Jewelry for the bride is a very important element in the image. Their absence will spoil even the most chic dress. This is one of the ways to emphasize individuality, to show your unique taste.

Jewelry should go well with the outfit, complementing it. That is, they should not become the main object of attention. In the chosen style, all the details are of warm tones, and the dress is beige, champagne or ivory? Pay attention to jewelry made of red or yellow gold. Off-white T-shirt? Silver and gold accessories will suit you perfectly. Maybe you are decorating the wedding itself in the style of a certain color? Be creative — take a closer look at jewelry with stones of the same color or its shade.

Fashion for wedding jewelry changes from year to year. Decor, outfit, hairstyle — everything is influenced by new trends, accessories are no exception.

What are the main trends among wedding jewelry in 2018?

  • Cargo style. As everyone has long understood, fashion is cyclical. An engagement ring a la Art Deco, a cameo brooch, a yellow pendant — all this is gaining incredible popularity again today.
  • black jewelry. Black color has long ceased to be called «mourning», rather it becomes «solemn» — much more often brave brides choose such wedding accessories as a ring with a large black stone or a fancy unusual brooch.
  • pearls. Today, they seem to conquer the hearts of girls — they decorate the bride’s wedding bouquet, shoulders, wedding dresses with pearls, make incredibly beautiful brooches, large cuffs with their participation.
  • More gems sparkle. The most important rule is not to overdo it. stones SwarovskiDiamonds, high-quality cut diamonds — can all this not look perfect?
  • The desire for Hollywood chic and glamour. Just imagine how skillfully and elegantly a scattering of stones or an elegant pendant will look on you. Do not forget about open rings and bracelets.

Selection of wedding jewelry

The most important thing here, as already mentioned above, is not to overdo it. The earrings should look good with the veil and hairstyle, and the necklace with the dress (however, if it will be there at all). Remember that if you wear everything at once, you will lose tenderness and charm in your wedding look. Is there no lace, sequins, or stones on your dress? Pay attention to large earrings, necklaces. For luxurious outfits, you need to choose only simple earrings or studs.

When choosing wedding jewelry, focus on the hairstyle, the top of the dress and whether it has sleeves.

The most favorite decoration for a wedding among brides is long earrings. Almost any style of dress allows girls to wear this accessory. There will be no problems with the hairstyle either, because such earrings look harmonious both with voluminous and with smooth hairstyles. One «it»: it is better not to combine long earrings with a necklace.

If your outfit has an open top, a necklace is a must-have. Do not be shy and pay attention even to those models that you would never wear on ordinary days. Such options will help you become more solemn and luxurious

Do not forget about tiaras and diadems. Modern gold and silver crowns, which are often complemented with precious stones, can help you to give an image of incredible tenderness, decorating your hair. If you want to add a drop of majesty to your image, pay attention to tiaras.

It is better to look closely at bracelets only when your dress does not have long sleeves.

When choosing jewelry, remember that their purpose is not to overshadow the beauty of the dress, but to increase it.