The tradition of wearing rings is very old. In the Middle East, in Sumer and Ancient Egypt, and later in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, they were considered evidence of wealth, power or a high position in society, served as seals, a sign of a family or clan, a deadly weapon for storing poison. Rings of graduates of schools or various courses of oriental martial arts are known. Diplomats also have a tradition of wearing a ring of a certain model. But most often they were only an accessory or an amulet, which was attributed various magical properties and influence on human fate.

Fingers are antennas capable of catching and transmitting various streams and waves of energy circulating in the universe. Affecting these antennae with the help of rings can affect human nature and destiny.

Astrologers of ancient civilizations determined the energy of each finger and connected it to one planet of the solar system. Information about what the rings on the fingers mean can be a pleasant discovery for those who would like to change their life for the better.
What is the purpose of wearing a ring on the index finger?  —Uznayka369

The meaning of the rings on the fingers of the left and right hand

In many countries of the world, it is customary to wear rings on the left hand, because the right symbolizes action and physical strength, and the left is associated with the soul and emotions. From a practical point of view, a person usually performs many activities with the right hand, during which jewelry on the fingers can interfere. Left-handed people can safely wear rings on the right. Only the wedding ring in European society should be worn on the left hand so that it is closer to the heart.

Meaning of rings on the thumb

Astrologers claim that the thumb is ruled by the planet Mars. Thanks to her, the owner of this decoration becomes an energetic, irritable, expansive person. He is characterized by directness, belligerence and aggression. He knows his pros and cons well.

The ring on the thumb is most often worn by brave men who are not afraid to protest against the established rules. It can be original or extravagant, often complementing rings on other fingers.

The ancient meaning of rings on women’s thumbs is a sign of lesbian love. On the right hand, it indicates an introduced lesbian (in a permanent relationship), on the left hand — an unassigned one (in a free relationship). Girls who decorate their thumbs with rings should take into account this meaning and the occurrence of a possible misunderstanding.

Today, a ring worn on the thumb helps to soften constant irritability, harmonize personal life and promotes the development of material well-being.

What do the rings on the index finger mean?

The index finger belongs to Jupiter. The ring worn on it is called a ring of power. It helps to gain authority and build a career. It was worn by many important historical figures:

  • Roman Emperor Julius Caesar

  • French Cardinal Richelieu,

  • Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible,

  • the English king of England Henry VIII.

This is a sign of pride, love for the kingdom and power, strong character and strong will.

According to astrologers, esotericists and palmists, the main meaning of wearing a ring on the index finger is a favorable energy effect, so it is recommended to wear it to shy and indecisive people.

The larger the stone, the more energy it emits into the environment. The meaning of the rings on the fingers expresses the unity of man with God. This is illustrated by Michelangelo’s famous painting «Creation of Adam».

Designation of the ring on the middle finger of the hand

The patron of the middle finger is Saturn. He gives people the conviction of his uniqueness and superiority. The more massive the ornament and the stone cut into it, the more clearly the properties associated with it are manifested.

The meaning of the ring on the middle finger, which is passed down from generation to generation, is harmony, growth and prosperity of the family. The ring on the finger of Saturn also helps chronic losers and people engaged in spiritual development and practices. In ancient times, it was worn by magicians and prophets.

According to the Chinese concept of «Yin and Yang», rings on hands mean balance between work and personal life.

This is the most characteristic finger that attracts the most attention. Large massive rings do not suit him, because they will look too defiant on the hands.

The meaning of wearing rings on different ring fingers

The tradition of wearing rings as a sign of marital status originated in Ancient Egypt, where it was believed that the «artery of love» leading directly to the heart begins right at the ring finger. It is ruled by Apollo, the god of the Sun. From an esoteric point of view, the best metal for these rings is solar, that is, gold. Jewelry from it on the middle finger indicates:

  • the owner’s love for art, elegance and luxury,

  • passionate, romantic and dreamy nature,

  • striving for pleasure and pleasant pastime.

Wearing a ring on the sun finger of the left hand promotes family well-being and happiness. In countries with the Orthodox religion, it is worn on the right hand.

What do the rings on different little fingers mean?

The main advantages of the little finger are its smaller size and the fact that it is used less than other fingers. It is not associated with any cultural or religious traditions, so it can be worn with any ring, the appearance or material of which best suits the wearer’s preferences.

The little finger is the finger of Mercury. It symbolizes intelligence and the rational side of the personality. Therefore, rings with mantras or engravings that express wise messages are suitable for him.

The decoration on the right little finger gives the owner dexterity, a flexible mind and eloquence. It helps to find a common language and establish contact with almost everyone.

Psychologists believe that the ring on the left little finger is worn by capricious people, prone to intrigues, adventures and betrayal. The meaning of wearing rings on the little fingers in women is self-love, coquetry, a tendency to flirt and gamble.

What do gold and silver rings on different fingers mean?

Esotericists insist that the energy of a finger ring depends on certain stones and metals. The wrong choice of materials can seriously harm a person.

Red rubies and garnets in a gold frame should be worn on the thumb. This can prevent uncontrollable outbursts of anger. A similar effect is provided by silver jewelry with an insert with a yellow or blue-green stone.

Massive gold jewelry with a sapphire or coral on the index finger helps to reveal a person’s talent and increase his influence on other people. It is not recommended to wear silver rings on this finger, as they can cause the disruption of all plans and started activities.

Silver is considered the most suitable metal for the middle finger. A silver ring with a moonstone or amethyst helps the owner to calm down, relieve stress and ensure his success in all everyday affairs.

It has been noticed that a gold ring with amber or ruby ​​can seriously harm the owner’s personal life. Adultery or disagreements in the family are possible.

A gold ring, decorated with topaz, pearls or amber, on the middle finger strengthens family ties and makes its owner irresistible in the eyes of the opposite sex. But if one wears a Silver Ring with these stones on the ring finger, the effect will be exactly the opposite.

when choosing a ring to wear on the little finger, it does not matter what material it is made of — gold or silver. However, green and yellow stones are better. Jewelry with an emerald or chrysolite on the little finger helps to implement the most daring projects and make a good decision.

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Do not overload your hands with rings. This limits their strength and can cause health problems. Once a week you should let your fingers rest and leave jewelry in the box.