Previously, the bracelet was considered an exclusively female accessory. But today, this little exquisite detail is increasingly appearing in men’s looks, making them bright and stylish. Reputable public figures, bloggers, TV presenters, musicians and actors wear bracelets as an alternative to traditional watches and as a replacement for jewelry. In this article, we will reveal the secret of how to successfully choose a stylish men’s silver bracelet from fashionable models and how to wear it correctly.

How to choose men's bracelets

How to choose men’s bracelets — silver and gold

When choosing a men’s bracelet, there are many factors to consider.

  1. Purpose. Some products are purchased specifically for special occasions — ornamental models. Others are for everyday wear.
  2. Manufacturing material. Gold or silver bracelets are a classic. But more and more men prefer to combine precious metal with leather, wood, precious stones. Surgical (medical) steel 316L is of high quality. Jewelry from it for many years retain a magnificent shine and impeccable beauty. They are resistant to wear, rain, snow and even sweat. This alloy meets EU nickel standards and is certified safe for people with nickel allergies.
  3. decoration type. Solid, woven, with fasteners, wide, narrow, in the form of chains.
  4. The clasp is an important selection criterion for this product. The ideal silver bracelet is one that is not tangible, but holds tight:

    — the tie fixes the decoration by tying the two ends of the rope into a knot, making it easy to adjust the length;
    — push-in — a round mechanism is pressed into the holes made to securely hold the bracelet in several locking positions. This type of lock is common on men’s leather bracelets. On paracord sports models, plastic zippers are used;
    — metal carabiners, lobster clasps, twister inserts and butterflies provide stable and secure locking positions;
    — a loop with several holes through which the end of the bracelet is passed and locked in place, provides several options for adjusting the length of the jewelry;
    — The magnet is combined with twist locks, which contributes to a secure fixation.

  5. Weaving:

    — Bismarck (single, double, Moscow). The price of such a product will be quite high due to the complex pattern and the heavy weight of the resulting decoration. The diamond carving gives it extra shine;
    — sea shell. The accessory for this pattern is obtained in a slightly flattened shape, it is made in factories automatically. Like the previous view, this weaving is double and triple;
    — figaro — unusual volumetric chains, in the weaving of which large and small links are connected;
    — anchor — weaving, where the lines of links of different lengths are perpendicular to each other;
    — royal or «cardinal» — thick weaving due to the unusual arrangement of links;
    — balls — a chain with inserts of balls or cylinders of different sizes.

  6. The size. In order for a stylish men’s bracelet to be comfortable and look good, it must be properly sized. It corresponds to the circumference of the wrist, measured from the inside in the closed state + 1–2 cm. To determine the length of the bracelet, it is enough to wrap the wrist with a cord or tape measure and measure it. The cord or tape should fit snugly against the skin so that there is no sagging, but also without compressing it. The resulting value corresponds to the size of the bracelet. Some men’s models made of beads, wood or natural stone have an elastic band, so their size is universal.
  7. Design. The men’s modular silver bracelet with an elegant buckle looks beautiful in the photo. Its modules are plain, with decorative elements made of stone or metal. Together with the watch, this jewelry goes well with a business suit.
    One of the current trends in men’s fashion is sailor style. Its main accessories are massive exclusive men’s bracelets made of silver or surgical steel — models with pendants in the form of an anchor, a cross, and unusual symbolic figures.

Personalized silver men's wrist bracelets

Personalized silver men’s wrist bracelets are the perfect gift option

Men’s fashion trends are changing, but simple, classic solutions do not lose their relevance. One of them is men’s engraved silver bracelets, reminiscent of significant events (date of engagement, wedding or birth of a child, wish or life credo). This is a perfect gift for dad, uncle, brother or friend.

Men’s silver chain bracelet — light, comfortable, looks at ease. It is made in numerous variations and combinations, consists of links of various sizes or additional accessories such as tassels and pendants. They express the interests, occupation or character of the owner, remind of important events (marriage, childbirth, travel, anniversary).

Another winning option is a men’s silver bracelet with leather. These models are:

  • thin from a chain, string or lace;
  • wide — straps with applications or an inscription.

Thin products are universal, suitable as decoration for both classic and business attire. Wide — draw attention to the wrists, emphasize strength and give masculinity to the owner.

A stylish rosary bracelet made of beads, light or dark stones with a wooden or metal pendant for men looks original and elegant.

How to wear a silver bracelet on a man's hand

How to wear a silver bracelet on a man’s hand?

There are no clear rules for wearing men’s bracelets. In the 50s of the last century, it was accepted that men should wear jewelry only on the left hand — instead of a watch. Now this is no longer relevant, because many men wear several bracelets for different occasions. One — complements business suits, the other — informal outfits. The third is combined with summer clothes in a free style.

The selection of the shape of a men’s bracelet depends on the type of clothing. For a tie and a classic suit, metallic and exclusive models will be an exquisite choice.

If the men’s wardrobe is dominated by looser casual style items (a shirt without a jacket or a polo shirt complete with jeans or chinos), leather bracelets are a good solution, which look rough and natural. To look decent, you should not wear a watch and a metal men’s bracelet together. It is undesirable to combine several metal accessories on one hand. This is only acceptable when wearing thinner weaves made of leather or synthetic materials.

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