Because of their brilliance and versatility, sterling silver chains are one of the most sought-after pieces of jewelry. However, many do not want to buy them even in China, because they are afraid of the darkening of the product. After all, when oxygen or sulfur comes into contact with silver, a chemical reaction occurs on its surface, and the metal looks dirty or discolored. Is it possible to wet a silver chain? Let’s figure it out.

What you need to know about the properties of silver?

How easily silver is processed and when it tarnishes depends on the purity of the metal. 950 sterling silver is more prone to bending, warping, and darkening than 925 sterling silver.

It is important to consider whether there is oxidation on the piece, a method that silversmiths deliberately use to darken the details of a small piece of jewelry in order to highlight them. This effect is lost when wet, over-cleaned and polished.

Can I wash with a silver chain?

In no case! A well-known fact — if you want the wearing of a silver product to be long, and it always looks aesthetically pleasing, then you should avoid its exposure to:

  • any cosmetics — you need to put a chain around your neck last, after water procedures, applying care products (creams, lotions), makeup, perfumes and styling;

  • household chemicals — before washing dishes, cleaning surfaces and wet cleaning, the silver chain must be removed. Not only because of the darkening, but also for security reasons. She can get caught on something, which will lead to injury;

  • human sweating — before hard physical work, sports, dancing and before going out into the 30-degree heat, jewelry should be removed or not worn at all;

  • chlorinated water — in the pool, water park, spa and balneological procedures;

  • any substances that contain sulfur (eggs, mayonnaise, onions, latex, mustard) — this contributes to the formation of corrosion and tarnishing;

  • direct sunlight — definitely causes tarnishing of silver, so the question «is it possible to swim or sunbathe with a silver chain?» must not be.

How to clean a silver chain |  peek-a-boo

How to properly store a silver chain?

Since exposure to air damages silver greatly, storing it in airtight bags is a good preventative option. Be sure to make sure that multiple pieces of jewelry are not in the same pouch or box compartment. After all, silver is soft, even though it is alloyed with copper or nickel for strength. If jewelry made of different materials is stored together, they may damage each other.

Link chains should be stored unbuttoned to avoid scratches. If it is not possible to use bags, make sure that the humidity in the room is low.

To minimize tarnishing of the silver, you can place a piece of chalk or an activated charcoal tablet or a container of silica gel in the storage area.

What can be done if a silver chain is soaked with water and it has darkened?

Simply buffing the chain works well when the tarnish is not severe. Under no circumstances should paper towels or napkins be used to polish silver jewelry. They contain chemical fibers that can scratch the surface. A lint-free flannel, microfiber or other soft, non-abrasive cloth is suitable for this purpose.

When polishing, make exceptionally long strokes. Do not rub in one place and in a circle, this contributes to an increase in micro-scratches. Use the tip of the knife carefully when processing small parts.

If your chain has become very dark and you don’t have time to finish it, take it to a professional jeweler. And since he is powerless, then in the Silvers online store you can always buy new jewelry made of 925 sterling silver with delivery throughout Ukraine.