In the process of its development, any kind of art did not remain static and conservative throughout its existence. As a result, new trends constantly appeared in music, literature, sculpture and architecture. Jewelery, erected by masters whose hands can rightfully be called golden in a direct and figurative style, is no exception to the rank of art.

In one period or another, styles inspired by the era itself appeared, because art reacts most vividly to changes in the world.
Everyone has heard the phrase that classics are always in fashion, this can be said about jewelry in style. classic. If the decoration is discreet, made harmoniously and not oversaturated with decorative elements, then we can safely classify it as a classic.

Classic style in jewelry on the contrary, it is very oversaturated with elements, lions, bay and oak leaves, antique masks. Here is what is characteristic of this style.

Very akin, but not identical, to classical jewelry in the style of empire. Products gravitate from elements of the Roman and ancient Greek eras. Decorations are worthy to adorn emperors and rulers, often these are whole sets of many decorations.

With each new round of history, a new style appeared.

In the Middle Ages, it is born Gothic as an art direction. Jewelry in gothic style can be easily recognized by the presence of skulls, swords, sharp-shaped crosses, spikes in their delicately stretched form.

Jewelry in style baroque, unlike Gothic, they have a soft shape, no sharp corners, this is due to the etymology of the word, which in French means to soften. Decorations become picturesque, majestic.

Jewelry in style has become a revolution Modernwho renounced the classics and introduced new materials into the jewelry business itself: opals, aquamarine, garnets — this is not a complete list of new components for Art Nouveau jewelry that developed in the 19-20th century

The new trend in jewelry fashion is jewelry in style.
minimalism. Their conciseness and simplicity of forms are striking and inspiring. The lack of detail turns the piece itself into a touch detail, lending elegance to the image of the person who wears it.

A separate section isgeometric style Jewelry». Simplicity and the laws of geometry are what jewelers are guided by when creating geometric masterpieces. All the figures that you know have a place to be in geometric style jewelry.

But not only the era determines the style of jewelry, because living at the same time, we are all different in many ways, one of them is ethnic. Each nation has had its own unique jewelry in ethnic style since ancient times. For each ethnic group, it is its own and original.

A separate motive for jewelers was the sea, which rather gave a whole direction such as jewelry in nautical style. Aquamarines and images of marine life, the smoothness of lines and shapes, the coldness and depth of the products fascinate, just like the sea itself.