March 8 is a special day for all women. They are waiting for gifts, attention, care and flowers! Pandora has already prepared many options for gifts, and you just have to wrap your beloved with attention and care! If you don’t know what to give your beloved on March 8, then give emotions that will always be there as a beautiful decoration and a pleasant memory.

What to give on March 8?

A modern gift should carry some meaning. Jewelry from Pandora is just such a product. If your soul mate does not wear this brand yet, then you will open a bright world of emotions and impressions for her. For those who already know what Pandora can give them, you just need to pick up a new one for her.

What to give for March 8 from Pandora? Unfortunately, in 2021, the brand did not please us with exclusive novelties for International Women’s Day, as it was in 2019. During this time, Pandora has released many other jewelry, among which there are suitable gifts for March 8th. You can choose the main directions of jewelry:

So that you do not get lost in the diversity, we have prepared for you a selection of jewelry from each direction that will be appropriate for the Spring Festival, based on love, flowers and Pandora novelties.


Bracelets are the mainstay of Pandora jewelry, but if your lady doesn’t like too many moving parts or prefers something laconic in general, then you can choose a piece of jewelry for her that does not require additions.

Pave style.
“Pandora with pearls” is an independent piece of jewelry. It does not require additional charms, pendants, dividers. The bracelet is made of pavé beads of different sizes and decorated with a pearl in the center. For the set, you can choose earrings in the same style. Another good example would be the Pavé Spheres bracelet. This is a similar model, only the central decoration here is not pearls, but a bead, which is decorated with small stones of transparent cubic zirconia.

Sparkling cubic zirconia.
“Blue Sparkling Pavé” is a laconic and bright bracelet, consisting of cubic zirconia stones of blue and transparent colors. This decoration can also be completely transparent — Sparkling Pavé. A completely different bracelet-slider “Sparkling sparks”. It consists of a soft chain part and a central decoration made of several cubic zirconia stones.

Simplicity with meaning.
For those who like a heap of stones, but something themed or simple, bracelets such as “Pandora Me”, “Infinity Symbol”, “Love Ties” will do. All these decorations are made with special anchor weave. They differ in the size of links and meaning.

A completely different kind of jewelry that Pandora offers is classic bracelets designed for charms and pendants. They are rarely worn on their own and will look better if you pick up a few charms as a gift right away. There are quite a few examples of such decorations. From can be divided into 3 main areas according to the type of castle:

classic castle.
The classic version of the castle is a round-shaped charm bead, most often with a brand logo or style. For example, products “Pandora Bangle”, “With P-Cock lock”, Pandora braided bracelet, “One in a Million” and others.

fantasy castle.
Fantasy bracelets include those that do not look like classic beads. Most often they are made in the shape of a heart (“With a heart clasp”, “Family forever”, “The symbol of our love”), a flower (“With a charm clasp”, “Flowers”) and other various solutions (“Shining lioness”). When choosing such a bracelet, you should know exactly what your lady dreams about and what she loves.

Bracelets from the Pandora Reflexions collection.
Bracelets from the Pandora Reflexions collection differ not only in the shape of the lock, but also in style. This is a collection of a flat shape, respectively, and the castle is flat. Under such a bracelet, a series has been released in the collection that will fit under such a bracelet

Charms and pendants

Charms and pendants from Pandora — a huge number of possibilities! You can choose a charm or pendant for any style and holiday, and most importantly a bracelet. Continuing the theme of flowers and love for March 8, we have prepared for you a selection of the newest charms and pendants.

Jewelry from the Pandora Rose collection in the shape of a rose. This is the perfect solution for a gift for March 8th. The charm is set with red cubic zirconia stones, which gives the flower a red hue. You can give your beloved not only a bouquet of flowers, but also a rose for a long memory.

Pendant «Native heart near
Delicate decoration for a Pandora bracelet with a hint that you are crazy about your other half. Why not talk about it again on March 8? The decoration is made in the form of a circle, in the middle of which a heart with the inscription “Forever and always” rotates.

charm»Bright Pandora String
Charm clip with Pandora logo and cubic zirconia stones is a godsend for those who love this brand and everything connected with it. A bright and functional gift if the girl already has a bracelet. Neutral color will complement any charms.

Jewelry for those who love the Pandora Rose collection and gold jewelry. Stylish and original charm, suitable for a themed gift. The product is decorated with transparent cubic zirconia stones.

In addition to flowers, words of love and gratitude, you can purchase charms and pendants by March 8th for hobbies, colors and likes. For example, for lovers of originality and retro, a pendant in the form of an old cassette “Ode to Our Love” would be appropriate. A girl who believes in the power of talismans will suit the “Horseshoe for good luck” pendant. For those who love bright colors, the brand new green, red and azure cabochon charms are perfect. Among the bright pendants, colored disks in red and green will look win-win. The colors in all these jewelry are given by cubic zirconia stones.


A gift ring is always appropriate and beautiful. Any woman loves to wear jewelry, and rings in particular. If you need something bright and unusual, then the Pandora Rose collection will help you choose a ring by color. This year, Pandora has released a series of Purple Stone, Blue Stone, Blue Stone and Pink Stone solitaires, perfect for bright women!

Undoubtedly, the Blue Tiara ring can become a special decoration for any finger. An original decoration in the form of a small tiara, which looks perfect on the phalanx. The centerpiece of this ring is a large blue cubic zirconia stone.

For those girls who do not like pretentiousness and bright colors, but prefer something simple and not striking — the ring “With a stripe logo”. Laconic silver ring. Nothing superfluous, just an engraving of your favorite brand.

Ring lovers will rejoice with the Frozen Flower ring. This decoration is for the stylish and chic. The ring-ring is made in the form of a large stone flower, the middle of which is a transparent cubic zirconia stone. The flower petals here are also decorated with small zirconium stones.


Today, conciseness and minimalism are in fashion. Hoop earrings are a great option for your loved one. This is a classic that is difficult to spoil or mismatch. They are always up to date and look beautiful. You can buy them in bulk. There is another kind of rings in the Pandora Shine collection — “Exotic Rings”. They are 18 carat gold plated.

A special place has been occupied by stud earrings for several seasons. Pandora has taken their classic style to the next level with floral jewelry (“Sparkling Snowflake”, “Daisies Trio”, “Daisies”), themed earrings (“Cinderella Carriage”, “Heart and Shell”, “Autumn Petal”) and vibrant colorful ( «Rainbow of Love», «Heavenly Perfection»).

Summing up

You can endlessly choose jewelry for your beloved women on March 8, but what’s the point if you don’t navigate the choice? We have collected all the latest offers from Pandora, which can be the perfect gift. You can choose a ring and earrings or create a unique bracelet that only one girl will have, tell a charm about love or give a pendant as a keepsake. In fact, it doesn’t matter, the main thing is that this gift speaks of how dear the recipient is to you! Pandora made sure that the gift could be chosen for every taste! The main thing is to choose with your heart and remember that women love attention even more than the most expensive gifts!

❓ What to give for March 8th from Pandora?

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? How to choose a gift for March 8th from Pandora?

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? How much is a Pandora charm for March 8th?

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? How to place an order for March 8th?

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