Pandora charms are brand’s designer beads. They are used to fill the bracelet. There are several types of charms — clip-on earrings, pendants, dividers and classic movable ones. Clips and dividers divide the bracelet into sections, while classic beads define the color and theme of the jewelry as a whole. The value of the charms is selected independently.

Meaning of Pandora Charms
Charms Pandora

Pandora is a brand with meaning. Its concept was not invented like ordinary jewelry. Here they invested the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bassembling the product on their own. All components are made in a specific theme. All Pandora charms and their meaning — these are separate stories that the girls themselves write, and the manufacturer does not impose on them. Such a concept became unique and fell in love with a million-strong audience of fans. What can you tell about when creating a bracelet? How to emphasize your individuality? Understanding pandora beads values will help answer these questions.

Pandora is a brand with meaning.
Pandora is a brand with meaning.

What is charm?

Pandora is a brand that makes individual pieces of one piece of jewelry. Of course, there are independent products in the arsenal — earrings, rings, necklaces, but special attention is paid to bracelets. The bracelet consists of a base and charms. They are bought separately and collect their decoration. There are models already in the assembly, but most ladies prefer to do it themselves.

The basis of the bracelet is a jgut made of silver, gold, leather or textiles. It can be molded, woven, or, as in the Pandora Reflexion collection, flat. Creating a masterpiece, the base is filled with charms. A charm is a small bead that is worn on a bracelet. It is made in the form of letters, symbols, numbers, animals, and so on. It is decorated with enamel, cubic zirconia or engraving. The meaning of charms different and depends on the topic and type.

The basis of the bracelet is a jgut made of silver, gold, leather or textiles.
The basis of the bracelet is a jgut made of silver, gold, leather or textiles.

What are the types of charms?

Charms not only decorate the bracelet, carry meaning, but also have some purpose. By purpose, charms can be divided into 5 types:

  • classical
    Classic products are beads only for decorating a bracelet. They are mobile on the basis and are made in completely different shapes.
  • Clips
    Charm clip — a bead that is fixed on the base. It is fixed and acts as a conditional separator of classic charms. The clips are mostly round.
  • Separators
    The divider charm is designed with a specific purpose in mind. This bead separates groups of charms or serves as a transition from one theme to another. It is not attached to the bracelet.
  • pendants
    The meaning of the pendants on the bracelet purely aesthetic. This type of charms consists of a moving part and a fastening part. Looks nice and makes sense.
  • Murano
    Murano beads are made from a silver base and Murano glass. Their uniqueness is unusual delicate colors and overflows.
Murano beads
Murano beads

Pandora Charms Meaning invested even in its functional components. Visually, the clip or separator will not differ from ordinary beads. They are just as bright and meaningful, but carry functionality. Prices and style of each of them is completely different. We have selected several examples in the table.

Pandora charm Collection Price
Charm “Openwork infinity” Pandora Rose 650 hryvnias
Murano charm White glass Pandora Shine 775 hryvnias
Charm clip “Heart pavé” Pandora Reflexion 710 hryvnias
Pandora pendant “Me My luck” Pandora Me 435 hryvnias
Clip “Brilliant track” Pandora Shine 1220 hryvnias

What is the meaning of Pandora charms?

The main message of the Pandora brand is the idea in every charm. Pandora meaning always invests especially and covers a huge number of topics and areas of life.

  • travels;
  • a family;
  • flowers;
  • abstraction;
  • friendship;
  • children;
  • glamour;
  • animals;
  • love;
  • Zodiac signs;
  • letters.
PANDORA Family Tree Pendant
PANDORA Family Tree Pendant

Each product is made in a certain style and means something special for you. Thanks to this concept, every girl collects a bracelet for herself from happy moments, significant dates and hobbies. Charms are relevant in the gift version. Want to tell how much you love? Give a heart shaped charm engraved with words of love. Does your mom love daisies? Pandora has charms in the shape of this flower.

Invest in шармы pandora meaning can be completely different. Of course, there are obvious decorations, but some of them easily adapt to your original, something special and intimate. The theme of abstract beads will help to make a flight of fancy.

How to assemble a Pandora bracelet with meaning?

Required time: 1 day, 1 hour and 1 minute.

Pandora beads in their meaning really different. In addition to the semantic load, they are also bright. Most of the products are decorated with cubic zirconia stones of different shades. How to assemble a bracelet that will look cool, with meaning, but at the same time not “messy”? There are secrets that we are ready to reveal!

  1. Choose a collection

    Pandora consists of collections that are already endowed with a certain concept. They are different and are selected for every taste. Every year the brand supplements them with new products. To make it easier for you to choose, choose one style with the help of the collection and jewelry from not.

  2. Decide on a color

    If you want something bright, we focus on color. We choose a shade, and then the search for the right charms narrows down to products of this particular color scheme. But the main thing here is not to overdo it.

  3. Define with theme

    If there is an initial idea, it will already be easier. For example, a love-themed bracelet will include delicate shades of the same color and all sorts of love-shaped charms.

  4. Create like an artist

    You can create a masterpiece only with the help of a flight of fancy. Imagine that the bracelet is your story that needs to be conveyed in beads and the concept will flow by itself.

The bracelet does not have to be completely filled with charms. It is worn half empty or with only one pendant. For those who want to create a story, we recommend using clips and dividers. They will conditionally divide the bracelet into sections. This will help to collect a bunch of different topics. Unite everything with color and meaning of pandora charms play as it should!

The bracelet does not have to be completely filled with charms.
The bracelet does not have to be completely filled with charms.


What do Pandora charms mean?

Pandora is a brand that helps you create. The value of the charms is up to you. In addition to the obvious options, you can choose abstract symbols, the meaning of which will be known only to you. Here is where to roam! Visit the Fragola website and collect a themed bracelet for yourself or as a gift!

How to choose Pandora charms?

The easiest way to select charms is to buy from one collection. Here the concept has already been thought up for you and everything will definitely fit together. Do you want something original? Trust the flight of thought. Use dividers, clips, connecting chains — this will make the decoration full.

How much do Pandora charms cost?

The cost of each charm depends on the collection and jewelry on it. Products with stones and gold plating will cost more than an engraved silver charm.

How to order Pandora charms?

You can order Pandora charms on our website in one click. Just add to cart, place an order, pay and wait for delivery. Free shipping is valid for purchases from 1500 UAH.