Dress code is a set of rules for choosing the right clothes for the circumstances. It applies to both clothing and accessories. Are there any rules for wearing jewelry:
how to choose them according to the occasion,

  • which products are suitable for work attire, and which are for everyday,
  • you need to wear accessories of the same type or you can combine different styles,
  • how many jewelry can be worn at the same time, so as not to overdo it?

The answers to these questions are ambiguous. Yes, there are rules of good taste, the excess of which causes, if not laughter, then a feeling of disgust on the part of others. However, jewelry can be chosen by combining different styles. The only limitation is imagination and desire.

What is jewelry etiquette and how did it appear?

Jewelry is a product of the highest culture, which has no other function than aesthetic. They are considered an adornment that complements elegant clothes according to the principles of savoir vivre — the French medieval art of beautiful and noble everyday life.
Over the centuries of existence, this art has produced thousands of detailed instructions (including the etiquette of jewelry) that make up a list of the most suitable, repeatedly tested solutions.
However, in the 1960s, lavish suits and smart outfits were replaced by frayed jeans and cotton T-shirts that no longer matched with gold, silver, pearls and diamonds. They were replaced by decorations made of glass, wood and plastic.
Savoir vivre still existed only in a few «oases» created by the old aristocracy or groups of the old intelligentsia. He ruled in diplomacy.
The situation began to change somewhere in the early 90s. Many people in Europe have realized the importance of this culture in everyday life, the fact that it makes life not only more beautiful, but actually easier. The main purpose of jewelry is to complete the styling, add an accent and zest to the image.

What principles for the correct wearing of bijouterie and jewelry will apply in the 21st century?

Everything indicates that the 21st century will again become the century of savoir vivre — the century of elegant clothes and exquisite jewelry. More and more men are wearing classic suits, even tuxedos and tailcoats. They buy high-quality shoes, sew custom-made shirts, buy bow ties, hats. More and more women prefer evening dresses and elegant accessories.
But the 21st century is a century of ever-growing allergies, including to jewelry, so those people who are prone to allergies do not wear jewelry. However, gold and silver of the highest quality do not cause allergies. It is necessary to avoid buying and wearing products from alloys of unknown origin. Nickel is added to most of them, which can provoke an allergic reaction. A skin reaction can be prevented by eliminating its cause — high acidity of the skin, refraining from eating citrus fruits and tomatoes. It is necessary to consume a large number of pears, which help restore balance in the body.
It is also useful to have a basic knowledge of ores and gems:

  • about white, yellow, red gold. Four types of gold are used to make jewelry: red, yellow, pink and white. The difference in color depends on the metals used in the alloy. Rose gold is more delicate and delicate than the well-known yellow version. White is like silver. Red has the most copper — products from it shimmer, turning from red to brown;
  • what is the difference between diamond and diamondprecious, semi-precious and artificial stones;
  • how to hide physical imperfections by wearing jewelry, harmonize appearance and figureto give the image an individual character.

A petite woman should be content with one small piece of jewelry with straight lines. Ladies with large breasts — a necklace from the base of the neck to the middle of the chest. To look slimmer, you should wear a long chain with a pendant.

Which jewelry sets to wear with work clothes?

Many businesses have a corporate dress code that requires staff to wear formal or workwear. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear jewelry with formal wear.
Even in a uniform, you can look great by adding a few jewelry accessories to your look. There are some easy ways to wear gold jewelry to style your formal attire.

  1. Better — less, but more refined and more expensive. In a small amount, gold shows its nobility and adds elegance to any style. If too much is displayed at once, the decorations no longer seem precious, but indicate a lack of taste. Minimalism works best in everyday styles. Coco Chanel’s rule applies here: before leaving the house, look in the mirror and take off one thing. You must wear no more than 2 gold jewelry. Earrings can be worn to work with an elegant jacket. If you like a V-neck sweater, choose a chain with a gold pendant and highlight your hands with a ring. For backgrounds, choose materials that are smooth enough to not compete with this precious metal. With gold jewelry, bright clothes look cheap. Instead of large, eye-catching earrings or a necklace, opt for more modest stud earrings and a ring or thin bracelet. They will add elegance and emphasize the severity of the outfit.
  2. Choose simplicity and classics. If you don’t know what to add to your outfit, especially to the office, opt for classic accessories — diamond earrings or a small silver pendant with sapphires or cubic zirconias.
  3. Make a strong accent. If your workplace doesn’t have strict dress codes, you can choose a simple outfit to make it stand out with a stylish pearl necklace or bracelet. Suitable jewelry with other colored natural stones, with emeralds or rubies, to match the clothes. But the etiquette of wearing rings requires you to give up other accessories when choosing a ring with a large stone.
  4. You wear inconspicuous jewelrynot to dominate other employees. Long earrings can get tangled in the hair, distract interlocutors or knock on the phone during a business conversation.
  5. Consider your age. Traditionally, gold is more suitable for older ladies. Expressive jewelry suits them — a thick chain or brooches with a massive stone. Delicate earrings, a chain with a small pendant or a thin ring are enough for young women. Women with a full neck and whose neck indicates age should avoid long earrings that draw attention to her neck.
  6. Choose color combinations. Both warm and cold colors are combined with gold and silver, especially black, white, beige, dark blue, brown, any pastel colors. It looks advantageous against a tan background, so it is worth wearing it in the summer when the skin is golden brown.

Jewelry etiquette for wearing rings and other items after hours

Much depends on the image and style. If the outfit is delightful and self-sufficient, it is better to choose jewelry that will not overload it, but only emphasize it. One of the rules that should be observed in this case is that the size of the necklace or pendant should complement the earrings.
If you want to show off your jewelry, opt for an outfit that is simple enough to be the backdrop for gorgeous, statement-making jewelry. If you want to show off your newly purchased bracelet, make sure your outfit’s sleeves are short.
Ring etiquette for women calls for less jewelry during the day and more in the evening. He recommends completely refusing accessories at funerals and during visits to the hospital. In extreme cases, you can limit yourself to a modest stone or pearl in silver, white gold or platinum.
It is considered normal to wear 3-4 rings at the same time. On the right hand — engagement or engagement (both on the ring finger), and on the left hand — 1 or 2, chosen in accordance with their preferences. It is important that these decorations do not interfere with daily activities and do not come into contact with each other.
The 21st is the century of the triumphant return of jewelry. What women’s and men’s jewelry to choose and what to wear depends on the type of appearance, the occasion and the requirements of etiquette.
The choice of accessories for an outfit always gives a huge scope for creativity. But do not overdo it, but simply emphasize your personal beauty and appearance. Products from the catalog of the Silvers online store will help with this. Order current models made of high-quality silver and medical gold, corresponding to the principles of jewelry etiquette, with delivery in Ukraine.