Initially
she is used for decorations weapons,
a later sent
apply for manufacturing wedding rings.
This technique provides
creation unique the most difficult images at
help alloy and
overlays layers from several metals.
On today this
the most most difficult technology production rings in world.
Thanks to multilayer surfaces before jewelers
are revealed huge capabilities in implementation
most exquisite drawings.

Stylish and modern
decisions at manufacturing
male rings famous
Italian company Baraka. AT her products, different innovative decisions, used gold and
platinum in combined
with steel, ceramics
and rubber. Concise
and original solutions satisfy demand most exquisite