Your vacation is getting closer and the question of where to go and what things to take with you has already been resolved, but almost every woman has a problem with the choice of accessories that she may need during her vacation. Every woman wants to look attractive around the campfire, on the beach and in an expensive restaurant. Jewelry and jewelry play an important role in this. Each lady has her favorite accessories with which she creates her own unique image, but taking the whole arsenal with you is quite risky and inconvenient. The choice of jewelry that you take with you will depend on where and how you plan to relax.
Do not take expensive items on a trip, as it will be very disappointing if they are lost. Also, gold and silver are very susceptible to the negative effects of salty sea water. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for simpler jewelry.

If you have a lot of nights in the clubs in your plans — take with you the usual club jewelry, everything that glows and glitters as much as possible. If your plans include walks in cities and visits to various museums, take bracelets with an original appearance with you. You can buy them right in the city from its residents and thus join the chic style. boho. Perhaps in the future, you will often return to it in your daily life.

For walks around European cities, preference should be given to decorations of low brightness. Not very large earrings or pendants. Necklaces and bracelets will be a great addition to your casual style.

Rings can be taken with you, but in small quantities, they often create a lot of inconvenience on vacation and are very rarely worn, unlike bracelets, which are deservedly popular and help in creating an individual vacation look.

Jewelry for outdoor activities.

If you are planning a trip to the mountains, forests or skiing resorts, then your best bet is minimalism. On such a vacation, no one will appreciate your efforts, even if you change beads and rings every day, and besides, large earrings and bracelets can give you a lot of inconvenience and are completely incompatible with a sporty style of clothing. The best choice for such a holiday are stylish small bracelets made of leather or rubber. When choosing earrings, preference should be given to small rings. Miniature leather or rubber pendants, braided bracelets of stripes of different colors and hippie-style bands will be very appropriate.

Decorations for a beach holiday.

Choosing your beach accessories can be the most bold.Almost everything is allowed here: bright and very large earrings, bracelets made of natural flowers. Also, you can take very unusual decorations both in shape and design. At the same time, do not forget that if the dress or swimsuit is multi-colored, then it is better to choose plain jewelry for them and vice versa.
Handmade jewelry is rarely worn for every day, but on vacation the opposite is true. Handmade products are a great choice if you want to look stylish on the beach.
Bodychains (body chains) today beat all records in popularity. A beautiful multi-colored cape made of interlacing chains, similar to fishing nets or a necklace that flows into a belt, perfect for a beach photo shoot.
You will look very sexy with a thin chain around your waist.
With current summer sundresses, T-shirts, skirts, as well as shorts, all those unusual decorations that you can’t find use at home will perfectly match.
It must be remembered that any jewelry needs care. After visiting the beach, thoroughly wash off the remnants of sand, as well as salt in water and soap. If you want to restore the shine to metal products, then they can be regularly cleaned with toothpaste, and also rinsed in a solution of water and ammonia.

Enjoy your holiday and do not forget that your best decoration is your smile and good mood. Even if you forget to take some of your favorite jewelry with you, don’t worry, get some cute little things on vacation, they will cheer you up and will remind you of this trip until your next vacation.