Choosing a gift for a man is not an easy task, so many women and girls have problems with what to present to their loved ones.

Can you give bracelets?  How to give a bracelet to a guy or a girl in an original way?

There are hundreds of superstitions about what can not be used as a gift for a boyfriend, husband, husband, dad. It is believed that instead of good intentions, you curse the recipient or doom them to a lifetime of bad luck. Most of these beliefs relate specifically to silver jewelry.

Why should you give a boy a silver bracelet?

Jewelry gifts have many advantages. They are beautiful, durable and are almost always chosen and presented with a certain meaning.

The ornament serves for many years and reminds the recipient of the giver, who always carries it with him.

A silver bracelet for a boy on his birthday will be a unique, personalized gift that will allow you to express your feelings. After all, the jewelry on the wrist is not a simple accessory, but a kind of signal about future events.

If you believe Ukrainian omens, then receiving a silver bracelet is a sign of positive life changes.

  • When a girl presents such a product to her lover, it is a subtle hint that she wants to marry him. This desire and energy is transmitted to the man at a subconscious level. He has the same thoughts and desires, he makes an offer of his hand and heart.

  • If the wife gives her husband a silver bracelet, she will strengthen their relationship on a spiritual level.

  • If a girl or woman gives such jewelry to a relative (nephew, cousin, son-in-law, godson), it helps to improve relations between these families.

  • Giving a silver bracelet to a boss or a colleague of any gender means that warm and friendly relations and complete mutual understanding will soon arise with this person.

What silver bracelet cannot be chosen as a gift for a man?

The worst gift for a man is pearl jewelry. In many cultures of the world, it symbolizes tears and grief. Having bought a silver bracelet with pearls as a gift for her husband, a woman thus condemns herself to bitter tears and eternal suffering.

Another stone that brings misfortune (and even death), especially to people born after October, is opal.

Watches are often elements of jewelry bracelets. No matter how beautiful they are, with all the «I want to give a boyfriend a silver bracelet with a watch» superstitious people avoid giving watches on a bracelet and separately. After all, it is believed that the clock inevitably begins to measure the time until parting.

Women of some nationalities avoid giving a bracelet in the form of a chain. They believe that the partner will soon become painfully jealous and impose their «chains of love» because of him. And this will limit and make you feel trapped.

What kind of silver bracelet can be given to men?

An ideal silver bracelet from the evil eye as a gift for a man. There is a myth that it works only if received as a gift. And if a person buys it himself, then it brings failure. In fact, silver repels evil spirits in any shape and form, so silver jewelry is always a good idea.

Another win-win solution is men’s bracelets made of Bismarck or Figaro weaving with plates intended for laser engraving. A quote, an important date or your names can be immortalized on the plaque.

It is up to you whether you can give a silver bracelet to a boy or a man. The main thing is to do it sincerely, from a pure heart. If you quarreled during the purchase, the product will take on negative energy and will not be able to bring joy and luck to the owner. Our online store has a lot to choose from, so visit the men’s silver jewelry category and you’ll get lots of great ideas.

Choose a gift with joy and satisfaction, and then it will make the recipient happy.